“If this gets out, won’t everyone be able to shit and pee on my head?”

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Gong Ziliang said fiercely, determined to suppress the shameless behavior of the Flat River Dynasty.

Then, Gong Ziliang thought of the Ultimate God.

Previously, he had left the Ultimate God behind to resolve the Heavenly Dao curse in his soul.

Secondly, although he had grasped the Divine Striking Whip, he did not have the power of laws.
At most, he would give the Ultimate God some physical punishment.

Oh, no, the Ultimate God did not even have a body.

Therefore, it was not that Gong Ziliang did not want to eliminate the Ultimate God, but he really did not have the strength to do so.


The Heavenly Dao curse in his soul had been completely eliminated.

He had also grasped the Level 1 Sword Law.

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In Gong Ziliang’s opinion, there was no need for the Ultimate God to continue staying!


In the stone chamber mystic realm, the Ultimate God in the corner suddenly opened his eyes.

He looked around in fear and uneasiness.
After not seeing that figure, he heaved a sigh of relief.

After a while, the Ultimate God took a look at the Divine Striking Whip that was inserted in the center of the mystic realm.

A trace of fear surged in his golden eyes.


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The Ultimate God pretended to change his posture and turned to face the stone wall.

A diamond-shaped Divine Spark was faintly discernible between his brows.

In the center of the Divine Spark was an ancient symbol.

If Gong Ziliang was here, he would recognize that this symbol was extremely similar to the mark he had seen on Lin Anruo’s head with the Illusory Shattering Golden Eyes.

However, Lin Anruo’s mark was more complete than the symbol on the Ultimate God’s Divine Spark.

This Divine Spark of the Ultimate God was condensed by absorbing the power of faith from the Mountain River Seal.

However, this Divine Spark still needed to absorb a large amount of soul power to truly form.

Previously, the Ultimate God was preparing to absorb the souls of Mo Zhongtian, Xing Feng, Cao Tianzheng, and the others.

In the end, Gong Ziliang ran out with the Divine Striking Whip and ruined his plans.

“Fortunately, I was smart at that time and did not expose my Divine Spark.
Otherwise, if Gong Ziliang discovered me, I would definitely not have a good ending.”

“Hmph, wait until I refine the soul power hidden in the Divine Spark.
Then, when Gong Ziliang is not paying attention, I’ll escape and kidnap that Goddess…”

The Goddess that the Ultimate God was talking about was Lin Anruo.

The last time he was triggered by Cang Liu’er from the Void Divine Lightning, he sensed a hidden divine aura in the palace.

Later on, because of Gong Ziliang’s appearance, he did not have the time to search carefully.

He tested everyone in the palace.

In the end, he sensed the aura of a deity on Lin Anruo.

“After absorbing the divine force of that Goddess, even the Heavenly Dao of this world will not be able to do anything to me!”

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“As for Gong Ziliang, forget it.
I won’t stoop to the level of an ant.”

“In any case, without the power of laws, it’s definitely impossible for him to eliminate the Heavenly Dao curse.
Let him fend for himself.
Wouldn’t I be happy if I could roam this world freely?”

In his mind, he had a plan.

He did not notice that a figure was already standing behind him.

Holding the Divine Striking Whip, Gong Ziliang looked at the Ultimate God in front of him who was facing the stone room wall.
His shoulders twitched from time to time as he chuckled.

He could not help but frown.

Even if he used his toes to think, he knew that the Ultimate God was definitely up to no good.


With a whip in the air, the Ultimate God jumped up from the ground.

Looking at the smiling Gong Ziliang, the Ultimate God could not help but think of the torture he had suffered these few days.

—A minor session on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
A major session on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

On Sunday, when Gong Ziliang was tired, he let the artifact spirit of the Divine Striking Whip do the work.

The artifact spirit that looked exquisite like a porcelain doll was even more ruthless than Gong Ziliang.

The last thing he wanted now was for Sunday to arrive.

However, he recalled that his days of being beaten up were about to end.

The exhausted avatar of the Ultimate God surged with excitement.

Without waiting for Gong Ziliang to speak, the Ultimate God took the initiative to say, “Mr.
Liang, my injuries will probably take some time to recover.”

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“I can’t help you with the Heavenly Dao curse in your soul for the time being.”

The Ultimate God’s tone was regretful, and his face revealed self-reproach that he could not help.

If he did not know, he would probably really think that he was worried about Gong Ziliang’s situation.

After saying that, the Ultimate God recalled that there was not much soul power left in the Divine Spark.

His eyes darted around as he thought of a plan and said, “Mr.
Liang, if you can find a few more souls…”

“After I absorb it, my injuries might be able to recover faster.”

The Ultimate God knew that the Heavenly Dao curse in Gong Ziliang’s soul could not be delayed anymore.

Therefore, the Ultimate God felt that Gong Ziliang would most likely not refuse his conditions.

As soon as the Ultimate God finished speaking, he saw Gong Ziliang looking at him with a faint smile.

The Ultimate God felt a chill in his heart and hurriedly added, “Of course, it doesn’t have to be a soul at the Spiritual Sea Realm.
The Tribulation Transcendence Realm is fine too.”

“If it really doesn’t work, it’s not impossible to reach the Spirit Refinement Realm.”

Gong Ziliang smiled.

The corners of his mouth curled up even more.

In the eyes of the Ultimate God, this smile made him look terrifying.

“What about True Martial…”

The Ultimate God already planned to lower the standard further.

Although the soul of a True Martial Realm cultivator was not enough to fill the gaps between his teeth,

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However, today was different from the past.
To the current Ultimate God, he had to see even the flesh on a mosquito leg.

The word ‘True Martial’ had just come out of the Ultimate God’s mouth.

Gong Ziliang waved his hand and said, “There’s no need.”

There was no need?

The Ultimate God was stunned.
His mind quickly spun as a series of thoughts appeared.

Earlier, he had said that he wanted Gong Ziliang to send some cultivators’ souls to heal his injuries so that he could eliminate the Heavenly Dao curse.

Then, Gong Ziliang replied, “There’s no need.”

Therefore, he was referring to the cultivators he had mentioned?

Gong Ziliang did not fancy those at the True Martial Realm, Spirit Refinement Realm, and even the Tribulation Transcendence Realm and Spiritual Sea Realm.

Therefore, Gong Ziliang wanted to get a Heaven Deity Realm soul and send it to him?

The Ultimate God immediately felt dizzy from the huge joy.

If Gong Ziliang really obtained a Heaven Deity Realm soul, his Divine Spark could completely be formed.

At that time, even if Gong Ziliang had the Divine Striking Whip, he did not have to be afraid of him.


He had to calm down!

He was an Ultimate God.
How could a mortal creature see through his true thoughts!

The Ultimate God firmly suppressed the ecstasy in his heart.
On his broad face, his two vertical brows made a serious expression.

“It’s not that I can’t absorb the soul of a Heaven Deity.”

“It might take a little longer.”

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