As for the attributes lost from the exchange of equipment, Gong Ziliang no longer cared.

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At most, he would let Yi Yi strengthen him the next time he attacked.

After putting away the Azure Demon Set, Wu Zhiqi and the clones behind him instantly disappeared.

Then, Gong Ziliang’s gaze swept past the Imperial City that had been reduced to charred ruins and landed further away.

In the battle with Wu Zhiqi just now, the rain in the world became visibly heavier!

Apart from the blood rain, through the Illusory Breaking Golden Eyes, Gong Ziliang could see traces of black matter scattering from the dark clouds that were raining blood.

Together with the blood rain, it landed on the ground and flowed into the depths of the ground.
It attached to the earth vein qi and began to destroy the vitality of the ground.

Looking at this scene, Gong Ziliang’s mood immediately became heavy.

Those black substances were extremely similar to the Heavenly Dao curse in his soul.

With the Sword Law he had grasped, it was not difficult to eliminate some.

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However, the problem was that this blood rain covered too much territory.

Gong Ziliang stretched his spiritual sense to the limit and covered thousands of miles, but he still did not discover the end.

Moreover, Gong Ziliang understood that this black matter was the divine punishment sent down by the death of the Ultimate God.

The source was not in the mortal world, but in the sky.

Unless he could head to the Upper Realm and resolve the problem of the source.

Otherwise, just removing the black matter that descended with the blood rain could only treat the symptoms and not the root cause.

He shook his head.

Gong Ziliang retracted a few artifact spirits and put Wu Zhiqi’s corpse into his bag.

This was the demonic body of a Heaven Deity Realm demonic creature.
It was not excessive to say that it was covered in treasures.

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After cleaning up the battlefield, Gong Ziliang entered the spatial pearl.

Before Mo Zhongtian left, he handed a storage ring to him.

It contained the one billion taels of gold that Mo Zhongtian had gathered from all over the Monet Dynasty during this period of time.

Next, Gong Ziliang wanted to use it to exchange for ingots and increase it again.

Gong Ziliang stepped into the spatial pearl.

Strands of black aura slowly rose from the charred ground.

Soon, it turned into boundless black demonic flames that spread on the ground.

In the center of the demonic flames, a vortex quickly condensed, nurturing a terrifying aura.

It was as if a terrifying creature was about to break through the vortex and arrive in this world…

The blood rain had already rained for an hour, but it still did not stop.

In Tong City, countless houses collapsed and the commoners were displaced.

Only a few people could find a rich family and temporarily hide from the wind and rain.

Most of the remaining people could only let the wind and rain blow.

However, this blood rain was not ordinary rain.

In the beginning, the commoners only felt their skin itch.

With a light scratch, his skin was actually scratched open.

The exposed flesh was immediately rotten by the blood rain, revealing the white bones inside.

When the commoners discovered the abnormality, they were extremely frightened.

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They screamed and rushed towards the officials in the city.

The door of the magistrate’s office was closed.

The bailiffs who usually swaggered around the streets and alleys saw through the door crack that the citizens outside were covered in ulcers and looked terrifying like zombies.

All of them hugged their poles tightly, their pale faces revealing frightened expressions.

Suddenly, a figure in an official robe walked out from behind the inner hall screen with a cold expression.

“Open the door and bring the villagers in.”

Hearing the magistrate’s order, the bailiffs were immediately shocked.

Let those people outside in?

Could it be that the magistrate did not know how much it would affect his reputation once those refugees attacked the government office?


Looking at the magistrate’s dignified face, the bailiffs sighed in their minds and pulled open the door latch.

Countless naked figures swarmed in.

“Ahhh… my face.”

“Master, save me.”

“Child, child, what’s wrong?”

Wails sounded.

Fortunately, the bailiffs were slightly relieved that the commoners did not lose their minds.

After rushing in, they knelt in front of the magistrate in an orderly manner.

The magistrate felt a lump in his throat.

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He was experienced.
When he saw the people under him being tortured by this blood rain until they were neither human nor ghost, he was momentarily speechless.


The magistrate raised his head and looked at the sky.

His gaze was isolated by the heavy rain.

“The heavens are heartless, what wrong have the common people done!”

After the magistrate finished speaking, he looked at the bailiffs and said, “Quickly invite the doctors in the city to treat the injuries of the villagers.”

“In addition, can the cultivators in the city attack and see if…”

The magistrate was giving orders to the bailiffs.

Suddenly, cultivators rushed into the sky from all over the city.

They either formed hand seals or activated artifacts, triggering a large amount of spiritual qi that transformed into a spiritual qi sky screen that blocked the sky above the city.

Seeing this…

The corners of those bailiffs’ eyes suddenly moistened.

“Why are you all stunned?”

“Quickly open the treasury and send the spirit stones and medicinal pills to the various large families!”

“Send another group of people out of the city.
There are still many commoners there.
Save as many as you can.”

As soon as the magistrate finished speaking, the bailiffs suddenly reacted.
They stepped on the puddles of blood and quickly ran out of the magistrate’s office.

Looking at the sky above the city, those cultivators used spiritual qi to support the commoners.

A smile on the magistrate’s tense face was like the sunlight that parted the dark clouds.
He said softly, “The heavens are heartless, but everyone is united!”

At this moment, in the Monet Dynasty’s two prefectures and fourteen provinces.

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Situations like Tong City could be seen everywhere.

The cultivators of the various large families used spiritual qi without caring about consumption to hold up the blood rain that fell from the sky.

Countless sect cultivators walked out of the sects in the deep mountains.

After arriving in these cities, those cultivators silently found the location and released spiritual qi that covered the sky.

On the ground, the ordinary people who did not cultivate were not idle.

Under the lead of the large families and officials, they dredged the river channel that was covered in blood.

Just as the citizens and cultivators worked together to deal with this calamity, some rumors spread from the streets.

“Have you heard? This blood rain is because our monarch offended the gods!”

“No, I heard that His Majesty was deceived by a traitor.
It’s the guy who the government set up the ancestral hall for us to worship not long ago.
He… killed a god!”

“Gasp… how is this possible? Not to mention how our Monet Dynasty has a god, just that Gong… Gong Ziliang is only a mortal, how can he kill a god?”

“It’s fine if you don’t believe me.
In any case, I believe it.”

As more and more rumors spread in the cities, they spread like a plague.

The hearts of the people began to waver…

Tong City.

Some commoners gathered outside the ancestral hall in the city.

After knowing the situation, the magistrate of Tong City, who had just sent away the few family heads, could not help but frown.

He acutely sensed that there was definitely an invisible force adding fuel to the fire.

However, the problem was…

At this moment, what was the purpose of that force releasing such rumors?

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