However, soon, that mental strength suddenly erupted with extreme aggression.
After surging into Cang Liu’er’s sea of consciousness, it used the sea of consciousness space as a battlefield to fight with his spiritual sense.

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With the many spiritual sense techniques she had grasped and the home ground advantage, Cang Liu’er originally thought that he could easily suppress that mental strength.

However, after a few battles, his spiritual sense was beaten until it retreated continuously and gradually lost control of his spiritual sense.

What made Cang Liu’er even more terrifying was that even his body and the spiritual qi in his body gradually showed signs of losing control.

After discovering that there was no way to reverse the situation, Cang Liu’er could not help but feel regretful.

He had originally fused with the Void Golden Lightning to use it to create a Divine Body and fight with Gong Ziliang.

He did not expect that there was actually a mental strength hidden in the Void Golden Lightning he triggered.

As far as Cang Liu’er knew, those who could condense the Void Golden Lightning were Supreme Dao experts.

Such an existence was on the same level as the “Immortal” above Nirvana.
It was not something he could resist at all.

Knowing that he was already powerless to reverse the situation, Cang Liu’er immediately prepared to self-destruct his spiritual sense and perish with the spiritual sense.

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At this moment, the voice of the outside world entered this sea of consciousness.

“If I die, wouldn’t the painstaking efforts of the sect and Grandmaster over the years be wasted?”

“However, even if I take back my body, with my talent, I’m not Gong Ziliang’s match.”

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“In that case, why not sacrifice this body and let the other party use my identity to lead the Canglan Dao Sect to the top and fulfill the long-cherished wish of Grandmaster and Sect Master?”

When he thought of this, Cang Liu’er simply gave up resisting and let the mental strength occupy large areas of his consciousness.

At the same time, he sent a voice transmission with his spiritual sense, “There’s no need for us to fight anymore.
I’m willing to give up this body.”

“However, I have three conditions!”

Hearing Cang Liu’er’s words, the mental strength temporarily stopped seizing the sea of consciousness.

After a while, a fluctuation spread out from it, turning into a loud voice that resounded in this sea of consciousness, “Human, state your conditions.”

After receiving the answer, Cang Liu’er did not delay and said, “First, after I sacrifice this body to you, you have to continue to stay in my sect with my identity in the future until you help my sect advance to an orthodoxy!”

“Moreover, you can’t do anything to harm the members of my sect!”


After Cang Liu’er finished speaking, the other party quickly replied.

Hearing this, Cang Liu’er continued, “Alright, the second condition is that the person fighting me outside is a disciple of a Heaven Deity Realm sword cultivator.”

“Next, whether you continue to fight him or not, you have to protect my grandmaster and not be injured by that Heaven Deity Realm sword cultivator.”

After Cang Liu’er finished speaking, a puzzled voice sounded from the mental strength, “Heaven Deity Realm?”

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Cang Liu’er was about to answer when a wisp of mental strength pierced into his spiritual sense.

Immediately after, Cang Liu’er felt that his spiritual sense seemed to have been stirred by an invisible hand.
All the secrets were dug out.

“Is this the method of a transcendent deity? It can directly see through the spiritual sense of others!”

Cang Liu’er quickly understood what the other party was doing and did not resist.

A few seconds later, Cang Liu’er felt the mental strength that had pierced into his spiritual sense being retracted.

Then, the other party’s voice sounded again, “Those below Transcendence are all ants.”

“In my eyes, the Heaven Deity Realm is only a slightly stronger ant.”

“This Ultimate God agrees to the second condition!”

Hearing the other party’s reply, Cang Liu’er did not continue with the third condition.
Instead, he said, “Alright, for the first two conditions, you’ll first swear on your Divine Spark that if you violate them, you’ll teach your Divine Spark to fall!”

Cang Liu’er knew far more about the cultivation of the Divine Dao than Cang Ji.
He knew what the oath meant to the gods.

“Oh? Ants of this world, you actually know about the Divine Spark Oath?”

The other party’s tone revealed a trace of surprise as he continued, “Since you don’t believe me, there’s nothing else to say.
I’ll directly devour your spiritual sense.”

“Although your body is weak, with your talent, you barely have the qualifications to become a vessel for me.”

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As soon as the other party finished speaking, his mental strength surged and was about to sweep towards Cang Liu’er’s spiritual sense.

However, in the next moment, after a destructive will emitted from Cang Liu’er’s spiritual sense, he hurriedly suppressed his mental strength.

“Your divine sense is indeed not something I can resist.”

“However, I only need to self-destruct my spiritual sense and destroy everything.
Without it, how long can you last?”

Cang Liu’er’s tone was calm.
After he finished speaking, the other party fell silent.

Seeing this, Cang Liu’er did not rush him and waited patiently.

Not long after, the other party made a choice and swore with the Divine Spark.

After the other party finished swearing, Cang Liu’er said softly, “My third condition is that you let me go out and bid farewell to Grandmaster one last time.”

“Don’t worry.
After saying goodbye, I won’t have any conditions.
I’ll willingly give this body to you.”

When the other party heard this, he said, “You humans are like this.
You have too many meaningless emotions.”

“Alright, I’ll give you fifteen minutes to say goodbye.”

As the divine voice fell, the mental strength retreated like a tide, opening a path for Cang Liu’er’s spiritual sense in his sea of consciousness.

In the outside world.

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He could sense that Cang Liu’er’s aura was becoming weaker and weaker.

Another unfamiliar holy aura became stronger and stronger.

The expressions on Mo Zhongtian and Cao Tianzheng’s faces quickly changed from shock to fear.

Although they did not know much about the Divine Dao, from Cang Ji’s words about the puppet, they smelled a great terror.

At this moment, Cang Ji’s face was filled with anxiety.
He wanted to attack, but he was afraid that he would accidentally injure Cang Liu’er, so he fell into a state of fear.

“No, I can’t watch Liu’er become a Divine Dao puppet!”

Just as Cang Ji made a decision and prepared to attack, a human emotion suddenly surged in Cang Liu’er’s golden eyes.

After landing on Cang Ji, Cang Liu’er said, “Grandmaster, I’m sorry.
I’ve disappointed you.”

Hearing a familiar voice from Cang Liu’er, when he saw the emotions flickering in her eyes,

Cang Ji was immediately overjoyed.

Although he had already decided to recruit Gong Ziliang into the Canglan Dao Sect at all costs, this did not mean that he planned to give up on Cang Liu’er.

After all, he could let the two join forces.

Cang Ji’s concern made Cang Liu’er’s heart surge with warmth.
He said, “Grandmaster, it’s me, Liu’er… Its fine.”

Cang Liu’er did not want to tell Cang Ji about the Ultimate God.

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