“Netherworld Divine Palm!”

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In his mind, a Netherworld Hell appeared.

The sky was blood-red and white bones formed a mountain.

In the next moment, an incomparable suction force erupted from the green palm.

“Eh, Divine Power Martial Technique.”

In the sky.

Seeing the scene of the divine pattern suddenly disappearing just as it was about to hit Gong Ziliang’s head, a trace of surprise could not help but appear on the Ultimate God’s face.

However, soon, the Ultimate God’s expression recovered its calm.

It was just a Divine Power Martial Technique, so he did not take it seriously.

Only law-level martial techniques could threaten him.

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Forget about the fact that Gong Ziliang was only at the Spirit Refinement Realm now.

Even low-level tenth-stage existences could not comprehend a law so easily.

At this moment, below the Ultimate God, Xing Feng, who was wrapped in golden light, had unknowingly woken up.

Seeing Gong Ziliang standing in front of the palace and refusing to submit with the aura of the Ultimate God, he said with difficulty, “Brother Liang, leave quickly…”

Gong Ziliang’s strength had always been a mystery to him.

Previously, he could easily deal with the Crippled Heaven Elder and the others who had consumed the Demon Reversal Pill.

Later on, in order to buy them time, Gong Ziliang used his body as bait and brought Lin Anruo into Level Cloud Mountain.

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Originally, Xing Feng thought that it was definitely impossible for Gong Ziliang to escape from the Demon Envoy at the Spiritual Sea Realm.

However, in the end, Gong Ziliang brought Lin Anruo to the Imperial City unscathed.

Although Gong Ziliang only casually told him that he had used a scheme to lure Mo Wentian into a trap and then used the array formation inside to kill him, as a former Heaven Deity Realm mighty figure, how could Xing Feng not know the difference between the Profound Realm and the Spiritual Sea Realm?

He could naturally guess how dangerous the process was.

After that, during the time he arrived in the Monet Dynasty’s Imperial City, Gong Ziliang was like an endless treasure that could change at any time.

In the end.

Xing Feng even suspected that an ancient soul was hidden in Gong Ziliang’s young body.

However, the problem was…

This time, they were facing a god!

No matter how monstrous Gong Ziliang’s talent was, in Xing Feng’s opinion, he definitely could not do the heaven-defying feat of killing gods with the strength of a mortal.


Xing Feng’s anxious voice was completely blocked by the golden light.

Apart from looking at Gong Ziliang worriedly, he could not do anything.

On the other hand, the Ultimate God sensed something and glanced at Xing Feng.

After glancing at him mockingly, the Ultimate God turned around and continued to look at Gong Ziliang, “I’ll only casually attack, and you’ll have to spend all your strength to survive.”

“How can such a weak person like you fight me?”

Hearing the Ultimate God’s words, Gong Ziliang stretched out his hand and waved.
A black spear appeared in his hand.

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Looking at the Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear, a trace of emotion finally appeared on the Ultimate God’s face.

Previously, in Gong Ziliang’s soul, he had seen the life of the Demon Dao Patriarch.

A lower tenth-stage cultivator could create a nomological martial technique that could overturn an entire world.

Even an Ultimate God would be convinced by such a hero.

“You want to use that martial technique to deal with me?”

“However, can you really use it now?”

The Ultimate God sneered.

He knew Gong Ziliang’s situation very well.

Ignoring the fact that his Spirit Refinement Realm cultivation could not withstand the consumption of the Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear martial technique,

Just the remaining Heavenly Dao curses in Gong Ziliang’s soul would become an insurmountable obstacle.

“You’ll know when you see it.”

Gong Ziliang held the spear tightly and his entire body began to emit a destructive aura.

When the Ultimate God saw this, his two brows furrowed.

He could tell that Gong Ziliang was risking the Heavenly Dao curse in his soul to use the Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear.

“Forget it, let’s end this.”

The Ultimate God shook his head and did not plan to give Gong Ziliang this chance.

The golden palm raised, and for a moment, thousands of divine patterns transformed into scriptures that carried the aura of suppression that landed on Gong Ziliang.

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At the same time, the chanting of all living beings sounded from every divine pattern in the scripture.

After entering Gong Ziliang’s ears, it transformed into the Divine Sound of Death that lingered on his soul.

Gong Ziliang’s expression changed.
The Ultimate God’s move could be said to be vicious.

Using the will of all living beings to form a pincer attack with the Heavenly Dao curse in his soul, he could not use the Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear at all.

“Lord Ji, you’re afraid.”

Suddenly, Gong Ziliang raised his head and stared at the Ultimate God like a nail.

When the Ultimate God heard this, cold lights appeared in his eyes as he stared at Gong Ziliang.

However, under the pressure of his divine eyes, Gong Ziliang was clearly the weaker party.
His aura was suppressed until he could not raise his head.

However, when their eyes met, the unyielding, absolute, and mocking gaze in Gong Ziliang’s eyes made him feel like he was about to be melted by his gaze.

“You’re a human of the lower realm.
How dare you call a higher deity by his real name? You deserve to be killed!”

The Ultimate God instantly transformed into an angry lion.
The roar that sounded from his mouth triggered the depths of the void, and thunder rumbled and thunder exploded.

When Gong Ziliang heard the deafening thunder, a strange expression appeared on his face.
He pointed at the Ultimate God and laughed, “Hahaha, Lord Ji, you’re indeed afraid!”

“Would a dignified deity be afraid of a mortal like me?”

“Then, are you afraid of this thing?”

In the laughter, a wooden whip that was 3 feet and 6.5 inches long was raised in Gong Ziliang’s hand.

In the next moment.

Under the frightened gaze of the Deity Realm, Gong Ziliang waved his hand lightly.

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Then, the Ultimate God saw the 84 runes on the Divine Striking Whip erupt with a golden light that was thousands of times stronger than those divine patterns.

Wherever it passed, the divine patterns directly exploded, turning into golden light that was absorbed by the Divine Striking Whip’s seal.

“This is… the Divine Striking Whip?”

“Where did you obtain this thing?”

The Ultimate God’s eyes almost popped out.
His voice was so sharp that it was about to break.

This was not a fuss for the Ultimate God, but the reputation of the Divine Striking Whip in the Divine Realm was too terrifying.

Just like the four ferocious swords in the Immortal World, any high-level immortal spirit would tremble reflexively when they heard the name.

Gong Ziliang could not be bothered to answer the Ultimate God’s question.

The reason why he did not take out the Divine Striking Whip right away was to test his strength.

In the end, after using all his methods, he could not even touch a single hair of the Ultimate God.

Coupled with the anger at the Ultimate God for treating those cultivators as food, they all erupted at this moment.

Holding the Divine Striking Whip, Gong Ziliang arrived in front of the Ultimate God in the blink of an eye.

Without using any martial techniques, Gong Ziliang waved his whip at the Ultimate God with pure physical strength.


When the Ultimate God saw Gong Ziliang take out the Divine Striking Whip, he was already frightened out of his wits.

After shouting that, he was stunned on the spot.

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