Then, old Gu thought of something and said,””Miss, aren’t you going to see young master Ma?” “The founding ancestor of the bi Fang Empire personally promised that if young lady and young master Ma became good friends, he would give the bi Fang divine seed to the Gu family as a betrothal gift.” “Miss, you know the situation of our Gu family.
Because of the divine Kingdom ruins, the ancient ancestor …” Old Gu wanted to continue, but Gu Lian Ren’s expression had already turned cold.
She shouted,””Enough!” “Old Gu, Lian rennian, you are an old man of the Gu family.
Just pretend that you didn’t hear these words today!” “If there’s a next time, don’t blame me for being merciless when you talk about the ancient ancestor!” At this moment.
The iron-blooded aura that Gu lianan displayed caused the five sea of consciousness stage cultivators, including old Gu, to feel a chill.
“Young miss, please calm down.
This old servant is also thinking for the family.” “Since young miss is not willing to listen, then this old servant will not say anything.” Old Gu hurriedly explained even though Gu Lian Ren’s cultivation was only at the Tribulation passing stage.
However, with the bloodline of the ancient ancestor that he had awakened, it would not be difficult for him to defeat a cultivator in the sea of consciousness realm.
Seeing that old Gu had lowered his head and admitted his mistake, Gu Lian Ren retracted her aura and her expression softened.
However, old Gu’s words still lingered in Gu lianren’s mind.
When the ancient ancestor entered the ruins of the divine Kingdom, he was planted with a strange divine curse by the God inside.
Every once in a while, the ancient ancestor’s realm would drop by one level.
Now, he was about to fall from the Nirvana realm to the heavenly God Realm.
When she thought of this, a layer of dark clouds covered Gu lianren’s heart.
A Nirvana realm ancient ancestor was the true foundation of the Gu family! It was also the foundation of the Gu family’s rule over the southeast Region with nine Dragon sanctuary and Tian Gang orthodoxy! The moment the ancient ancestor’s Dao realm fell … At that time, the situation that the Gu family had to face would not be as simple as being demoted from a noble family to an ordinary high-class family.
After all, the Gu family had accumulated an endless amount of resources since the ancient times! Without the protection of a Nirvana stage practitioner, those resources would become the original sin of the Gu family! The best situation that Gu lianren could think of was that the nine Dragon sanctuary and the Tian Gang holy ground would take all the resources.
If things got worse, the entire Gu family could be destroyed because of this! In order to prevent this day from coming, the Gu family had tried everything they could and used countless spiritual objects, but they still couldn’t get rid of the curse in the ancient ancestor’s body.
The reason for this was that the power contained in those divine curses far exceeded the spiritual energy of this world.
It was the power of the source that only gods could master! Unless a God took action, or a divine item that contained the power of the origin could be found, it could not be removed.
However, gods had disappeared from this world since the ancient times.
Even though he had left behind some divine artifacts and divine Dao cultivation techniques, he was still a God.
However, the Gu clan had collected many divine artifacts and divine Dao techniques.
However, it had no effect on the old ancestor’s situation.
According to the old ancestor, the reason for this was because the God in the divine Kingdom ruins had a terrifying personality.
Ordinary divine artifacts were completely useless.
As for divine Dao techniques, only those who had cultivated them to the transcendent level would be qualified to face the divine curse in his body.
The situation of the Gu family’s ancestor could be hidden from others, but it couldn’t be hidden from the nine Dragon Holy Land and the Tian Gang orthodoxy.
After all, the nine Dragon Holy Land and the heavenly Dipper orthodoxy each had a Nirvana stage powerhouse.
Furthermore, the Nirvana stage cultivators of the two families had once sealed the divine Kingdom together with the Gu family’s ancestor.
After realizing the condition of the Gu clan’s ancestor, the two clans actually announced the news directly.
On the surface, he said that he wanted to gather ideas and help the Gu family find a better solution to the curse.
In reality, he wanted to push the Gu family into the volcano.
It was also because of this.
This time, when Gu lianren came out to purchase supreme class precious artifacts.
The bi Fang dynasty’s sky celestial realm ancestor actually dared to propose to the Gu family to be friends forever on behalf of his great-grandson.
Although the celestial deity realm ancestor had expressed his willingness to give the divine bi Fang seed as a betrothal gift, it could be said that he was very sincere.
However, in the past, an imperial court would not even have the right to carry the shoes of an aristocratic family like the Gu family! It was nothing more than the fact that the Gu family’s ancient ancestor was about to fall, and the bi Fang Empire wanted to be the first to take the soup from the cup! In her heart, Gu lianren was also clear.
If the curse in the ancient ancestor’s body couldn’t be resolved … Perhaps the Gu family would really marry her to the great-grandson of the bi Fang dynasty’s celestial-grade Grandmaster for the sake of the divine bi Fang seed in the myriad demon mountain.
This wasn’t gu Lian overthinking.
It was because before she came out, such voices had already appeared in the Gu family.
In addition to what old man Gu had said just now, it was clear that the Gu family was no longer as harmonious as before.
“Hmph, I’d rather marry that little thief than marry that lecher surnamed MA!” Gu lianren stubbornly thought as the face from earlier appeared in her mind.
…… “Sky treasure Pavilion, a splendid sky treasure.
Not a bad name.” In the most prosperous Urban area of White Cloud City, in front of a three-story Pavilion made of Black Gold.
Standing there, Gong Ziliang looked up at the signboard of the pavilion and nodded as he saw the words “sky treasure Pavilion” written with vigorous strokes.
From the plaque, he could sense an aura that made even his origin source body feel pressured.
Without a doubt, the one who wrote these three words was at least an old monster in the sea of consciousness realm! However, he remembered that the sky treasure Pavilion was said to be one of the three top forces in the Central Plains.
It wasn’t hard for gongzi Liang to understand.
Of the nine prefectures in the world, before this, gongzi Liang only knew about the Qingzhou, where the ancient dynasty was located, and the Wuzhou, where he was currently located.
As for the middle state, he had only found out about it when he inquired about the places where treasured artifacts were traded.
According to what Gong Ziliang had heard, there were as many as five Nirvana stage weapon forging grandmasters in the headquarters of the sky treasure Pavilion.
All the branches in the Jiuzhou Empire had at least heavenly God-level powerhouses.
Originally, with the status of the White Cloud City in the bi Fang Empire, the sky treasure Pavilion would not open a branch here.
This time, it was because the divine bi Fang seed had attracted the attention of many forces.
Therefore, the pavilion master in charge of the bi Fang Empire’s branch Pavilion had applied for a mystic gold Pavilion to be placed here.
After learning about the sky treasure Pavilion’s background, gongzi Liang naturally lost interest in the auction.
Glancing at the front of the pavilion and seeing that there were no manservants welcoming or sending them off, Gong Ziliang smiled.
He knew that this was the sky treasure Pavilion and that it had such confidence.
He didn’t pay much attention to it and walked in.
From the outside, although the sky treasure Pavilion occupied a vast area, it was only a few thousand square meters.
However, after Gong Ziliang entered the first floor, what greeted his eyes was a small world that was no smaller than the Urban area area outside.
Treasures, magic tools, and even spirit tools that emitted spiritual light were placed on a Black Gold counter that seemed to have no end in sight.
In twos and threes, they were loitering in front of the counters, looking for the items they wanted.
Gongzi Liang was also envious.
He scanned the counters with his divine sense, wanting to see if he could pick up a Dusty Divine weapon like the online novels he had read in his previous life.
However, when his spiritual sense landed on the counter, it was blocked by an invisible barrier.

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