As soon as this demon finished speaking, a demon covered in black scales not far away said coldly, “Hmph, I haven’t even said anything.
When did it become your turn to shout here?”

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Being mocked by the demon, the green demon said unhappily, “Lord Soaring Snake, are you saying this to challenge my dignity?”

When the Soaring Snake Demon heard this, it seemed to have heard a funny joke.
Its two triangular eyes revealed a cold smile and were about to speak.

Another demon sneered, “Lord Ba Shan, what dignity do you have! When the Divine Realm declared war on the Demon Realm back then, I wonder who was so frightened that they peed their pants.”

Ba Shan was furious.
“You Bo! I knew you had an affair with Lord Soaring Snake!”

“Now, the two of you are working together to target me, right? Alright, the two of you attack together! I want to see who’s going to wet their pants today!”

The three demons with powerful auras started a close combat with the magma as the battlefield.

Regarding the battle between Ba Shan, the Soaring Snake, and You Bo, not only did the other demons nearby not have the intention to stop it, instead, after looking at it for a while, they joined in excitedly.

These demons had been sealed in this Demon World for countless years.

Coupled with the harsh environment of the Lava Demon Realm, there was not much spiritual qi for them to cultivate.

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Therefore, battles like this almost became a common day for demons like them.

What was originally a battle between three demons turned into a battle of more than a hundred demons in the blink of an eye.

Magma flowed wantonly, and demonic qi filled the air.

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However, just as the battle became more and more intense, the divine patterns on those demons suddenly lit up.

In the next moment.

The demons who were fighting at the same time let go of the enemies who were fighting intensely and obediently returned to the magma before the divine patterns erupted.

In less than a second.

This Lava Demon Realm became quiet from the previous shouting.

Apart from the sound of bubbles exploding from time to time in the hot magma, only the panting voices of the demons could be heard.

After a while.

Lord Ba Shan, whose demonic body was covered in hideous wounds, looked at the vortex passageway that did not send back any movement for a long time after the headless Demon General left.
He said impatiently, “The headless Demon General is really useless.
It’s been so long and still hasn’t dealt with the insects in that world!”

As soon as Ba Shan finished speaking, Soaring Snake, whose scales had been sent flying, immediately retorted, “You only dare to say this when the Headless Demon General is not around.
When the Headless Demon General returns, let’s see if you still dare to talk nonsense like this!”

Ba Shan was so angry that he immediately glared at Soaring Snake with his huge bell-like eyes.

Facing the gaze of Ba Shan, not only did Soaring Snake not show any fear, but its scarlet eyes also became even more disdainful.

The snake spat out its tongue, and Soaring Snake mocked, “The Headless Demon General is about to condense its Demon Heart again and return to the high-level Grand Lord realm!”

“Who do you think you are compared to the Headless Demon General?”

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“Moreover, that world has given birth to an immortal spirit that can compete with the gods and not be at a disadvantage.
How can a mere low-level lord like you talk nonsense?”

The more Ba Shan listened, the angrier he became.
However, he was stupid.
Moreover, every word Soaring Snake said was reasonable, so he could not refute it at all.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

Therefore, after Ba Shan roared, he swung the arms formed from the huge rocks and struck the magma for several miles again.

When the other lords saw this, their eyes that were about to close and rest immediately blossomed with a battle-loving light.

They casually found a nearby demon and fought.

In the Lava Demon Realm, another round of chaos began.

The headless Demon General riding a headless horse passed through the vortex passageway and appeared in the sky above the Imperial City of the Monet Dynasty.

The black hand grabbed at the void below.

In the next moment.

Demonic qi that almost covered the entire Imperial City and had accumulated to nearly two meters tall surged crazily into the hand of the Headless Demon General and quickly condensed into a pitch-black demonic spear.

The demonic spear was eight feet long.
On the black spear, demonic light flickered, emitting an evil and ferocious aura.

It was as if what was held by the Headless Demon General was not a demonic spear.

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It was a peerless ferocious beast!

But soon, as the demonic flames on the body and the warhorse were injected into the demonic spear, the demonic light on the demonic spear quickly retracted into the complicated demonic patterns carved on the spear.

Wielding the Demon Spear, the headless Demon General slowly waved a semicircle in front of him.

Under the spear tip, the terrifying wind pressure transformed into a strange buzzing sound that spread far into the night.

Then, the Headless Demon General sensed something.

“God Slayer, appear and die!”

A cold voice sounded from his lost head.

Before he finished speaking, the headless Demon General faced a direction and stabbed with the Demon Spear in its hand.

On the other side.

After spending half an hour dealing with all the Desert Demon Scorpions and a few minutes counting the gains, he left the Gold Farming Event dungeon.

As soon as he returned to the stone chamber mystic realm, Gong Ziliang suddenly sensed a ferocious aura coming from the outside world.

Immediately, Gong Ziliang’s expression turned cold.

The spatial pearl was Patriarch Liu Yun’s secret treasure.

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Although there was no special attack method, Gong Ziliang discovered that other than using it to contain the stone chamber mystic realm, it could only isolate the aura of the outside world.

However, ever since he found this spatial pearl in the alternate space, no one had discovered it from the outside world.

However, this time, through the spatial pearl, Gong Ziliang discovered that he had already been locked onto by the owner of the aura outside.

[Ding! Level 70 Wild Boss detected: Headless Demon General!]

[After killing the Boss, you can obtain a Lucky Charge Red Packet.
Moreover, there is a certain chance of dropping rare items! The higher the level of the Boss you kill, the higher the chance of the Lucky Charge Red Packet and rare items dropping.]

“Oh? A Level 70 Wild Boss?”

Gong Ziliang was stunned at first, but he quickly recalled that after he dealt with the Personal Boss a few times, Wild Bosses quickly appeared.

Gong Ziliang was not surprised by the sudden appearance of a Level 70 Wild Boss.

However, when he heard the notification behind the system, the corners of his mouth could not help but curl into a smile.

“A Lucky Charge Red Packet.
This is good stuff.”

Gong Ziliang nodded and recalled that in the previous red packets, he had obtained many vouchers with a large amount.

Previously, in the Primordial Dynasty, he had defeated the Level 60 Wild Boss, the Sky Lion Face.
He had even obtained two $300 vouchers from the red packet.

The Level 70 Wild Boss outside was clearly much stronger than the Sky Lion Face at the Spiritual Sea Realm.

He was almost one step into the Divine Opening Realm.

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