On the opposite side.
The demon general sensed gongzi Liang’s aura.
It was low for less than a second before it quickly rose.
The solemness in her dark eyes became even more intense.
Such a pure heart for battle was worthy of his respect.
He had to go all out! Immediately, the demon general did not give Gong Ziliang any chance to attack and took the initiative to attack.
Fist, finger, elbow, palm … At this moment, any part of the demon General’s body that could be used for attack, even some parts that even young master Liang had never thought of, had become a threat to him.
Every time he caught gongzi Liang off guard, he would land a blow that caught him off guard, causing gongzi Liang to suffer greatly in this strange battle.
Of course, it was not accurate to call it a battle.
From the moment the demon generals attacked, gongzi Liang had been on the receiving end of a beating.
The number of chances to fight back did not add up to more than ten.
Moreover, all ten of them hit the air, and not a single one of them caused any real damage to the demonic general.
If not for gongzi Liang’s origin source body, his ability to take a beating was truly shocking.
Otherwise, under the demonic General’s attack, any other Nirvana stage cultivator would have been turned into a pile of meat paste.
However, the process of being beaten up was not without any gains.
Other than the fact that his body of origin had absorbed the power of the demonic general and become stronger and more resistant to beatings … Through the observation of the absurd golden eyes, gongzi Liang gradually grasped the rhythm of the demon General’s attacks and began to learn their attack methods.
With the system and the divine weapon, gongzi Liang might not need to go into battle.
However, as the saying goes, more skills don’t weigh down on one’s body.
Gong Ziliang didn’t feel that it was a bad thing for him to learn more.
In any case, the demonic general wouldn’t be able to break through his origin source body’s defense for a while.
When he got tired of beating him up, it would be his turn.
With the intention of exhausting the demon general, gongzi Liang muttered in his heart every time he was hit,’the demon general is about to die.
Perhaps Gong Ziliang’s words had really worked.
After taking thousands of hits, other than the head that he was protecting, which was still intact, Gong Ziliang’s entire body was covered in wounds.
The demonic general was finally tired, and he gasped for breath as he stepped aside.
He could no longer tell if he was the one who was using the sky-breaking demon spear to stall Gong Ziliang’s divine weapon.
Or was it because of the swords and whips that Gong Ziliang had taken out earlier that he was holding back his sky-breaking demonic spear? The demon general gritted his teeth as he looked at the nonchalant young master Liang.
He felt that the latter was more likely.
However, what the demon general could not understand was why Gong Ziliang had left the divine weapons to stall the sky-breaking demon spear.
Was it just to get beaten up? Just as the demon general was puzzled, he saw Gong Ziliang casually rub his body and walk towards him.
Instantly, the demon general had the urge to turn around and leave when he saw gongzi Liang walking over.
It wasn’t that the demon general was afraid of Gong Ziliang, but that he really had no way of taking his origin source body.
It clearly looked like an ordinary physique, but no matter how much strength the demon general exerted, it couldn’t be smashed, squashed, or broken! It was even harder than F * cking divine gold! Gongzi Liang walked up, not intending to attack.
Instead, he chuckled.””It’s fine.
Take a rest.
I’m not in a hurry.” Seeing the smile on Gong Ziliang’s face, the demon general felt a surge of anger rising from his feet, about to rush up to his head.
What a great humiliation! In the demon General’s mind, Gong Ziliang might as well give him a punch to make him feel better.
“Human, I don’t know why you were … Beaten up, but I will never let you have your way again!” The demon general made up his mind that no matter how much Gong Ziliang provoked him, he would not fall for it and attack him.
When Gong Ziliang heard this, he revealed a strange expression.”So you mean that you don’t intend to pursue the matter of me killing a God?” ‘That’s right! I crossed the boundary to kill this audacious human who has committed the sin of killing a God!’ The demonic general suddenly recalled his unfinished mission after being questioned by Gong Ziliang.
If he left without completing the mission of the gods, he would definitely be angered by the gods.
However, the sky-breaking demon spear was in a difficult position under the attack of the true Crimson Dragon blade and the God-striking whip.
Furthermore, he saw that gongzi Liang’s injuries had almost recovered.
The demon general knew that even if he managed to retrieve the sky-breaking demon spear, he might not be able to do anything to Gong Ziliang’s physical body.
He couldn’t hit her.
He couldn’t leave.
The demonic general who suddenly discovered his situation was so aggrieved that he almost went crazy! ” The demonic general let out an irascible roar as he raised his fist and punched again, then finally retreated far away.
However, as soon as he retreated, he saw gongzi Liang rush to the front of the headless warhorse and threaten,””If you still don’t make a move, your horse will really be gone.” You’ll really lose your life … As Gong Ziliang’s voice echoed in his ears, the demon general opened his mouth, and the rationality that he had maintained in his mind was instantly destroyed by boundless anger.
“Human, die!” He looked at the demonic general who had once again gone berserk and was charging towards him.
Gongzi Liang immediately went up to him, baring his teeth.
“Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang …” With the dull sound of fists hitting flesh, gongzi Liang began a new round of beating.
This time, the demonic general completely abandoned order and treated gongzi Liang as a punching bag to vent his anger.
His fists and legs rained down like rain.
Seeing this, Gong Ziliang frowned slightly.
He wasn’t a masochist.
Forcing the demonic general to attack was only to use this method to stimulate the potential of the origin source body.
At the same time, he would secretly learn some combat techniques.
However, the demonic General’s current state clearly could not help him achieve his desired goal.
Therefore, when the demon general threw another punch, Gong Ziliang mimicked the previous demon General’s method and used his elbow as a spear to meet the demon General’s fist.
If it was the demon general in his previous clear-headed state, he would have a thousand ways to resolve Gong Ziliang’s elbow strike.
But now, he had lost all his rationality and chose to fight gongzi Liang head-on.
In terms of physical strength alone, gongzi Liang’s origin source body was even stronger than a demon general ‘s.
Furthermore, the elbow was one of the toughest parts of the human body.
With the augmentation of the young master’s nomological power, the penetrating force directly acted on the demon General’s fingerbone.
“Crack.” The next moment.
With a crisp sound, the demonic General’s crazed eyes instantly became clear.
The twisted expression on his face was also filled with pain.
Immediately, the demonic general held his palm with broken fingers and retreated in shock and anger.
However, as soon as he retreated, Gong Ziliang followed him like maggots in his bones.
At the same time, he punched, kicked, elbowed, and kneeled repeatedly.
The storm of attacks actually suppressed the demon general so much that he was unable to resist and could only resist.
If it was before this battle, even if the demon General’s hand was injured, it would have been impossible for gongzi Liang to suppress him.
But now, gongzi Liang had more or less figured out the demon General’s moves.
In addition, the demon General’s state of mind was in chaos, and he was unable to organize an effective response.

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