Looking at the Scarlet Dragon blade in Gong Ziliang’s hand, his widened demonic eyes revealed an irrepressible shock.
A divine artifact! This human actually had a divine weapon! As a former high-level being, the demon general knew how difficult it was to make a divine weapon.
This required not only some forging techniques, but also an extremely profound realm to be able to deceive the heavenly Dao’s perception.
After all, a divine weapon with a weapon spirit was, in a sense, not much different from a God.
Forging a divine artifact was equivalent to remaking a God! Therefore, even if it was a divine embryo that was born naturally, it was not an easy task to forge a divine weapon.
As a result, divine artifacts were extremely difficult to find.
As far as the demonic general knew, it was almost impossible for any God below the upper 4th rank to get a divine weapon.
Back then, the reason why he was beheaded by a rank two upper-level God was because … It was because he had never thought that the other party would actually possess a heaven-defying item like a divine artifact! Thinking of this … A familiar pain came from the place where the demonic General’s head and neck connected.
Although the divine artifact longsword that the rank two upper-level deity had used to behead him was not the one in gongzi Liang’s hands, it was still a divine artifact.
However, the aura of the divine weapon awakened the deepest fear in the demonic general.
However, shortly after.
The demonic general looked at the dazed Gong Ziliang, and the shock in his demonic eyes was silently replaced by greed.
Gongzi Liang’s strength was only at the seventh lower level.
Even if he had a divine longsword, he might not be his match.
His sky-breaking demon spear was only a projection of a demonic treasure.
However, it was not difficult to use it to block the divine artifact sword for a while.
As long as he could get rid of that human while the divine longsword was being held back … At that time, wouldn’t this divine weapon still end up in his hands? The demonic general was tempted.
It was a divine artifact that contained the power of laws! Once he got it, he would be able to fight even the greater overlords of the upper level when he returned to the lava demon world! No! Why did he have to stay in the lava demon world? Taking away the hidden demonic heart, he could directly break through the regional wall and roam the heavens.
Even if this angered the gods, with a divine artifact in hand, the demon general would not be afraid! Just as the demonic general was immersed in his fantasy of a beautiful future … Gong Ziliang’s attention was on the attributes of the Crimson Dragon blade.
[True red Dragon’s blade][divine artifact] [Attributes: +100% attack] [Special attribute 1: can use the true dragon domain against enemies below the first transition, reducing the opponent’s defense by 100%!] [Special attribute 2: every normal attack has a 100% chance of using the true shadow of the heavenly Dragon.
The power of normal attacks will be increased by 200%!] [Special attribute 3: there is a 2% chance of killing an Enemy Below the first transition in one blow!] [Special attribute 4: additional 10% soul damage to enemies below the first job transition!] He saw that the Crimson Dragon blade, which had been maxed out, did not have a more domineering name like when the blazing Dragon Sword had been upgraded to the Crimson Dragon blade.
Instead, there was an additional “Zhen” in front of the original name.
, As well as the red equipment grade at the back, it became a divine artifact.
Gong Ziliang was a little disappointed at first.
However, when he saw the five attributes below: +100% attack! Using the true dragon domain on enemies below the first transition will reduce their defense by 100%, increase their one-hit kill rate by 2%, and increase their soul damage by 10%! Normal attacks would have a 200% increase in damage! Each of the five attributes could be said to be crazy, cool, and amazing! There was no need to talk about the increase in attack power, but the 100% decrease in attributes meant that his attack power could completely ignore the defense of opponents below level 100.
When it hit the body, it would cause true damage! In addition to the increase in normal attack, there was also the additional soul damage! There was also a chance of instakilling! Strong, my long er! To this, gongzi Liang could only say that the 899 Yuan was well-spent! Now, this true red Dragon blade was truly worthy of the word “divine weapon”! He immediately thought of the void bracelet.
He couldn’t wait to buy another Max-level pill gift bag and Max out the stats of this divine artifact bracelet! However, he looked at the pitiful 100 plus top-up points in his backpack.
Gongzi Liang’s mind returned to normal, and he stared at the demon general with a green light that was even more greedy than the demon General’s eyes.
According to the pattern of fighting wild bosses in the past, killing the demonmarshal in front of him should at least earn him a few hundred Yuan in top-up red packets! With this sum, plus the remaining 100 plus points, it was almost enough to buy a full-level pill gift bag for Gong Ziying! Being stared at by Gong Ziliang like that, the demon general felt a chill down his spine, sending chills down his spine.
“Human …” The next moment.
Just as the demon general spoke, he saw that gongzi Liang was holding the true red Dragon blade in one hand, and two other longswords appeared in his other hand.
They were the profound Heavenly Sword and the soul transformation sword.
Then, under the demon General’s confused gaze, he placed the three swords together.
However, when he tried to merge the Tianxuan sword with the heavenly Dragon Violet blade, he failed.
“Master, the Crimson Dragon blade has now evolved into a divine artifact.
It’s already exceeded the upper limit of the Tianxuan sword’s ability to fuse with it,” After hearing young master Wu’s explanation from the true Crimson Dragon blade, young master Liang finally understood.
The Tianxuan sword was only a red equipment.
The true Crimson Dragon blade was one level higher than gold equipment.
It was a God equipment with four special attributes.
It made the fusion attribute of the Tianxuan sword lose its effect.
He found out that the Tianxuan sword’s fusion attribute was not effective against the Crimson Dragon blade.
After a brief moment of disappointment, gongzi Liang put the Tianxuan sword and the soul transformation sword back into his backpack.
He watched as Gong Ziliang took out two swords and kept them.
The demon general was instantly at a loss and was left scratching his head at gongzi Liang’s words.
“No, where did he put the two swords?” Suddenly, the demon general discovered a problem.
No matter when gongzi Liang took out the Tianxuan sword and the soulfright sword, or when he put them away, he did not sense any spatial fluctuations.
This was something that was practically impossible for a demon general.
After all … Although the aura of those two swords could not be compared to the divine longsword in gongzi Liang’s hands, the aura of the two swords was extremely powerful.
However, it was also a top-tier spirit treasure, only a little inferior to the sky-breaking demon spear of the demon general.
To think that gongzi Liang was able to take out and release the two swords without leaving a trace right under his nose.
In the demon General’s eyes, there were only two possibilities: First, gongzi Liang’s strength far exceeded his, so he could not see any traces of his technique.
Second, other than the true red Dragon blade, gongzi Liang also had a divine weapon that was used to store spirit treasures.
The demonic general naturally did not know that the two swords had been kept by Gong Ziliang into the system.
And in terms of grade.
A system that could even produce divine artifacts, even gongzi Liang could not tell what grade the system should be.
At the thought of this, the demonic General’s desire for Gong Ziliang grew even stronger, almost to the point where he could not hold back and wanted to attack.

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