When he saw that the person on ye Zilong’s back was his great-grandson, Ma Yuan, who had been brought by the great ancestor, he was shocked.
Ye Cheng quickly gathered his spiritual power and pulled ye Zilong and Ma Yuan in front of him.
Immediately, Ye Cheng’s spirit power entered Ma Yuan’s body.
When he sensed that Ma Yuan’s meridians and dantian were empty, there was no trace of spiritual energy.
Ye Cheng’s head exploded with a boom.
He originally thought that ye Zilong and Ma Yuan had a conflict with the other cultivators in the city and were bullied … Who would have thought that Ma Yuan, this little ancestor, had his dantian crippled! In an instant.
A terrifying pressure of the sea of consciousness realm rose from Ye Cheng’s body.
The servant standing not far away was caught off guard and the pressure entered his body through his seven orifices.
“Pfft pfft pfft” With a muffled sound, blood seeped out of the servant’s eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.
His two eyeballs had even burst out of their sockets.
He had died in the hall.
However, at this moment, Ye Cheng didn’t care about the life and death of a small servant at all.
“Who did this?!” He roared in rage.
“Father, it was a masked man.
I didn’t see his face clearly.” Previously, when Ma Yuan went up to talk to Lin anruo, ye Zilong knew that if Lin anruo caught Ma Yuan’s attention, it would be the same as not having any fate with him.
However, he had been watching from behind.
Hence, when Ma Yuan was sent flying, he was the only one who saw the person who had sent Ma Yuan flying.
The person was wearing a mask.
The masked man! It’s that masked madman again! Ye Cheng clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.
His eyes were bloodshot and red.
When Ye Cheng heard the news from the servant, he thought that the masked man was just trying to cause him trouble.
He had never expected that the other party would find Ma Yuan directly and cripple his dantian! And with Ma Yuan’s identity, such a thing had happened in the White Cloud City.
He, the city Lord of White Cloud City, could not escape the blame.
If the celestial deity realm forefather were to pursue this matter, what he would lose would not be as simple as the position of city Lord.
“Good! Looks like you’re trying to put this city Lord to death!” “If that’s the case, then don’t blame this city Lord for being merciless!” “Long ‘er, you stay here and watch over young master Ma.
Go and capture that masked man for father!” “I’d like to see who you are!” As soon as he finished speaking, Ye Cheng waved his hand and took the city Lord seal from the table.
With this seal in hand, as long as the other party had not left the White Cloud City, he could easily find the location of that person.
Furthermore, unless the other party’s cultivation had reached the sky celestial realm.
Otherwise, the only result would be being suppressed by the formation power of the earth vein formation! Holding the city Lord seal, Ye Cheng was about to leave the manor in an aggressive manner.
“Father!” Ye Zilong’s voice was heard again.
Ye Cheng thought that ye Zilong was worried about him and that he was no match for the masked man, so he comforted him,””Long ‘er, don’t worry.
With the city Lord seal, unless that person is a heavenly God, he will never be my opponent.” “You stay here and take care of young master Ma.
Wait for me to capture that masked man and return.” “As for the ancestor, I’m here.
The ancestor is a righteous man and won’t make things difficult for you.” “Father, that masked man might be in the difficult immortal state!” Ye Zilong said anxiously.
Ye Cheng was shocked and stopped in his tracks.
He turned around and asked,”long ‘er, did you find something?” Although ye Zilong’s talent in cultivation was only average, he was still a genius.
He was only in the spirit-forging stage and was ranked at the bottom of his brothers.
However, his IQ and EQ were far beyond his brothers who came from the same mother.
Ye Cheng was very confident in his words.
Now that ye Zilong said that the masked man could be a heavenly God, he must be confident.
“Father, do you think that the masked man came out to create trouble at this time to target you?” After hearing this, Ye Cheng wanted to ask,” However, on second thought, he immediately noticed that something was amiss.
At the same time, ye Zilong continued,””But I don’t think so.” “Now that the city is fully defended, father once said that even if a peak ocean of consciousness realm warrior comes, we can make sure he won’t be able to return!” “Under such circumstances, if that masked man is only in the sea of consciousness realm, how would he dare to make a scene in the city?” “Furthermore, young master Ma has been in the White Cloud City for more than a day or two.
Who in the spiritual ocean realm in the city doesn’t know of his identity?” “But since that masked man dared to attack young master Ma, it’s obvious that he’s after … The ancestor!” Ye Zilong’s words enlightened Ye Cheng.
The masked man seemed to have entered a no-man’s land.
He ran wildly in the city and crippled Ma Yuan’s dantian.
It was obvious that they had come prepared and were fearless! Furthermore, it was definitely not directed at him, but at the celestial deity realm patriarch Huang! Otherwise, why didn’t he find anyone but the great-great-grandson? In this case, even if the masked man was not in the too difficult immortal state, he definitely had an expert in the too difficult immortal state backing him up! Suddenly, Ye Cheng thought of a demonic sect heavenly God who had descended upon the White Cloud City some time ago.
The old ancestor was alarmed to take action personally, but the result was that the demon escaped.
After connecting the dots, Ye Cheng guessed that the masked man had something to do with the demon.
Ye Cheng suddenly quivered.
If ye Zilong hadn’t pointed out the power of this, he might have already taken the city Lord seal and gone to find the masked man.
Thinking of the demonic sect’s methods, even if he had ten lives, he would not be able to survive if he fell into the hands of that demon! “Then, in my son’s opinion, what should I do now?” Ye Cheng asked.
What ye Zilong said just now was also what he thought of on his way back.
He had also thought of his follow-up response.
He said,””Young master Ma is the great-great-grandson of the old ancestor after all.
Now that his dantian has been destroyed, if father doesn’t do anything, he won’t be able to answer to the old ancestor.” “But the battle between immortal State Warriors is too deep.
Father, you can’t risk your life.” “So, father, you can first issue an arrest warrant and put a huge reward for the capture of that masked man in the entire city.” “In this way, we can mobilize the cultivators in the city to kill them with a borrowed knife, and we can also stay out of it.
The only thing I’ll have to spend is a few spirit stones.
” Hearing ye Zilong’s response, Ye Cheng’s eyes lit up and he nodded.
In his heart, he thought, Zilong is truly a Qilin son! Ye Zilong didn’t stop there.”Since the masked man attacked young master Ma, it means that he’s ready to fall out with the great ancestor.” “It’s impossible for our city Lord’s mansion to stay out of this.
” “That’s why, father, we must hold on tightly to the ancestor’s thigh.
Only with the ancestor’s protection will we have a chance to survive!” Ye Cheng had also thought of what ye Zilong had said.
But …

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