A “crack” sound was heard.
Yin Kun’s protective spiritual energy was directly shattered by the astral wind.
Even the spirit treasures that he carried on him and the spirit light that automatically protected him were also destroyed.
Only then did he manage to dissipate the power of the astral wind.
However, the spiritual light of the spiritual treasure could not protect Yin Kun’s face in time.
A crisp “pa” sound was heard, and Yi kun’s face swelled up from the astral wind, turning into a pig’s head.
“Ah, I forgot to remind you.
My spirit beast is violent by nature.
Other than me, it doesn’t like to be ridden by anyone else.” “It’s better for you to follow behind.
” Gong Ziliang said, trying to hold back his laughter.
As the country guarding Duke, Yin Kun didn’t even dare to scold him even when he was resting in the Pingjiang dynasty.
He had never suffered such humiliation.
A burst of evil fire immediately rose up three feet, and it couldn’t be suppressed.
However, when he heard Gong Ziliang take the initiative to explain, Yin Kun’s anger completely disappeared.
“Ah? No, no, no, it should be this junior who offended senior’s spirit beast.
” Yi kun bit the swollen pig head and said quickly.
Thinking about how he had almost lost his temper just now, Yin Kun’s back was covered in cold sweat.
What a joke, his opponent was a Nirvana stage old ancestor! Even if a spirit beast were to stomp on him like he was stinky mud, he wouldn’t be able to reason with it, let alone if the spirit beast were to slap his face.
But now, the other party had taken the initiative to explain.
If he still didn’t know what was good for him, he would probably die without even knowing how he died.
However, seeing that Gong Ziliang was so easy to talk to, Yi kun immediately had other thoughts.
Rubbing his swollen face, Yin Kun followed behind the Phoenix-winged divine Peng and said,””Senior, this junior has a presumptuous request.
I wonder if senior would agree to it.” Eh? Business? Gong Ziliang’s brows twitched as he recalled how Yi kun had just given away 90 million spirit stones with a wave of his hand.
He immediately smiled and said,””Just say it.” This was not because Gong Ziliang had fallen into the eyes of the spirit stones.
In truth, Yin Kun had given too much.
Who could reject such a ‘hundred million’ Yi kun who was close to others? Hearing the confident tone in Gong Ziliang’s voice, Yi kun felt a little strange.
However, he immediately thought that it was more important to get down to business, so he ignored these details and said,””It’s like this, Junior’s Qilin ‘er is young and accomplished.
He is quite famous in the ten countries and is in the prime of his life.
He should have had a boundless future …” Facing Yin Kun’s extremely long foreshadowing, he bragged about Yin Zhiping as if he was in the heavens and on earth.
Even for the sake of spirit stones, gongzi Liang’s patience was greatly challenged.
He said in a low voice,”So you’re trying to say that your son has the bearing of a great emperor?” The … The bearing of a great emperor? Yi kun’s thoughts were interrupted by Gong Ziliang’s words, and his face revealed a blank expression.
However, when he saw the impatience on Gong Ziliang’s face, he immediately understood what Gong Ziliang meant and quickly said,””This junior lost his beloved son, so I can’t calm down for a while.
Please forgive me, senior.” Fine, on the account that your son died, and I killed him.
I’ll give you a discount on the things you need to do later.
Gongzi Liang thought kindly and nodded.”Yes, I understand.
Please continue.” However, Yin Kun felt that Gong Ziliang’s words had a different meaning.
He opened his mouth and almost asked,”senior, have you also lost a son before?” However, Yin Kun knew that no matter if the senior in front of him had a son or not.
If he asked this question, he would be the one to die.
He suppressed these thoughts and said,””This Junior’s beloved son suffered a vicious attack, and his corpse hasn’t even turned cold yet.” “But the murderer of my beloved son has been protected by the Monet dynasty.
I can’t bring him to justice.” “Every time I think of this, this Junior’s heart aches like a knife being twisted! I’m not worthy of being a father, and I’m even more ashamed of ping ‘er!” Gong Ziliang could tell that Yi kun’s words were sincere and came from the bottom of his heart.
But the problem was, if he wanted to investigate the cause of Yin Zhiping’s death, he was the culprit! If he agreed to Yi kun’s request, wouldn’t that mean that he would kill himself? No! For the sake of spirit stones, he could give up his integrity and face.
But he still had to keep his life.
Just as Gong Ziliang was about to reject Yin Kun, the latter’s emotions had already calmed down a little.
He said,””Senior, I won’t force you to get rid of that gongzi Liang.” “I only hope that you can ask the Monet dynasty to tell me where that young master is!” Eh? He didn’t have to kill him, but he just had to get mo Zhongtian to reveal his whereabouts? Gong Ziliang looked at Yin Kun with rapt attention.
Seeing that Yin Kun’s eyes were flickering, he could roughly guess the latter’s thoughts.
Yi kun definitely wanted him to help, but to his knowledge, he was a Nirvana realm ancestor of nine Dragon Holy Land.
Even the entire Pingjiang dynasty might not be able to afford the price of asking him to help.
And Yin Kun definitely had some trump cards to deal with him.
That’s why they only wanted to find his tracks.
It was just as Gong Ziliang had thought.
Yi kun knew that this Nirvana stage old ancestor in front of him had a peaceful past.
He immediately gave up on the idea of killing heisen.
Instead, he was prepared to get the death Warriors to place the target of the curse on gongzi Liang.
Gong Ziliang was thinking.
Seeing that Gong Ziliang didn’t speak, Yi kun smacked his head and thought to himself why he was so insensible.
“Senior, there’s one more thing I want to ask.” “It’s just that I have a recently excavated large-scale spirit stone mine.
” “However, a group of demonic beasts suddenly appeared near the spirit mine.
No matter how many batches of cultivators from my residence sent over, they all said that they couldn’t deal with them.” “If senior is free, you can go there later and help me get rid of that demonic beast.” “In return, I’m willing to give you the spirit stone mine!” As Yi kun spoke, he took out a contract from his chest.
Gong Ziliang’s brows raised.
How could he not see that Yin Kun was using a different method to make a tribute to him? Putting on a serious expression, gongzi Liang stretched out his hand and took the spirit mine contract, saying sternly,””As cultivators, it is our duty to slay demons and exterminate demons!” “By the way, state Duke, are there any other mineral veins under your control that have demon beasts causing trouble?” “I can get rid of them both.” When Yi kun saw Gong Ziliang take away the spirit mine contract without any hesitation, he was delighted.
However, when he heard what Gong Ziliang said next, his expression turned unnatural.
Didn’t they say that those true cultivators all treated money and spirit stones as dirt? Why was it that when it came to this Nirvana stage practitioner, the scene was so … Strange? However, Yi kun quickly adjusted his mental state.
It was good to ask for spirit stones.
If he asked for spirit stones, it would mean that this Nirvana stage ancestor had a need for them.
Then, as long as he took out enough spirit stones to clear the way, he would be successful in every endeavor! It might even be possible to order this Nirvana stage ancestor to do things that went against his bottom line.
On the other hand, if the other party was completely otherworldly, it would be more troublesome.

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