He could sense at least 10 auras of the Tribulation passing stage from the places he was looking at.
They were mixed in with the endless stream of people on the city Road.
There were also two other obscure fluctuations coming from the city wall behind them.
They were obviously the sea of consciousness realm cultivators who had been assigned to guard the city gate.
Other than these cultivators, the young master’s conscience looked under his feet.
He had just sunk half a meter into the soil when he sensed that the Qi of the earth vein beneath the city was connected by a powerful formation.
Once the formation was activated, even ping Xiu, who was at the peak of the sea of consciousness realm, could be easily suppressed.
Thinking of the divine species bi Fang that was about to be born in myriad demon mountain, gongzi Liang felt that it was reasonable for the White Cloud City to make such careful arrangements.
However … Thinking about how he was going to do parkour here, Gong Ziliang gulped and said,””System, can we go to another place?” “What do you think of the myriad demon mountain?” Naturally, the system did not respond.
However, Gong Ziliang knew that the system’s parkour had always been mandatory, so he didn’t have much hope for the system.
Taking a deep breath, gongzi Liang forced a smile and turned to ping Xiu,””Mr.
Ping, take miss Lin to find a place to rest first.
I still have something else to do.
I’ll come find you later.” Hearing Gong Ziliang’s words, ping Xiu was puzzled.
Gong Ziliang didn’t mention anything about having things to do.
However, when he thought of the secrets that Gong Ziliang had, he thought that he was going to make preparations for entering the divine Kingdom ruins later on and did not say much.
“Then, young master Liang, you must be careful.” Lin anruo said worriedly.
“Don’t worry,” After Gong Ziliang responded to Lin anruo with a reassuring smile, he disappeared in front of the two of them.
He went to a corner where no one was around and took out a mask made of Black Gold from his backpack.
He changed into a new set of clothes and began to count down in his heart.
Just as Gong Ziliang was about to leave … The young men were all dressed in jewels and pearls.
One look and one could tell that they were from rich families and had come from outside the city.
The soldiers guarding the city clearly recognized these people.
They even skipped the process of checking and allowed them to enter the city.
“Ya, young master Ma Yuan has returned!” “Young master Ma Yuan, you’ve worked hard.” A spirit-forging stage Captain in charge of the city’s defense greeted the person at the front with a smile.
It wasn’t that the soldiers and captains were neglecting their duties.
Ma Yuan’s background was too great.
He was the great-grandson of the bi Fang dynasty’s celestial deity realm ancestor.
How could they afford to offend him? It was said that Ma Yuan had pestered his family’s patriarch for a few days to bring him over.
However, not long after he arrived, he lost his patience with the boring environment in the myriad demon mountain.
He would sneak into the White Cloud City every two or three days when the patriarch was not paying attention.
Fortunately, although this young master Ma Yuan had an extraordinary background and was young, he already had the cultivation of the Tribulation passing realm.
However, he had a good temper.
Other than being lustful, he didn’t have any other shortcomings.
However, this time, Ma Yuan must have been at the patriarch’s side and had been killed again.
His expression was a little ugly.
When he saw the squad leader coming up to him, he glanced at him coldly and walked into the city with the few young masters behind him.
His warm face met with a cold butt.
The team leader’s smile did not fade as he watched Ma Yuan and the others leave.
This was not the first time he had encountered such a situation.
With his status, he was worlds apart from Ma Yuan.
Even if Ma Yuan were to kill him here, no one would dare to say anything to Ma Yuan, let alone the other party giving him a cold face.
Just as Ma Yuan’s figure was about to disappear from sight … Suddenly, the captain remembered something.
The three people who entered the city before Ma Yuan appeared in his mind.
Especially that woman, not to mention her talent, the charm that came from her bones made the captain shiver.
During this period of time, there was no lack of noble ladies from various large clans and sects who came and went to the White Cloud City.
However, compared to that woman, it was like the difference between an ugly duckling and a Swan.
“I hope that woman won’t be so unlucky as to fall into Ma Yuan’s hands.
Otherwise, I’m afraid …” When the captain thought of this, he suddenly remembered his identity and couldn’t help but feel that he was really worrying for nothing.
Whether it was Ma Yuan or that woman, neither of them was someone he could afford to provoke.
If something really happened, it would be the city Lord who would come forward to solve it, and he would just have to guard the city gate.
With this in mind, the squad leader regained his sternness.
He swept his gaze over the guards and shouted,””All of you, be obedient and keep a close eye on him.” “Without a strict inspection, not even a fly is allowed into the city!” Just as the team leader had thought, Ma Yuan had indeed been reprimanded by the patriarch this time.
They criticized him for being addicted to women and neglecting his cultivation.
That was why he had put on that expression when he entered the city.
“What’s wrong with the old ancestor? I’ve already condensed my spiritual Qi into divine fire.
My true spirit is stable and my lifespan has been extended to hundreds of years.” “If you can live for so long and play with a few more women, how can you neglect your cultivation?” Walking on the city Road, Ma Yuan finally dared to vent his pent up anger.
He heard Ma Yuan’s dissatisfaction with the patriarch.
The young masters behind him didn’t dare to make a sound.
The sky celestial realm ancestor was the pillar of the bi Fang Empire.
Even the current Emperor had to treat him with respect.
Ma Yuan, as his great-grandson, had no problem complaining behind his back.
As for these people, they were only the descendants of the local families of the White Cloud City.
They ate, drank, and had fun with Ma Yuan, and were still alright with their appearances.
However, if he forgot his own identity and spoke ill of the patriarch with Ma Yuan, he would probably disappear from the White Cloud City along with his family the next day.
Just as the few of them were holding their breath, Ma Yuan, who was walking in front, suddenly stopped.
“Aiyo!” One of the young masters did not stop and crashed into it directly.
As a result, he was sent flying by Ma Yuan’s protective spirit power.
If it was in the past, Ma Yuan would definitely turn around and mock him.
However, this time, Ma Yuan seemed to have taken root in the ground as he stood there without moving.
The others noticed that something was wrong.
They looked over Ma Yuan’s shoulder and looked ahead.
When he saw Lin anruo standing there, looking in the direction that Gong Ziliang had left in a daze … The few of them were instantly mesmerized.
“Top-grade, it’s really the world’s top-grade!” “When did such trash come to White Cloud City? this young master actually didn’t know!” A man who was obviously older than the others looked at Lin anruo with a dazed expression as he mumbled to himself.
His age was unknown.
Before Ma Yuan came to the White Cloud City, his status was the highest among these people.
This was because his father was the White Cloud City’s city Lord, Ye Cheng.
He was ye Zilong, the youngest and most beloved son of Ye Cheng.

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