Mo Zhongtian was shocked and furious.
He gritted his teeth until they creaked.

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Cang Ji saw his reaction and raised his eyebrows as he teased, “Why are you so angry, Monarch Mo?”

“The divine artifact of your dynasty can help my sect’s Holy Son condense his Divine Spark.
In the future, there might be a chance to recreate the glory of the ancient Divine Dao on my sect’s Holy Son.”

“Isn’t this much better than letting it rot in the hands of Monarch Mo?”

Mo Zhongtian was about to go crazy.
He did not expect that as the Supreme Patriarch of the Canglan Dao Sect, Cang Ji, would actually say such shameless words.

Cang Ji did not mind and continued, “In the current cultivation world, only the Holy Son of my sect has grasped the Divine Dao technique.”

“Today, my Holy Son obtained this divine artifact.
It should be the will of the heavens.”

“As the saying goes, the most beautiful treasure belongs to the virtuous.
My Holy Son is that kind of person!”

“Monarch Mo, you have to know that if you follow the heavens, you’ll live long and prosper.
If you defy the heavens, you’ll only cause trouble for the recruitment.”

Cang Ji bragged, wishing he could praise Cang Liu’er to the sky.

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In just a few words, he seemed to have given the ownership of the Mountain River Seal to Cang Liu’er.

In the end, the threat in his tone was even more obvious.

Such a domineering action made Mo Zhongtian furious on the spot.

However, in his mind, Mo Zhongtian had to admit that the Mountain River Seal was indeed covered in dust when he held it previously.

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Apart from being able to take it out at the last moment, it was almost useless at other times.

Now, with the Divine Dao technique that Cang Liu’er had grasped, he could make the Mountain River Seal shine brightly.

“Could it be that all of this is really the will of the heavens?”

“Heaven’s Will wants to use our Dynasty Divine Artifact to help the Holy Son of the Canglan Dao Sect?”

When Mo Zhongtian faced the attack of the Flat River Dynasty previously, he could still make a decision to die together.

At this moment, he had lost his support, causing his entire body to become dispirited at a visible speed.

At this moment, to Mo Zhongtian, it was already meaningless to continue persisting.

The ownership of the Dynasty Divine Artifact had changed.
Cao Tianzheng, who had just broken through to the Spiritual Sea Realm, would definitely not let it go.

As for Xing Feng…

Even if he could break through this time, he would at most be at the Spirit Refinement Realm and would not affect the overall situation.

In the end, Gong Ziliang’s figure appeared in Mo Zhongtian’s mind.

However, before hope could arise, Mo Zhongtian shook his head helplessly.

If the Five Elements Sacred Sect took out the attitude of the Canglan Dao Sect towards Cang Liu’er and also sent a Spiritual Sea Realm Dao Protector to protect Gong Ziliang, it would be fine.

However, from what Gong Ziliang had said previously, his soul was cursed by the Heavenly Dao, Mo Zhongtian vaguely guessed.

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Gong Ziliang might not be as popular in the Five Elements Sacred Sect as he thought.

With Gong Ziliang’s own strength, even if he comprehended four Five Elements Intent and the Divine Power Realm Sword Intent, it was definitely impossible to reach the Spiritual Sea Realm.

All hope was eliminated by Mo Zhongtian.

It made him understand that this time, he had really brought the Monet Dynasty to the end of the road.

When he thought of this, even the light in Mo Zhongtian’s eyes was suddenly covered in a layer of defeat.


At this moment, with a muffled bang, a pitch-black crack suddenly opened in the void above Cang Liu’er’s head.

Behind the crack, the void spread.

Strands of golden lightning gathered in the void, forming golden lightning arcs that emitted a ferocious aura.

“Lightning appeared in the void.
The legend is actually true!”

Looking at the golden lightning arcs that could descend at any moment, not only did Cang Ji not stop him, but his face also revealed extreme joy as he shouted.

According to the records he had seen in some ancient books of the sect, the lightning arcs after the void were called “Void Golden Lightning”…

This Void Golden Lightning was an existence that had transcended the realm and was condensed from the power of the Supreme Divine Dao.

It existed in the unseen world and would not appear easily.

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Only when a Divine Dao cultivator’s temperament was pure and flawless and reached the ‘divinity’ level could they have a certain chance of triggering it.

The function of this Void Golden Lightning was to wash away the impurities in the body for Divine Dao cultivators.

Even ordinary people could use this to forge an extremely extraordinary Divine Body.

As far as Cang Ji knew, even in the prosperous era of the ancient Divine Dao, there were very few people who could trigger the phenomenon of lightning in the void.

However, now, this was Cang Liu’er’s first time cultivating the Divine Dao, and she could trigger the phenomenon of the Void Golden Lightning.

It made Cang Ji’s evaluation of Cang Liu’er’s potential immediately increase by several levels.

“Eh, this aura… What dense power of faith!”

At the same time, in another palace.

After Gong Ziliang completed his realm breakthrough, he had just resonated with Xing Feng’s Sword Intent through the air and roughly understood the level of his Sword Dao.

He was about to use other methods to see how much improvement this breakthrough had brought.

He suddenly sensed that a power of faith not weaker than the one he had absorbed in the Primordial Dynasty was coming from the direction of Xing Feng’s palace.

Immediately, his spiritual sense at the “Howl” level covered over.

Cang Ji was imagining Cang Liu’er’s future achievements in his mind.

A spiritual sense that made him feel terrifying suddenly crushed past his body.

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Subconsciously, he sent his spiritual sense in the direction of the opposing spiritual sense.

However, to Cang Ji’s shock, his spiritual sense stretched out for a thousand meters but still did not trace the other party’s location.

“What’s going on? Why can this spiritual sense cover so far?”

Cang Ji cried out strangely, his entire body no longer calm.

Spiritual sense was a power that only Spirit Refinement Realm cultivators could come into contact with.
Generally speaking, being able to cover an area of ten meters was the limit of the Spirit Refinement Realm.

For cultivators at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm, this number had to increase ten times to a hundred meters.

As for the Spiritual Sea Realm, his spiritual sense easily covered a radius of hundreds of meters.

In this range, any change in the wind and grass could not be hidden from the perception of the spiritual sense.

Apart from that, spiritual sense could also transform everything.
It could be said to be infinitely useful.

After Cang Ji cultivated the avatar, his spiritual sense could cover a thousand meters.

With a thought, he could kill people from a thousand meters away.

However, at this moment, Cang Ji had already extended his spiritual sense to an unprecedented range and was about to break through the thousand-meter limit.

However, he still did not discover where the border of the spiritual sense that came from the other direction was.

It was as if the spiritual sense had no end.

Moreover, Cang Ji discovered that the density of that spiritual sense could be said to be terrifying.

If his spiritual sense was compared to the early morning fog, then, that spiritual sense could almost be considered a sandstorm.

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