After listening to the one-eyed giant demon’s story, even though these great feudal lords had experienced the war of ten thousand races, they couldn’t hide the shock in their hearts.
They revealed shocked expressions and said, “Hiss, when did the human race become so ferocious?” “Wasn’t that world already isolated from the world by the gods, cutting off the path of Ascension for the human race? How could there be such a Savage person?” “Could it be that the immortals and spirits didn’t give up and left something behind in that world?” The one-eyed giant demon pondered as he listened to the last Greater Demon overlord’s opinion.
He then said,”If this matter is related to the immortal spirits, then it’s not something we can interfere with.” “Since that’s the case, we’d better report the situation to the divine realm and let the gods decide what to do,” The other great Lords nodded in agreement with the one-eyed troll’s solution.
Suddenly, a Highlord thought of something and said,””What about headless? Are we really going to let them be brought back to that world?” “If word of this gets out, our lava demon world will become the laughingstock of billions of other demon worlds.” “Moreover, the headless corpse was specifically ordered by the gods to resuscitate that one.
Now that there’s a problem, if the gods punish us, I’m afraid we won’t be able to bear the consequences.” When the one-eyed giant demon heard this, his only eye immediately revealed extreme frustration.
The one-eyed giant demon did not have a better way to deal with the mess left by the headless demon general.
In the end, he could only decide to report the situation to the divine realm.
At this moment.
After returning to the human world from the lava demon world.
Gong Ziliang had goddess Gong Zi look after the demon general while he sat down on the ground.
Recalling his experience in the lava demon world, gongzi Liang seemed to be able to smell the smell of sulfur mixed with poisonous fire.
When he thought of the will that appeared later on, Gong Ziliang suddenly felt lucky that he had escaped death.
If he didn’t bring gongzi Wu with him and used the true dragon Flame to force the demons to retreat, he would have been killed by the demons.
Otherwise, if he were to be held back and wait for the owner of that will to arrive, he would have to die inside, even if he had heaven-defying means.
After taking a few deep breaths and dispelling the lingering fear in his heart, Gong Ziliang kicked the demon General’s body.
If the demonic general hadn’t fled at the last minute, he wouldn’t have had to follow them into the lava demon world! He was worried that if he kept the demon general around, he would be in trouble.
With the Crimson Dragon blade in his hand, young master liangzhen was ready to kill the demon general.
“Wait, if you let me go, I can make you my master and tell you a secret!” Suddenly, the demonic general broke free of the seal covering his mouth and shouted.
Gongzi Liang raised his brows.
He had never expected that an honest fellow like the demon general would betray him so easily.
“What’s the secret? tell me.
” As Gong Ziliang spoke, he pressed his sword against the demon General’s neck and continued,””If you dare to play any tricks and refuse to tell me the truth, I don’t mind letting you experience the feeling of being beheaded again.” Hearing what Gong Ziliang said, the demon general was reminded of that bad memory and shuddered.
He quickly said,””I once obtained a Demon Heart in the lava demon world.” “But later, I discovered that it was not a Demon Heart, but a deity heart!” Deity heart? What does this have to do with me? Gongzi Liang was getting impatient.
He was not interested in the deity heart that the demon general had mentioned.
Even if he did, the demonic general had hidden the deity heart in the lava demon world, so he had no way of getting it.
Could it be that he had to make another trip to the lava demon world? However, from gongzi Liang’s point of view, one exciting experience was enough.
If it happened again, his little heart might not be able to take it.
He was thinking.
Demonic General’s trembling voice sounded again,”That deity heart didn’t come from an ordinary deity.” “It’s the heart of a God of War from the mythological era.” “You might not have heard of the war God’s name.
He’s called Xing Tian, and he used to …” It was Xing Tian! When he heard the two names that came out of the demon General’s mouth, gongzi Liang felt like his head was about to explode.
Wasn’t this the God of War from the legends of his previous life, the one who went to fight the Yellow Emperor after his head was chopped off? This ferocious person actually existed before? “How did you know that the deity heart you obtained belonged to the heaven punishing war god?” Gong Ziliang was extremely suspicious of the demon General’s words.
He wasn’t sure what level the heaven Punisher Wargod had been at if he had truly existed.
However, when he thought about it, people like demon generals definitely didn’t have the right to come into contact with them.
“At first, I didn’t believe it either,” the demonic general said bitterly.
“However, when I was secretly refining the demon’s heart, I obtained the memories inside.
That’s how I was able to confirm that the deity’s heart belonged to that war god.” “Other than that, I also saw the divine weapon left behind by the God of War in the memories left behind by the deity heart.
It’s in this world.” “As long as you are willing to swear on your Dao heart that you will let me go, I can tell you everything!” Rubbing his chin, gongzi Liang fell into deep thought.
It wasn’t that he didn’t have any thoughts about the heaven punishing war God’s deity heart that the demonic general had mentioned.
However, if he wanted to get his hands on the deity’s heart, he would have to make another trip to the lava demon world.
And the will that appeared before he left undoubtedly showed that there were more than just spirit opening realm demons in the lava Demon Realm.
There was also a powerful existence that was comparable to a rank two upper level heavenly Dao.
With his current strength, running in was no different from holding a lantern in the toilet.
You’re looking for death! Although he could disguise himself as a demon from the lava demon world with the ‘art of myriad changes’, he was still a demon from the lava demon world.
However, if he was exposed, he would be left in the lava demon world with no one to help him.
The risk was too great! Besides, gongzi Liang didn’t think that a small fry like the headless demon general would be so lucky to obtain the deity heart of an important figure like the ancient war god.
There must be something fishy behind this! Having read a lot of web novels in his previous life, gongzi Liang was extremely familiar with such a routine.
Naturally, he would not jump into a trap when he knew it was a trap.
With all these thoughts in mind, gongzi Liang gave up on the deity heart.
However, Gong Ziliang felt that he could search for the divine weapon that Xing Tian had left in this world.
As for the Dao heart oath … “What’s wrong? Do you think that you’re still qualified to negotiate with me now?” As Gong Ziliang snorted, the blade of the true Crimson Dragon easily cut open the skin on the demon General’s neck.
Wrapped in a searing pain, the demonic General’s nose immediately smelled the burning smell of skin and flesh.
He was so scared that he quickly said,”No, no, no, that place is in the ruins of the Battle of Gods.” “I can bring you in.
After you find those divine artifacts, they’ll all be yours.” As the demonic general spoke, his demonic Qi conjured a map.
On it was an eye-catching mark that marked a place. 

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