stem notification, he clicked on the binding without any hesitation.

[Ding! Binding Divine Artifact [Divine Striking Whip] [Incomplete]

After a notification, a large amount of information about the Divine Striking Whip surged into Gong Ziliang’s mind.

After reading it, Gong Ziliang’s excited mood calmed down greatly.

There was no other reason.

The Divine Striking Whip was indeed a divine artifact.

Moreover, the true Divine Striking Whip was refined by a high-level tenth-stage Ancestral Realm creature that had been intercepted from the Supreme Heavenly Dao.

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With a wave, immortals and gods fled.
Even existences at the level of Ultimate Gods would be reduced to ashes.

However, the problem was…

The Divine Striking Whip that Gong Ziliang had obtained was only a replica refined by a deity in the Upper World.

Although it was also called the Divine Striking Whip, the power was different.

Not only that, but when the god fought another god, most of the laws contained in this Divine Striking Whip were obliterated.

It could be said that it was a defective product.

Forget about fighting gods, even if he encountered a slightly stronger existence among the low-level creatures, it would be difficult to be of much use.

To Gong Ziliang, unless he could repair it, it was impossible to use it to deal with the Ultimate God.

[Ding! New product in the Gift Bag Shop! The $669 Divine Artifact Recovery Pill Gift Bag is online! It contains 1 Divine Artifact Recovery Pill+100,000 ingots!]

Just as Gong Ziliang felt that the Divine Striking Whip he had obtained was useless, it was a pity to abandon it.

The system put up a Divine Artifact Recovery Pill Gift Bag like a thoughtful little jacket.


Hearing the price of the gift bag, although it was not as exaggerated as the $999 Law Pill Gift Bag, when he glanced at his bag, he only had 700 charge points left.

Gong Ziliang immediately felt that the dog system must have followed his wallet when it priced the gift bag.

Otherwise, it was impossible to explain the system’s precise quotation.


Gong Ziliang recalled the incomplete martial technique, Sword Drawing Technique, that he had obtained previously.

He only used the ten Skill Recovery Pill fragments rewarded by the monthly card to synthesize a Skill Recovery Pill and made up for it.

Now, he actually had to spend $699 to repair a divine artifact.

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In Gong Ziliang’s opinion, the system must be black-hearted!

However, this price could exchange for a divine artifact that could deal with the Ultimate God.

Gong Ziliang thought for a moment and felt that it was not unacceptable.

Without wasting any time, Gong Ziliang directly clicked on the purchase button.

[Ding! You have bought the $699 Divine Artifact Recovery Pill Gift Bag!]

[Please click on the gift bag to check your items.]

Hearing the system notification, Gong Ziliang did not dare to look at the vouchers that instantly fell back to single digits and took out the gift bag.

After opening it, 100,000 ingots was not worth mentioning.
He threw it to the side first.

Then, Gong Ziliang carefully held a pill with countless golden runes carved on it in his palm.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

In his bag, the Divine Striking Whip seemed to have sensed that this Divine Artifact Recovery Pill was extremely useful to it, and it immediately trembled.

“Be honest.
I spent 699 dollars.
Can’t I take a few more glances?”

Gong Ziliang finished speaking angrily.
According to the manual in the gift bag, the Fire Intent condensed into white flames and slowly refined the pill.

Half a minute later, the Divine Artifact Recovery Pill had already transformed into a golden liquid that emitted the aura of the Great Dao of Weapon Refinement.

“Eat, eat.
After eating, go and beat that Ultimate God up!”

As Gong Ziliang spoke, he endured the pain and sent the fluid formed by the medicinal pill into the system space where the Divine Striking Whip was.


The Divine Striking Whip replied happily, and then it let the golden liquid wrap around the whip.

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