Chapter 52: The Old Man Points to a Clear Path

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This was because the greatest flaw was that he had spoken about Sword Intent!



First Elder Liu coughed twice and pretended to be calm.

“Cough cough, kid, let’s stop pretending.
I’ll lay my cards on the table.”

“That’s right.
I’m the First Elder of the Profound Heaven Sect.
My surname is Liu.”

As soon as First Elder Liu finished speaking, he placed his hands behind his back.
He was confident and prepared to enjoy the worshipful gaze of this disciple in front of him.


What happened next seemed a little weird.
Did he read the wrong script?

Gong Ziliang smiled happily and said with admiration, “So it’s First Elder Liu.
I’m sorry for not welcoming you earlier!”

“First Elder Liu, you must have seen that my bones are exquisite and my talent is extraordinary.
I’m a proud prodigy that can only be chanced upon by luck.
Why don’t you give me ten Heaven-rank martial techniques?”

“If not, you can give me a cultivation technique that can automatically absorb the spiritual qi of heaven and earth.
There are really not enough spirit stones.
It’s too difficult.
How about it?”

As he spoke, Gong Ziliang had a look of anticipation.

These words almost made First Elder Liu vomit blood…

This kid…

Damn it!

It turned out that he was here to get benefits!

Heaven-rank cultivation technique?

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Absorbing spiritual qi automatically?

What was he thinking?

Was this a joke?

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The highest cultivation method of the Profound Heaven Sect was only Earth-rank, so where did Heaven-rank come from?


Even if they did, they could not give it to him casually!

‘Do you think you have a Divine Body?’

Even if it was the Divine Body disciple, it was impossible to learn a Heaven-rank cultivation technique like this.


No, our Profound Heaven Sect does not have a Heaven-rank cultivation technique!

‘Damn! I was actually outwitted!’

Just as First Elder Liu was about to scold Gong Ziliang, a voice transmission sounded from afar.

“First Elder Liu, quickly return to the inner sect.
We might have found the Divine Body!”

When he heard this, First Elder Liu’s gaze instantly became extremely heavy as he looked at Gong Ziliang!

Divine Body?

Had they really found the Divine Body?

Oh goodness!

This concerned the future of the Profound Heaven Sect!

At this moment, First Elder Liu took a deep breath.

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The disciple in front of him was really not bad.
He was a good seedling, but compared to the Divine Body, he seemed so insignificant.

However, he could still be properly nurtured.

He said, “Cough cough, in the inner sect of the Profound Heaven Sect, there’s an incomplete medium-grade Profound-rank cultivation technique called the Great Azure Mystic Spirit Technique.”

“Although it only records the cultivation method of the first two levels, the efficiency of absorbing spiritual qi is considered high quality among all the Profound-rank cultivation techniques.”

“If you can enter the inner sect and want to absorb spiritual qi, you can exchange for that cultivation technique.”

“However, let me make this clear first.
If you break through to the Profound Realm one day, this cultivation method might not be able to keep up with your cultivation speed.
After all, this is only an incomplete cultivation method.
You can decide for yourself!”

As soon as he finished speaking, First Elder Liu moved and disappeared from Gong Ziliang’s vision.

All of this was like a breeze that blew past.
He did not feel any intention at all.

“Good lord! He… he disappeared just like that?”


“He’s indeed the Sweeping Monk!”

Gong Ziliang’s heart skipped a beat.
Indeed, in the unfathomable Martial Spirit Continent, he could not underestimate everyone casually.
Perhaps they were experts who kept a low profile?

He did not want to be slapped in the face later!

This old man said that he was the second-in-charge of the Profound Heaven Sect, First Elder Liu, but his clothes really did not look like it.
Otherwise, Gong Ziliang would not have spoken so rudely just now.

Now, seeing this old man disappear with a whoosh, could it be that… he was really Liu Yingying’s father, First Elder Liu?

After entering the sect for a few years, he was lucky to have seen First Elder Liu, but… this really did not seem like it!

However… this old man had pointed out a path for him.

Great Azure Mystic Spirit Technique!

The incomplete book could actually be treated as medium-grade Profound-rank.
This was definitely not simple.

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If he fixed it, it would at least reach the Earth-rank!

With the Skill Recovery Pill, he was not afraid of the technique being incomplete, but he was afraid that the power was too weak.
No matter what level the incomplete technique was, it was not a problem for him!

In that case, this Great Azure Mystic Spirit Technique was definitely suitable for him.

When he thought of this, Gong Ziliang’s eyes lit up!

Since this old man had pointed out a path for Gong Ziliang, the following mission was to enter the inner sect of the Profound Heaven Sect!

Then, he could exchange for the Great Azure Mystic Spirit Technique.
At that time, wouldn’t he be able to do whatever he wanted when he went out?


Profound Heaven Sect, Profound Snow Peak, Elder Pavilion.

“Divine Body! Where’s the Divine Body?”

First Elder Liu’s figure appeared in the main hall.

Sect Master Xuan Guangzi was sitting above.
The other three elders were also sitting in all directions.

In the middle was a jade bed with a large number of dazzling spirit stones placed in the hall.

In the jade bed was actually the unconscious Shangguan Yan!

At this moment, his entire body was as transparent as an immortal spirit that had descended to the world!

In all parts of his body, there were seven apertures that were condensing small spiritual spirals.
They emitted a faint light and slowly spun, absorbing the surrounding spirit stones.

“This child? Isn’t he that kid, Shangguan Yan?”

First Elder Liu took a look and said with a trembling beard.

At this moment, the phenomenon in front of him showed that this disciple’s future was immeasurable!

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“First Elder Liu, we haven’t found the high-grade Divine Body yet.”

“But now…”

“We might have discovered the legendary high-grade Seven-Orifice Spirit Spiral Divine Body!” Elder Guan who was giving Shangguan Yan medicinal pills explained.

When he heard this, First Elder Liu hurriedly said, “What’s going on?”

A high-grade Divine Body was a person who was fighting for the title of era’s chosen one.

At this moment, everyone in the Elder Pavilion was extremely solemn.

The sect was lucky to have a medium-grade Divine Body.

However, once the talent of a high-grade Divine Body was revealed, it would definitely attract the attention of a high-grade sect.

Perhaps the Profound Heaven Sect would be in trouble!

Before his Divine Body matured, if a Tribulation Realm expert descended, everyone in the Profound Heaven Sect would lose their lives!

“First Elder Liu, didn’t we let Shangguan Yan check the outer sect’s genius disciples?”

“But yesterday, Shangguan Yan’s fellow disciples, Gong Ziliang and Lin Xiao, attracted his attention.
Today, he specially came to report to you and me, but you recently fell in love with sweeping… cough cough.”

“Moreover, Shangguan Yan has another report.
He said that the outer sect disciple, Lin Xiao, told him that he needs to absorb ten thousand spirit stones to enter the Qi Refinement Realm…”

When Elder Guan said this, the other elders present frowned and thought to themselves with serious expressions.
They all suspected that Shangguan Yan was joking.

However, Shangguan Yan’s performance at this moment directly dispelled all of their doubts.
This did not seem to be fake!

If it was really as Lin Xiao said, he did not seem to be an ordinary disciple!

“Therefore, I specially took out some spirit stones to test Shangguan Yan!”

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