Hearing the system notification, Gong Ziliang hurriedly returned to his senses.

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He took a deep breath and was about to take a step forward.

Suddenly, Gong Ziliang saw the Ultimate God in the mystic realm from the corner of his eye.

To be precise, it was the soul held in the Ultimate God’s hand.


In the next moment, his body turned into a shadow that flashed past the Ultimate God.

The Ultimate God’s vision blurred, and he felt a strong wind surge towards him.

Before he could circulate his divine force to defend, his hand suddenly felt light.

When he looked again, the soul in his hand and Gong Ziliang’s figure in the mystic realm disappeared.

Soon, when his mind spun and he understood what had happened, the Ultimate God was immediately angry.

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He was actually played like this by a mortal, a low-level fifth-stage creature!

“Gong Ziliang!”

The Ultimate God roared.
Without waiting for the array power that was suppressing his body to end, his golden body struggled with all its might.


A jarring sound sounded in the void.

Runes appeared on the surface of the Ultimate God’s body.
Under the light of the divine light that erupted, large spider web-like black cracks could be vaguely seen in the void.

In less than a minute, the spirit design in the four corners of the mystic realm could not hold on anymore.

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The black gold collapsed, and even the stone chamber mystic realm was swaying.

Fortunately, after breaking free from the array formation, the Ultimate God did not continue to stay in the mystic realm.

With a step forward, his body had already appeared in the outside world in the next second.

Dazzling divine light shot out from his golden avatar.

From afar, it was as if another golden sun had risen in the sky above the palace!

“What… is that?”

“Oh my god, could this be a god descending on my Monet Dynasty?”

“Divine intervention is a sign of prosperity for my dynasty!”

At this moment, countless people raised their heads in all directions of the Imperial City.

After seeing the figure of the Ultimate God in the golden light, no matter what those people were doing, they all stopped and knelt on the ground, mumbling in fear.

The golden pupils of the Ultimate God swept across the ground and the living beings kneeling on the ground.
He quickly captured Gong Ziliang’s figure leaving the palace.

“Hmph, since you want to escape, escape.”

“It’s not too late to deal with you after I devour these ants!”

As he spoke, the Ultimate God swept his spiritual sense and locked onto the few auras hidden in the Imperial City below.

“The delicacies of the mortal world.
I miss them so much…”

A hot whisper sounded from the Ultimate God’s mouth.

The cultivators in the palace, no matter their cultivation levels, had their hair stand on end.

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They felt like they were targeted by the Death God and were about to die.

When the Ultimate God’s gaze landed on the throne room, through the glass city walls and bricks, it locked onto the dragon throne and the figure that had gathered the providence of the Monet Dynasty.

Greed quickly filled his eyes.

“Human monarch, come, come into my arms.”

“After absorbing your Human Dao providence, I can at least recover the strength of the lower ninth-stage.”

As the Ultimate God spoke, his golden palm landed on the throne room.

“Supreme God, take my sword!”

“You dare to injure His Majesty? Go through me first!”

Before the golden palm landed, with two explosive shouts, Xing Feng and Cao Tianzheng each pushed the sword light and avatar to block in front of the golden palm.

“That’s… Eunuch Cao?”

“What is he doing? Is he going to offend the gods?”

“Your Majesty, quickly let Eunuch Cao stop.
Otherwise, if the gods are angry, my Monet Dynasty will be doomed!”

In the throne room, when he saw Cao Tianzheng’s avatar, he actually dared to stop the Ultimate God.

Those ministers who did not understand what had happened knelt on the ground and cried bitterly.

When Mo Zhongtian heard this, his expression was cold as he stood up from the dragon throne.

After sweeping a glance at the ministers, he shook his head and said, “Our court rules the world with etiquette and law.
We only respect the ruler of the world.
We don’t pray to the gods!”

“Moreover, this Ultimate God harmed our human race.
What kind of god is he?”

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Hearing Mo Zhongtian’s words, the officials were stunned.

Could it be that His Majesty was crazy?

Otherwise, how could he dare to say such nonsense?

“God, forgive us! God, forgive us!”

Immediately, the ministers knelt in the cold hall and kowtowed.

Mo Zhongtian did not look at them anymore.
He straightened his body and walked out of the hall with his head held high.

When he walked to the front of the hall, the Mountain River Seal was already in his hand.

Then, under his urging, white power of faith wrapped in the will of all the living beings of the Monet Dynasty drowned the avatar of the Ultimate God in a mighty manner.

“You’re overestimating yourself!”

In front of the palace…

Mo Aotian, who was carrying the sword light, avatar, and power of faith that rushed towards the Ultimate God, let out a disdainful voice.

Although the Ultimate God only had a spiritual body condensed from divine sense and did not even have a physical body, in front of the power of the gods, these mortal forces were no different from throwing an egg at a rock.

In his mind, he could already imagine the tragic outcome of Xing Feng, Cao Tianzheng, and Mo Zhongtian, who dared to provoke the gods.

As expected.

When the sword light, avatar, and power of faith rushed in front of the Ultimate God’s golden palm, a domineering force brazenly blasted out from the fingers of the Ultimate God.

Xing Feng’s sword light was the first to bear the brunt.

Before he could even take a breath, the sword light shattered inch by inch.

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Then, Cao Tianzheng’s avatar faced it.

As soon as they touched, large cracks spread on Cao Tianzheng’s avatar.

As for the power of faith of the Mountain River Seal, it was opened by the Ultimate God.
After swallowing it, it made the Ultimate God’s avatar more condensed.

Seeing this destructive scene, the subjects who were kneeling in the Imperial City and the officials of the throne room became even more terrified.

The cultivators hiding in various parts of the palace waiting for an opportunity felt extreme despair.

The difference was too great!

Xing Feng was at the Spirit Refinement Realm.

Cao Tianzheng was at the Spiritual Sea Realm.

There was also the faith of the people in the Mountain River Seal.

Such power was crushed before it even touched the Ultimate God’s palm.

With their strength, other than courting death, they really did not know what else they could do.

Seeing this, Ping Xiu retracted his gaze and glanced at Mo Aotian who was also shocked to death.
He said, “Left Envoy Aotian, it’s your turn.”

“Offer your soul to the Ultimate God.
This way, you can become a part of the god and become immortal.”

As he spoke, he ignored Mo Aotian’s struggle.

Golden divine force condensed into a mark in his palm and pressed it on Mo Aotian’s forehead.
He began to use the Divine Dao technique to extract the other party’s soul.

At this moment, a figure rushed over from behind the palace door.

The speed was so fast that it shocked Ping Xiu.

When he saw this, it was already too late to dodge.
Ping Xiu could only raise the Divine Striking Whip in his other hand and lash at the person.

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