Wiping away the cold sweat on his forehead, gongzi Liang was a little scared.
He had almost lost his mind to greed and made a wrong move.
After putting out the thought of selling the pills and returning his consciousness to the outside world, gongzi Liang looked up and realized that he was standing near a city gate.
Taking off his mask, gongzi Liang saw a group of guards putting up the latest Notice.
Walking over, gongzi Liang was prepared to ask around if there was an auction house in the city that could sell Supreme realm precious artifacts.
Even though supreme class precious artifacts couldn’t be compared to ranked pills, they weren’t something that could be found on the streets.
After all, he couldn’t just go and look for all the sea of consciousness realm cultivators one by one and ask them sneakily,””Hey, brother, do you want a supreme class precious artifact?” Moreover, Gong Ziliang knew that places like auction houses had a large number of resource channels in their hands.
Medicinal pills, precious artifacts, information … If he could form a partnership with a powerful auction house and use a supreme class precious artifact to exchange for medicinal pills, that would be the best.
However, just as he walked forward, he suddenly saw that the masked figure on the notice posted by the guards seemed a little familiar.
He took a closer look.
“F * ck, I’m so handsome and suave.
Who drew me to be so ugly?” Gong Ziliang was indignant.
Taking advantage of the fact that no one was paying attention to him, he slipped away to a place with no one around and changed his appearance.
“That was close.
I was almost exposed.” He let out a breath.
With his current strength, even if he couldn’t defeat a heavenly God, he could still run.
However, he still had to stay in the White Cloud City until the bi Fang divine seed incident was over.
After that, he would think of a way to enter the divine Kingdom ruins.
If he caused too much trouble at this time, it would not be easy for the rest of the matters to proceed smoothly.
Earlier on, gongzi Liang had seen the notice saying that the masked man had knocked into the great-grandson of the bi Fang Emperor, who was a heavenly God, and severely injured him.
Gong Ziliang remembered that he had indeed bumped into someone when he was parkour.
However, they were looking for that masked man.
What did that have to do with me, Gong Ziliang? After swaggering out of the empty alley, gongzi Liang’s mind flickered.
He could sense the seal aura left in ping Xiu’s body.
It was not far from the city, and it was very stable.
He thought about it.
Gongzi Liang planned to find the next shop selling Supreme realm relics first.
As for ping Xiu and Lin anruo, they were two living people, and ping Xiu was at the peak of the sea of consciousness realm.
Even if they encountered any trouble in the city, they could solve it by themselves.
If they really couldn’t solve it, then they could only blame the two of them for being unlucky.
“This brother, may I ask if there are any places in the city where precious artifacts can be traded?” “What’s going on?” gongzi Liang asked a handsome young man who appeared to be at the true martial realm but was actually at the Tribulation passing realm.
The handsome young man was startled by the question and quickly retreated like a frightened bird.
At the same time, gongzi Liang’s spiritual will had already sensed that no less than five auras of the spiritual ocean realm had locked onto him.
“It seems like a big fish.” Gongzi Liang didn’t pay much attention to the five spiritual ocean tier cultivators hiding in the dark.
Originally, he had sought out this handsome youth because he could tell that he was extraordinary.
He thought that the force behind him might be able to digest a few sets of Supreme realm precious artifacts.
Now it seemed that he had found the right person.
On the other side.
Gu Lian looked at gongzi Liang who was standing in front of her.
The trace of shock on her red lips and white teeth slowly faded away as she began to size him up curiously.
He … No, it should be her.
She didn’t even notice that someone was approaching her.
Moreover, even if he didn’t notice it, there were still experts from his family nearby, protecting him in the dark.
So, how did this young man get behind him without a sound? Gong Ziliang waited for a while.
Seeing that this fair and tender fellow was not saying a word and was only looking at him with a strange gaze, he mumbled,””So he’s a fool.” Shaking his head, gongzi Liang turned around and left, ready to ask the others.
Hearing Gong Ziliang’s muttering, Gu lianren’s mouth opened slightly and she was stunned.
She was the noble daughter of the Gu family.
Even the Holy Sons of the Holy Lands and the Dao sons of the ancient orthodoxies treated her with respect.
As for the princes and Supreme youths of the empires … In the eyes of the world, he was already an existence that was as noble as the heavens.
However, he did not even have the right to step onto the Gu family’s doorstep and meet her! Now, he was actually being called a fool? However, just as Gu Lian returned to her senses, she saw that Gong Ziliang had left without even turning back.
He left? He just left after calling me a fool? This, this, this! Gu lianren was about to die from anger.
Her gaze swept across the crowd of powerful people from her clan.
However, she saw that they were all in a daze, as if they had not yet recovered from what had just happened.
” Gu lianren’s loud “ah ah” attracted countless passers-by’s attention, and they all turned to look at her.
Her face immediately turned red, and she stood there, wishing she could find a hole to hide in.
How embarrassing! The five people in the spiritual ocean tier who were hiding in the crowd were finally awoken by Gu lianen’s cry.
After they regained their senses, four of them immediately jumped out and stood in front, back, left, and right directions, protecting Gu Lian Ren in the middle.
The last person was chasing after the direction that Gong Ziliang had left in.
The person who dared to offend the Gu family’s Holy daughter must pay the price! “Old Gu, there’s no need to chase.” “Let’s get down to business first!” Gu lianren called out to the man.
She didn’t come out this time because she was tired of staying in the clan, but because she had a mission.
Because the Gu clan was suppressing a demonic land, they had to purchase a new batch of supreme class precious artifacts every two years to replace the equipment of the demon suppression guards.
She was in charge of this matter this time.
“Just now, that little thief who spoke rudely said that he was looking for a place to trade precious artifacts.
Perhaps we’ll be able to meet him at the sky treasure Pavilion!” “Hmph, when you run into this little … Young master’s hands, I’ll definitely teach you a good lesson!” Gu lianren said in a Huff.
Old Gu, who had just returned, heard his young miss’s words and said,””That kid’s aura is only at the true martial realm.
He’s not qualified to enter a place like the sky treasure Pavilion.” “He probably just wanted to go to the myriad demon mountain to watch the fun, but he was afraid of dying there, so he wanted to buy some protective artifacts.” “If young lady can’t get over it, this old servant will send an order to city Lord ye and ask him to send someone to find that brat and bring him to the house to be punished.” Gu lianren thought for a moment and shook her head.”Forget it.
A true martial realm thief is not worth our Gu family lowering our status to find that ye guy.” “Before I came out, my father told me that the myriad demon mountain is not as simple as it seems.” “We’ve already obtained the Supreme class precious artifact of the sky treasure Pavilion, so we should return as soon as possible.
Otherwise, it won’t be good if we delay the demon suppression guards from changing their equipment.
” Seeing that Gu Lian Ren didn’t want to pursue the matter, old Gu didn’t say anything more.
Then, old Gu thought of something and said,””Miss, aren’t you going to see young master Ma?”

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