At this moment, Cang Ji looked at the five spiritual qi balls that spun at a constant speed in Gong Ziliang’s palm.

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Five different elemental auras suddenly circulated from it and quickly filled every corner of this space.

It made his already shaky Dao heart instantly collapse.
He was simply about to go crazy.

As the Supreme Elder of the Canglan Dao Sect, Cang Ji had seen more shocking geniuses in his life than Mo Zhongtian had heard of.

Among them, there was no lack of young supreme beings from the Empire, peerless Holy Sons who walked out of the Holy Land, and Heavenly Dao Children of ancient sects…

However, those people might be able to rely on their Divine Bodies and the powerful foundation of the faction behind them to give them some methods that could allow them to have some advantage over Cang Liu’er.

Be it the young supreme being, the Holy Son, or the Dao Child, in terms of cultivation talent, he was at most on par with Cang Liu’er.

Therefore, all along, in Cang Ji’s heart, Cang Liu’er’s talent was a ceiling-level existence.

Others could not surpass him, nor could they have a way to do so!

Until this moment!

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When he saw with his own eyes that there was actually someone who could fuse the five Heaven and Earth Intents into one, and it was even the purest Five Elements Intent, Cang Ji realized how ridiculous and ridiculous his previous certainty was.

In this world, there was always a higher mountain!

In his eyes, Cang Liu’er’s talent that stood at the peak might not even reach the halfway mark of Gong Ziliang’s talent.

Cang Liu’er could only look up to Gong Ziliang!

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On the other side.

When Cang Liu’er saw the Five Elements Intent that Gong Ziliang used, the pride in his heart that had been crushed completely shattered.

Every part of his body seemed to have been pierced by the light emitted by the five spiritual qi balls, causing countless invisible holes to leak out the fiery fighting spirit flowing in his body.

“So my talent is really nothing in front of you…”

As he muttered, Cang Liu’er’s gaze gradually darkened, and his face was quickly covered in a layer of lifeless color.

Seeing Cang Liu’er’s appearance, Mo Zhongtian and Cao Tianzheng looked at each other.
In their gazes, other than a trace of unwillingness, there was only suppressed joy.

At this moment, Cang Liu’er had no fighting spirit left.
The outcome of this battle had already lost all suspense.

However, Mo Zhongtian thought of more.

This time, Cang Liu’er could be said to have suffered a huge loss in Gong Ziliang’s hands.

After returning, it was very likely that he would not be able to recover from this setback.

With Cang Ji’s character of being protective of the bloodline of the Spiritual Sea Realm ancestor, he might not let it go so easily.

However, when Mo Zhongtian’s careful gaze landed on Cang Ji, he discovered that the latter was frowning and thinking about something.

“Five Elements Intent… Could this kid be the Holy Son of the Five Elements Sacred Sect?”

At this moment, Cang Ji recalled that in the hall, Mo Zhongtian had mentioned that the Holy Son of the Five Elements Holy Sect was a guest in the palace.

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Coupled with the Five Elements Intent that Gong Ziliang used, it was not difficult for him to guess his identity.

However, what puzzled him was that Gong Ziliang not only had the Five Elements Intent, but he also had a Divine Body with the bloodline of the dragon and phoenix.

Apart from that, he had also comprehended a Divine Power level Sword Intent.

With such monstrous talent, not to mention in the current world, even if one reversed history for a thousand years, it was difficult to find someone who could compare to him.

In that case, logically speaking, before Gong Ziliang grew up, the Five Elements Sacred Sect should not let him walk around in the outside world.

In fact, even information about him had to be hidden tightly and be listed as a taboo in the sect.

Now, Gong Ziliang appeared in a small dynasty in a grand manner and did not even have a Dao Protector by his side.

In Cang Ji’s opinion, this was a little too abnormal.

Faintly, Cang Ji felt that there was definitely an extremely shocking secret behind Gong Ziliang’s appearance here.

Immediately, he could not be bothered with Cang Liu’er.
He followed this thought and continued to think.

“Although the foundation of the Five Elements Sacred Sect is deeper than ours, its strength is limited.
How can they ignore this kid?”

“Could it be that this kid hid his talent in the Five Elements Sacred Sect? That’s why he didn’t receive the attention he deserved?”

When he thought of this, Cang Ji frowned, the suspicion on his face becoming stronger…

The Sect Master of the Five Elements Sacred Sect had great achievements.
It was said that he had a chance to awaken his spirit in a hundred years.

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Before Gong Ziliang broke through just now, he was only at the Profound Realm.

It was impossible to hide under the nose of the Sect Master of the Five Elements Sacred Sect who was about to step into the Heaven Deity Realm.


“Unless this child is the reincarnation of an ancient mighty figure or a Nirvana Old Monster who has lived a second life and has a method that even the Sect Master of the Five Elements Sacred Sect can’t see through.”


A terrifying thought appeared in Cang Ji’s mind, shocking his unstable mind into another monstrous wave.

An ancient mighty figure!

A Nirvana Old Monster who had lived a second life!

No matter which identity Gong Ziliang had, these two were enough to cause a huge earthquake in the cultivation world of the Southeast Region.

“If that’s the case, doesn’t that mean that this child doesn’t trust the Five Elements Sacred Sect?”

“That means that our sect might be able to recruit this kid…”

Suddenly, Cang Ji thought of a possibility.

When he looked at Gong Ziliang again, the hostility and fear in his eyes that were originally born from Cang Liu’er instantly disappeared.

In its place was extreme enthusiasm.

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“This child’s talent is far above Liu’er’s.”

“Even if it’s just a little nurturing, reaching the Heaven Deity Realm is not a problem.”

“A Heaven Deity Realm cultivator is enough for us to enter the level of the Empire, the Holy Land, and the ancient sects…”

Cang Ji knew that the reason why the Five Elements Sacred Sect had kept a low profile all these years.

It was because that Sect Master was accumulating strength and preparing to break through to the Heaven Deity Realm in a hundred years to lead the Five Elements Sacred Sect to a new height.

As a high-grade sect, the Canglan Dao Sect naturally had the same wish.

However, unlike the Five Elements Sacred Sect, the Canglan Dao Sect placed their hopes on Cang Liu’er.

Now, a better choice than Cang Liu’er was placed in front of him.
How could he not be tempted?!

However, immediately after.

Cang Ji recalled that other than being the disciple of the Five Elements Sacred Sect, Gong Ziliang had also become the disciple of the Heaven Deity Realm Mr.

When he thought of this, his mind that was about to go crazy quickly calmed down.

Inviting Gong Ziliang into the Canglan Dao Sect meant that they had to offend a high-grade sect whose foundation was not inferior to the Canglan Dao Sect.

There was also a Heaven Deity Realm mighty figure whose strength could suppress an Empire.

“The Five Elements Sacred Sect doesn’t know this child’s talent.”

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