At this moment, the demonic General’s consciousness became extremely clear.
He thought that he had seen through Gong Ziliang’s plan and quickly retreated while retracting the demonic light that was protecting his head, hiding it under his demonic body.
It would ensure that no matter where gongzi Liang’s next attack landed, he would be able to defend or even counterattack at the first moment.
However … When he saw that Gong Ziliang’s fist was still heading for his head … The demonic general was instantly stunned.
Wasn’t this human trying to create a diversion? ‘Why …’ Suddenly, he saw gongzi Liang’s calm expression.
His eyes revealed an extremely strong self-confidence! In an instant, the demonic general came to a realization.
The reason why gongzi Liang had attacked his head was not what he had thought, but to create a diversion.
It was purely to see his head, which was his weakness.
Even though he was protected by the protective demonic light, gongzi Liang did not have any intention of changing his target.
The reason for this was because Gong Ziliang was confident that his methods could deal with him! With this thought … The demonic general was furious! Being born as a demon, even a God was nothing in the eyes of a demon general.
As for the human race, tens of thousands of years ago, during the war between the gods, demons, and the other races, they were just insects hiding in a corner to survive.
Even at that time, there were a few powerful immortal spirits among the human race, enough to compete with the gods.
However, whether it was to the gods or the other races, the human race was the lowest level of living beings.
The only thing worthy of praise was their powerful breeding ability.
However, in the eyes of other races, this ability would only allow the human race to provide them with better food.
But now … A human of the seventh lower rank.
He actually had the attitude of wanting to eat him to death.
How could this not infuriate the demon general! “BOOM!” Black demonic fire spurted out of every pore on the demonic General’s body.
At the same time, the vortex channel under the demonic General’s feet was also spinning at a speed that could not be seen by the naked eye, quickly revealing a corner of a world full of sulfur and lava.
Gong Ziliang was shocked and quickly pulled back his fist and jumped to the side.
The next moment.
In the lava demon world, the turbulent lava, poisonous fire, and demonic Qi rushed into the demonic General’s body through the vortex channel, raising his aura again and again.
Xun-grade heavenly God Realm.
A peak second-grade celestial God.
Third-grade heavenly God … In the blink of an eye.
The demonic General’s aura had risen by two grades, reaching the peak of third-grade celestial God.
He was only one step away from mid heavenly God Realm! And this was far from the demon General’s true strength.
Under the great Lord of the lava Demon Realm, he was the ultimate existence of The Fiend Lord, with a cultivation equivalent to the Nirvana realm.
However, after crossing over, he was suppressed by both this world and his own divine pattern seal, causing the severity of his cultivation to be reduced by two major realms.
At this moment, after opening the vortex passage and drawing in a large amount of power from the lava demon world, the demon general had only shown the tip of the iceberg of his terrifying strength.
However, what shocked Gong Ziliang wasn’t the demon General’s strength.
Instead, it was the lava demon world that appeared in his vision below the vortex passage.
This was the first time Gong Ziliang had faced a demonic realm.
In gongzi Liang’s field of vision, he saw many ugly demons of various shapes and sizes in the scorching red lava, looking at this world with drooling eyes.
There were no less than a hundred of them that Gong Ziliang had seen.
Even though almost all of those fiends were injured, which made gongzi Liang feel a little strange.
However, the aura of each evil demon was at least at the heavenly God Realm! A hundred heavenly gods! If such a force were to enter this world … What dynasty, sect, family? They were all going to be swept away! Even those Holy Lands and ancient orthodoxies with Nirvana stage cultivators would find it hard to resist such a large number of heavenly God Realm evil demons.
Moreover, the hundred-odd demons were only exposed outside the lava and were seen by gongzi Liang.
Gongzi Liang couldn’t imagine how many more powerful demons were hidden under the lava and in the depths of the lava demon world.
The lava demon world in front of young master liangwei was stunned.
The demons in the lava were stunned for a moment before they rushed toward the vortex tunnel.
Although they didn’t know why the whirlpool portal was suddenly opened.
However, they knew that if they missed this opportunity, they would have to wait for tens of thousands of years for the next deity’s selection to leave the lava demon world.
However … Their huge demonic bodies were about to leave the lava.
The Shen glyphs that covered their bodies exploded with all kinds of terrifying power and attacked their demonic bodies.
Under the pain.
Some of the demons immediately fell back into the lava.
Just as he was about to rush into the vortex tunnel again, a thick golden lightning suddenly struck a demon that was about to cross the tunnel.
“BOOM!” With a deafening roar, the demon at the lower tenth level was turned into a pile of ashes.
Deathly silence! The entire lava demon world seemed to have been frozen for a second by some kind of great divine power.
The next second.
Those evil demons, no matter if they rushed into the air or just about to rise into the air … All of them burrowed into the depths of the lava, allowing the devil fire to burn through their scales.
They refused to come back up.
Upon seeing this scene.
Gong Ziliang’s tensed mind could not help but heave a sigh of relief.
When the demons charged at the vortex passage just now, he thought of the consequences of the fall of this world, and his scalp almost exploded.
Fortunately, it seemed that the demons could not cross the boundary easily.
Otherwise, not only would he be suppressed by the divine pattern seal, but if he tried to cross the boundary, he would also trigger the terrifying golden lightning and kill him.
However, before gongzi Liang could put the heart back into his stomach … As the whirlpool portal closed, the demon General’s aura stabilized at the sixth grade heavenly God Realm, causing his expression to become extremely solemn.
Sixth-grade heavenly God Realm.
In this world, such an existence was already a top level great medium! It was more than enough to suppress an Empire.
After young master Liang had removed the heavenly Dao curse.
He had digested the medicinal power of two Jade Marrow pills and a large number of experience pills.
He had also taken four high-level experience pills when he was trying to break through the infinite tower.
Only then did he reach level 80.
He had only just entered the sea of consciousness realm and had yet to enter the grade.
In other words, there was a difference of a full 16 minor realms between him and a demon general! Moreover, this was not the small realm when he had just stepped into cultivation.
For example, the gap between the martial body realm and the invigorated Meridian realm could be closed with some other means.
This was the distance between the sea of consciousness realm and the heavenly God Realm! A minor realm was the difference between a heaven and earth! If not for the fact that he still had a defensive trump card in his hand, gongzi Liang would have already turned around and run away.
Narrowing his eyes at the demon general, gongzi Liang already understood that the demon General’s advancement this time was because he had just opened the lava demon world and obtained a large amount of replenishment from it.

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