Otherwise, once he was pulled into Cang Liu’er’s battle rhythm, he could only get his cultivation techniques and martial techniques stolen.

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In the end, he was defeated by the strongest martial technique or cultivation technique that Cang Liu’er had secretly learned.

Ordinary cultivators with slightly weaker minds basically had their Dao hearts collapse after experiencing such a crushing defeat.

Even if he barely maintained it, it would leave an indelible shadow in his Dao heart.

If it was before, Gong Ziliang could not think of any good method to crack the advantage that talent brought to Cang Liu’er.

The only way to deal with it was to use the Heaven and Earth Intent that could not be deduced to bombard Cang Liu’er with fatigue.

However, after returning to the True Martial Realm, Gong Ziliang did not only recover his realm.

He had his Divine Body too!

“Next, I’ll tell you what true strength is!”

After Gong Ziliang finished speaking calmly, he took a step forward.

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After abandoning the fancy movement techniques and martial techniques, the Sword Intent also lay dormant in the depths of his flesh.

He only pulled out pure physical strength from the bone marrow and summoned tendons, flesh, blood, membrane, skin, and hair.

He raised his fist and attacked.

Then, Gong Ziliang exhaled and shouted, turning into a deafening sonic boom.

In the next moment, his fist stretched out a straight trajectory in the void.

Wherever it passed, the air collapsed.

As a result, in the eyes of the three people watching from afar, Gong Ziliang’s punch did not seem to be aimed at Cang Liu’er.

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Instead, he wanted to destroy this world!

In Cang Liu’er’s perception,

there were no signs of martial techniques or cultivation techniques on Gong Ziliang’s fist.

It made him habitually want to deduce, but he could not find a place to deduce at all.

Moreover, Gong Ziliang’s footsteps were even more stable.
He was neither fast nor slow, and he seemed to be able to dodge casually.

However, when Cang Liu’er wanted to find the angle of counterattack, he discovered that no matter which direction he attacked from, he could not change the outcome of being hit by Gong Ziliang’s fist first.

“He’s using his essence, qi, and spirit to surround this world.”

Cang Liu’er instantly understood.
At this moment, Gong Ziliang had already broken through the shackles of cultivation techniques and martial techniques and was no longer bound by the established moves and methods.

His fist path was a peak martial technique.

His will was the Dao technique of this world.

Any action was a Divine Power!

“Body transforms into the world, Divine Power forms!”

Eight words appeared in Cang Liu’er’s mind.

He had seen such methods in some ancient books.

The detailed description was a sentence:

The Nine Transformations of the Divine Opening Realm, the body transformed into the world, and the Divine Power was formed!

However, the other party had clearly just broken through to the True Martial Realm.

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Why could he use the Nine Transformations?

The more Cang Liu’er thought about it, the more terrifying he felt.

It made him observe the invincible heart nurtured by all techniques and fall into self-doubt.


Until Gong Ziliang’s simple fist smashed into his body, the pure and domineering physical strength directly sent Cang Liu’er flying.

After forcefully enduring this punch, Cang Liu’er finally escaped the terrifying state of her Dao heart.

Seeing this…

Mo Zhongtian and Cao Tianzheng immediately widened their mouths.
They could not believe that Gong Ziliang, who had been suppressed by Cang Liu’er’s sword technique and martial technique previously,

was so ferocious that he directly sent Cang Liu’er flying with a punch.

Cang Ji’s expression changed abruptly and he subconsciously wanted to step forward.

However, suddenly, he sensed that the aura that Cang Liu’er had never released had directly increased to the peak of the Spirit Refinement Realm.

Only then did Cang Ji realize that although Cang Liu’er had used his true strength just now, he had been in a defensive state.

Now, he was finally prepared to take the initiative to attack.

Cang Ji immediately suppressed the urge to attack and continued to watch the battle.

“As expected of Mr.
Xing’s disciple.
If Liu’er was in the same realm as you, he might not be your match.”

Cang Liu’er calmly wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, as if the experience of being sent flying did not affect him at all.

Then, he slowly clenched his bloodstained palm into a fist.

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He pushed his fist out horizontally at Gong Ziliang.

Similarly, there were no traces of cultivation techniques or martial techniques.
Moreover, compared to Gong Ziliang’s domineering aura that was about to explode the world, Cang Liu’er’s punch gave people an extremely calm feeling.

The movement of the punch was even slower.
Even Mo Zhongtian could see every action clearly.

However, soon, Mo Zhongtian felt that a long time had passed.

He saw that Cang Liu’er’s fist had only pushed out an inch.

Immediately, he realized that something was amiss.

“This punch changed the perception of time.”

In his mind, an unbelievable thought jumped down, immediately scaring him.

Even at the Nirvana Realm, I’ve never heard of anyone being able to change the sense of time.”

“This is because when he threw a punch, his aura fused with the world he was in, causing my mind to be dragged in by that world when I watched.”

“However, my main body is still here, so I feel like time has slowed down.”

Mo Zhongtian quickly understood the reason, but then he recalled that even as a bystander, his mind almost sank into oblivion.

What terrifying pressure would Gong Ziliang, who was facing Cang Liu’er, have to endure?

He quickly turned around.

Then, Mo Zhongtian saw that Gong Ziliang’s arm that raised to block Cang Liu’er’s fist intent seemed to have flown out…

A dragon?

Mo Zhongtian thought that he was hallucinating and reached out to rub his eyes.

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Suddenly, an ancient dragon roar that seemed to have crossed the passage of time from the ancient era exploded in his ears.

The moment the dragon roar sounded.

Cang Ji was shocked and shouted, “Divine Body! This is the Divine Body with the True Dragon Bloodline!”

Although Cang Ji could not find the Divine Body corresponding to Gong Ziliang on the Divine Body Board that he knew, looking at the dragon phantom circling behind Gong Ziliang and the True Dragon bloodline aura emitted from the dragon body, it made him understand that Gong Ziliang’s Divine Body was definitely a peerless Divine Body that was ranked at the top of the Divine Body Board.

“Divine Body?”

In the battle.

When Cang Liu’er saw the Divine Body that Gong Ziliang used, a trace of surprise flashed in his eyes.

Then, he continued to punch, mixing the Dao and techniques fused from the cultivation techniques and martial techniques he had observed previously into his fist.

Every punch fused with the comprehension and thoughts of countless shocking predecessors of the various kingdoms.

At this moment, it seemed that Cang Liu’er was punching Gong Ziliang alone.

However, in another invisible battlefield.

Gong Ziliang’s will fought against those technique creators.

Gradually, the Divine Dragon phantom behind him began to become illusory.

“Even the Divine Body with the True Dragon Bloodline is not Cang Liu’er’s match?”

Mo Zhongtian frowned.

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