“Divine crystals are condensed from the origin of the Supreme Heavenly Dao.
They’re similar to spirit crystal jade essence condensed from spiritual qi.”

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“High level deities can also extract the origin of laws from their Divine Spark and condense divine crystals.”

Hearing the system’s explanation, Gong Ziliang understood.

Then, he thought of a serious problem: There were no longer any gods in this world.

Then, where should he obtain divine crystals in the future to increase the Sword Law?

As soon as this thought popped up, Gong Ziliang suddenly had a bad feeling about the system.

As expected.

[Ding! New product in the Gift Bag Shop! The $499 Divine Crystal Gift Bag is online! It contains 10 Divine Crystals+100,000 ingots!]

Damn, damn, damn!

Dog system!

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Gong Ziliang’s mind exploded.

In these fifteen days, he was hardworking and did not complain.

, Parkour, Boss Fight, Tower Clearing…

He finally saved 1,500 charge points.


He did not dare to spend a single cent.

He had originally thought that after buying the Law Pill Gift Bag, he could save a few hundred dollars to increase his strength in other places.

Who would have thought that the system would set a trap for him when it sold the Law Pill?

He had to increase the level of his law.


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It was time to buy another gift bag.

What Gong Ziliang could not stand was that the system had set the price of the Divine Crystal Gift Bag at $499.

This was clearly for the remaining 500 charge points!

The dog system was worse than a capitalist!

It would not stop until he was completely exhausted!

He took a deep breath.

Gong Ziliang reminded himself ten thousand times that he would be the one to be angry with the dog system.

Then, the Illusory Shattering Golden Eyes circulated.
Gong Ziliang looked at his soul and saw traces of black matter in the depths of his soul.

It was the Heavenly Dao curse.

He threw a wisp of the Sword Law over.

Soon, Gong Ziliang saw the power of laws and a trace of black matter destroyed.

It was useful!

Gong Ziliang was overjoyed.

Although the Sword Law just now had already occupied 1% of his current law power, only a thousandth of the destroyed Heavenly Dao curses were left.

He verified that the Sword Law could be used to eliminate the Heavenly Dao curse.

This outcome was the most important to Gong Ziliang.

Since his 999 points were not wasted, Gong Ziliang’s anger immediately dissipated greatly.

Then, he looked at the golden Divine Crystal Gift Bag in the Gift Bag Shop.

After Gong Ziliang glanced at the number in the charge point column, he gritted his teeth and bought it.

[Ding! You have bought the $499 Divine Crystal Gift Bag.
499 charge points will be deducted.]

[Please click on the Gift Bag to check your items.]

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Gong Ziliang could not wait to open the gift bag and take out ten diamond-shaped crystals that were covered in golden fog.

His mind reached into the divine crystal.
When he touched the golden fog, he felt an obscure feeling.

However, other than that, Gong Ziliang did not discover anything special about this divine crystal.

In fact, the density of spiritual qi was even inferior to spirit crystal jade essence.

“Could it be that he was tricked by the system?”

Gong Ziliang muttered to himself.
These ten divine crystals had cost him 499 charge points.

After calculating, one was nearly 50 charge points.
He had to take it to heart.

Gong Ziliang thought about it.
The dog system’s method of scamming money was indeed impressive.

However, the quality of the products had never been a problem.
Only then did he feel relieved.

He pressed a divine crystal between his brows and absorbed it.

When the golden fog in the divine crystal was absorbed by the soul, the divine crystal directly turned into powder and scattered.

In Gong Ziliang’s vision, his soul did not seem to have changed.

However, Gong Ziliang felt an indescribable aura brewing in the depths of his soul.

Once it was brewed, it would definitely be shocking!

[Spending 1 Divine Crystal to increase the Sword Law]

In the next moment, the system notification sounded.

Gong Ziliang felt that the aura brewing in his soul had become a little stronger.

There was no hesitation.

Gong Ziliang absorbed the remaining nine divine crystals with his soul.

[Spending 1 Divine Crystal to increase the Sword Law]

[Spending 1 Divine Crystal to increase the Sword Law]

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After nine consecutive notifications, the moment he absorbed all ten divine crystals…

[Ding! Your Sword Law has been upgraded to Level 1.]

[Upgrade Cost: 10 Divine Crystals]

Hearing the system notification, Gong Ziliang’s heart suddenly felt so painful that he could not breathe.

The divine crystals bought with 499 points actually only raised the law to Level 1.

If he wanted to increase it again, every click required 10 divine crystals.

In other words, if he wanted to increase the Sword Law to Level 2, he needed 100 divine crystals!

Ten Divine Crystal Gift Bags!

‘System, f*ck you!’

‘Did you hear that? I’m going to kill you today!’

Just as Gong Ziliang was about to explode…

Suddenly, the aura that had been brewing in his soul became decadent.

It transformed into a large golden sword that emitted thousands of golden sword lights that washed away the impurities in the soul.

After encountering the Heavenly Dao curse in the depths of his soul, it swept away the black matter like a violent wind.

Gong Ziliang’s soul trembled.

In the next moment, an unprecedented sense of relief seemed to have broken free from invisible shackles, making him almost moan loudly in comfort.

At the same time, the invisible realm barrier was broken through by the spiritual qi condensed in the Jade Essence Pill.

[Ding! Level has broken through to Level 70.]

He had returned to Level 70!

Gong Ziliang clenched his fists and felt the surging power in his body.
Boundless spiritual qi condensed into a Divine Flame again.

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It made Gong Ziliang feel that even if he faced the Ultimate God again, he could kill him with three punches without using the Sword Law.

Of course, Gong Ziliang knew that this was only an illusion brought about by his increase in strength.

After all, the Ultimate God was a high level deity.

Without the power of laws, even if the Ultimate God stood there without moving, his spiritual qi could not cause any damage to the Ultimate God.

When he thought of this, Gong Ziliang immediately could not wait to go out and find the Ultimate God to test the power of his second-stage Sword Law.

Just as Gong Ziliang was imagining using the Sword Law to cut the Ultimate God into pieces…

[Ding! Your level has increased to Level 71.]

[Ding! Your level has increased to Level 72.]

[Ding! Your level has increased to Level 76.]

Another six notifications sounded.

The high-level Experience Pills he had consumed previously and the two Jade Essence Pills had not digested the pill power.
It forcefully raised Gong Ziliang’s realm to Level 76 before it was finally exhausted.

However, Gong Ziliang could sense that this was not his upper limit.

After the Level 1 Sword Law swept away the Heavenly Dao curse in his soul, his realm was no longer restricted.

As long as there was enough spiritual qi, it was not impossible to establish a spiritual sea.

“It’s been half a month.”

“There’s still no movement from the Flat River Dynasty.”

“Looks like I have to rush them.
Otherwise, they’ll owe me 800 million spirit stones.
They’ll pretend nothing happened and let their monarch eat and drink for free.”

“If this gets out, won’t everyone be able to shit and pee on my head?”

Gong Ziliang muttered fiercely, determined to suppress the shameless behavior of the Flat River Dynasty.

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