“I’ll give you three breaths of time to make a choice.”

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“Get lost!”

“Alternatively, let everyone in the palace die with you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, above the head of Cang Ji’s avatar, the phenomenon of the Heavenly River swept up angry waves in the sky and enveloped the entire palace in the blink of an eye.

A destructive aura instantly filled every corner of the palace.

Cao Tianzheng was the first to bear the brunt.
His avatar erupted with extremely dazzling divine light, wanting to stop the waves raised by the Heavenly River phenomenon.

However, after his avatar was struck by the heavy wave, in less than a second, the divine light quickly dimmed.

“One breath!”

At the same time, a countdown sounded from Cang Ji’s mouth.

“It’s over.
Even Cao Tianzheng can’t stop him.
We’re dead this time.”

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“Twenty years ago, Xing Feng almost slaughtered the entire royal bloodline.
Now, he actually wants to implicate us to die with him!”

“There’s also that thief, Gong Ziliang.
He’s just a mere Profound Realm cultivator, but His Majesty actually listened to his lies.
Not only did he waste so many spirit stones to set up the ceremony, but he also specially built a temple for him!”

At this moment, in the palace, after countless members of the royal family saw Cao Tianzheng retreat, they all pointed the blame at Xing Feng and Gong Ziliang.

“Two breaths!”

In the sky, the countdown sounded.

Those people immediately could not be bothered to blame Xing Feng and Gong Ziliang.
They knelt on the ground and cried loudly, “Father, let Eunuch Cao hand them over.
I don’t want to die.”

“Your Majesty, the nineteenth prince has just turned a month old.
How can you bear to let him die like this?”

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“Your Majesty…”

Hearing the howls coming from those palaces, Mo Zhongtian’s expression began to change indeterminately.
He hesitated about whether to hand over Xing Feng and Gong Ziliang to protect everyone in the palace.

However, as soon as this thought appeared, he directly rejected it.

It was not that he was cold-blooded enough to watch so many lives in the palace die miserably in the hands of Cang Ji.

Instead, it was because Mo Zhongtian knew that at this point, even if he handed over Xing Feng and Gong Ziliang, Cang Ji would definitely not let the others go.

After all, from the moment Cang Ji attacked.

An irresolvable conflict had already been formed between the two sides.

If Cao Tianzheng did not break through to the Spiritual Sea Realm, then with the difference in strength between the Monet Dynasty and the Canglan Dao Sect, on his side, he could still pinch his nose and swallow this anger.

However, now, the Monet Dynasty had a new Spiritual Sea Realm cultivator.

Then, it was definitely impossible for Cang Ji to leave Cao Tianzheng alive.

“Cang Ji, you’re too much!”

Before Cang Ji could say the last sentence, Mo Zhongtian shouted angrily.

He opened his palm.
In his palm, a dormant will slowly rose from a square seal.

This large seal was called the “Mountain River Seal”.
It was a Dynasty Divine Artifact created by the founding ancestor of the Monet Dynasty by spending a large sum of money to request a Holy Land to make it.

After activating it, it could even suppress the Spiritual Sea Realm.

Even Mo Zhongtian did not know the power of the previous monarch’s inheritance.

After all…

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In the two crises that the Monet Dynasty had experienced previously, twenty years ago, when he faced the Heaven Deity Realm Xing Feng, he did not have the time to attack.

Not long ago, he had originally planned to wait until that Spiritual Sea Realm cultivator of the Flat River Dynasty attacked the Imperial City.

If he used this seal again, he would kill the other party and die with the Monet Dynasty.

However, he did not expect that the Flat River Dynasty would retreat without a fight.

Now, he had no choice but to take it out.

At this moment, he felt the complicated will emitted from the Mountain River Seal that Mo Zhongtian took out.

It was as if the will of billions of living beings was resisting him.

Immediately, even Cang Ji’s Clear Sword Heart showed signs of instability.

Everyone was pointing their fingers at him.

This Mountain River Seal absorbed the power of faith of almost all the people of the Monet Dynasty since the founding of the dynasty.

Once it erupted, the power was not even inferior to a Heavenly Punishment.

“Monarch Mo, we can discuss this!” Cang Ji panicked.

Those two sword cultivators were important.

However, he could completely plan slowly in the future.
There was no need to force Mo Zhongtian into a desperate situation.


Mo Zhongtian revealed a mocking expression.
How could he not tell that Cang Ji’s so-called negotiation was only a way to delay him?


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However, just as Mo Zhongtian was about to say something…

He suddenly saw Cang Liu’er, who was protected behind Cang Ji, walking straight towards him.

“Liu’er, retreat quickly!”

Cang Ji was shocked.
Even he was shocked by the power of the Mountain River Seal.
He thought that even if he could barely withstand it, he would inevitably be heavily injured.

As for Cang Liu’er, although he had never attacked again after the Wolf Court Dynasty, even Cang Ji did not know how powerful he had become.

However, no matter how powerful he was, he was only at the peak Spirit Refinement Realm.

It was impossible to withstand the power of the Mountain River Seal.

However, Cang Liu’er turned around and glanced at Cang Ji.
After giving the latter a calm gaze, she continued to walk towards Mo Zhongtian.

“Holy Son, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“As long as you and Cang Ji swear on your Dao hearts that you’ll leave the Imperial City and not enter the territory of the Monet Dynasty for ten years, I’ll pretend that nothing happened today!”

Looking at the approaching Cang Liu’er, Mo Zhongtian hurriedly said.

However, Cang Liu’er ignored Mo Zhongtian’s words and did not stop walking.

Mo Zhongtian’s mind raced, and he was a little uncertain about Cang Liu’er’s thoughts.

However, when he thought of Cang Liu’er’s identity, he did not dare to really activate the Mountain River Seal.

After all, three breaths had passed.

Cang Ji did not take any further action.

If he attacked first and killed Cang Liu’er with the Mountain River Seal, after that, if the Canglan Dao Sect pursued the matter, they would probably vent their anger on the Monet Dynasty.

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Just as Mo Zhongtian was hesitating…

Cang Liu’er had already arrived and stretched out his hand to touch the Mountain River Seal.



Two exclamations sounded from Cang Ji and Mo Zhongtian’s mouths almost at the same time.

Then, Cang Ji’s figure turned into a bolt of lightning that tore through the void and rushed towards Cang Liu’er.

However, before Cang Ji could attack, Cang Liu’er’s palm had already landed on the Mountain River Seal.

In the next moment, under Cang Ji and Mo Zhongtian’s shocked gazes, the scene of Cang Liu’er being killed by the power of the Mountain River Seal did not appear.

Instead, wisps of pale white smoke were extracted from the Mountain River Seal and gathered in Cang Liu’er’s body.

Seeing this…

Cang Ji hurriedly suppressed the spiritual qi he was about to unleash in his body.

He guarded beside Cang Liu’er in surprise and was prepared to attack at any time.

Mo Zhongtian did not dare to be careless.
He carefully circulated the Artifact Control Technique and prepared to retract the Mountain River Seal.

However, after his spiritual qi entered the Mountain River Seal, it directly disappeared like a drop of water in the ocean.

“What’s going on?”

Mo Zhongtian’s expression changed slightly as he circulated the method that the Founding Ancestor had obtained from the Holy Land that created the Mountain River Seal.

In the end, he also did not receive a response from the Mountain River Seal.

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