In their opinion, Cang Liu’er could reach such a height with the comprehensive cultivation techniques and martial techniques of the Canglan Dao Sect.

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Once he observed the cultivation techniques of the various dynasties, he would definitely be able to surpass the ancestors of the Canglan Dao Sect and reach an unprecedented peak!

However, after obtaining the Sect Master’s approval, Cang Liu’er had been in the various dynasties for several years.

His realm did not break through as they had expected.

Instead, he had remained at the peak of the Spirit Refinement Realm without any improvement.

In the beginning, some people found various explanations for Cang Liu’er.

However, later on, more and more people became discouraged by Cang Liu’er.

There were even some who felt that Cang Liu’er’s talent could only stop at the peak of the Spirit Refinement Realm.

Cang Liu’er knew this, so he deliberately found an excuse to leave the sect.


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In the Canglan Dao Sect, the rumors about Cang Liu’er were extremely rampant.

Cang Liu’er headed to the Wolf Court Dynasty, but the other party refused to take out a cultivation technique for him to observe.

Moreover, the number one warrior of the Wolf Court Dynasty, Baletu, who was at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm, had insulted Cang Liu’er as a bastard.

In the end, his head was blasted open by Cang Liu’er’s finger.

When the news spread, the entire Canglan Dao Sect fell silent.

After that, Cang Liu’er attacked three more times.

He killed a mid-stage Divine Flame with one finger.

He had killed a peak Divine Flame with one palm strike.

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The last time, Cang Liu’er was surrounded and killed by a few Tribulation Transcendence Realm cultivators led by a Spiritual Sea Realm ancestor of the Wolf Court Dynasty.

After leading those people into a mystic realm, only Cang Liu’er walked out alive.

At that time, Cang Liu’er was still only at the peak of the Spirit Refinement Realm.

After that incident, a Supreme Elder at the Spiritual Sea Realm who had not appeared in the Canglan Dao Sect for a long time personally went to the Wolf Court Dynasty.

He slaughtered the bloodline of that Spiritual Sea Realm Patriarch until nothing was left.

Then, the Supreme Elder did not return to the sect.
Instead, as the Dao Protector, he continued to head to the next dynasty with Cang Liu’er.

It was the gray-clothed old man standing behind Cang Liu’er, Cang Ji.

Mo Zhongtian fell into deep thought.

Cang Liu’er and Cang Ji had already walked 100 feet in front of him.

After stopping, Cang Liu’er bowed and said, “Cang Liu’er greets the monarch.”

Mo Zhongtian recovered from his shock and hurriedly stood up, “You’re outsiders.
You don’t need to greet me with secular etiquettes.”

“Tianzheng, give them a seat.”

Cao Tianzheng received Mo Zhongtian’s instructions and said, “Yes.”

Just as he was about to step forward, Cang Liu’er looked over.

Although he did not speak, Cao Tianzheng subconsciously stopped in his tracks.

When he reacted in shock, he was actually captured by Cang Liu’er’s gaze.

Cang Liu’er had already turned around and said to Mo Zhongtian, “There’s no need to trouble yourself.”

“Cang Liu’er has come here to take a look at the cultivation technique passed down in the Monet Dynasty.
Monarch Mo, please give us access.”

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Hearing Cang Liu’er’s directness, Mo Zhongtian frowned slightly and was unhappy.

However, he quickly concealed his true thoughts and said, “There’s no hurry.”

“The two of you have come from afar.
If I don’t entertain you well, others will think that I’m impolite.”

“Moreover, recently, the Holy Son of the Five Elements Sacred Sect is also a guest in the palace.”

“My son has already gone to invite him.
He’s probably on his way now and will see him soon.”

When Mo Zhongtian mentioned Gong Ziliang’s identity, his tone became a little heavier, wanting to attract Cang Liu’er’s attention.

In his opinion, Cang Liu’er and Gong Ziliang were both Holy Sons of the Dao Sect.

The foundation of the Five Elements Sacred Sect was above the Canglan Dao Sect.

After knowing that Gong Ziliang was here, Cang Liu’er would definitely think of competing.

At that time, he could let Gong Ziliang attack and kill this Holy Son.

Hearing Mo Zhongtian’s words, the gray-clothed old man behind Cang Liu’er indeed revealed a surprised expression.

However, Cang Liu’er did not move at all.
He said in a distant tone, “I’m not interested in the Holy Son of the Five Elements Holy Sect.”

“Lord Mo, please open the place where the technique is hidden as soon as possible.”

Hearing Cang Liu’er’s words, the surprise on Cang Ji’s face immediately turned into a satisfied smile.

The thing that satisfied him the most about Cang Liu’er was naturally his terrifying cultivation talent.

Apart from that, Cang Liu’er was extremely mature.

Many disciples in the sect who were about the same age as Cang Liu’er were all hot-blooded and arrogant.

They were arrogant but weak when they did things.

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Their temper was even worse.
They were extremely reckless and did not care about the consequences.

If they encountered a slight setback, they would fall into depression and be unable to recover.

These peers more or less had flaws.

Cang Ji had never seen it on Cang Liu’er.

He was mature and calm.

For example, now.

Cang Ji could not help but be curious about the Holy Son of the Five Elements Holy Sect.

Cang Liu’er still only took the cultivation technique of the Monet Dynasty to heart.

This made Cang Ji suspect that there was an old monster’s soul hidden in Cang Liu’er’s young body.

On the other hand, Mo Zhongtian’s expression turned cold bit by bit.

Even he had long heard of this Holy Son of the Canglan Dao Sect.

Moreover, before Cang Liu’er arrived, he was already mentally prepared.

However, in front of Cang Liu’er’s unreasonable attitude, Mo Zhongtian still felt a little embarrassed.

This was the palace of the Monet Dynasty!

As the monarch of the Monet Dynasty, Mo Zhongtian was the only legitimate ruler here.

However, now, Cang Liu’er was clearly here to ask for the inheritance cultivation technique of the Monet Dynasty.

Logically speaking, if he needed a favor, he should at least lower his attitude.

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However, from the moment Cang Liu’er entered until now, forget about lowering her attitude, she did not even take Mo Zhongtian, this Human Lord, seriously.

Just as Mo Zhongtian was filled with anger and had nowhere to vent,

Cang Ji stepped forward and said, “Monarch Mo, my Holy Son’s time is precious.
Quickly open the Scripture Depository.
This is the important matter!”

“As for the Holy Son of the Five Elements Sacred Sect, we’ll let him come and greet us after our Holy Son finishes studying.”

The Five Elements Sacred Sect was known as the number one sect below the Holy Land.

However, they had always been low-key.
The disciples of the sect were almost never seen in public, so Cang Ji did not take it to heart.

As for the Holy Son of the Five Elements Sacred Sect?

In Cang Ji’s opinion, let alone the Holy Son who came from the number one sect below the Holy Land,

even the Dao Child who had walked out of the Holy Land paled in comparison to Cang Liu’er.

Then, when Cang Ji saw that Mo Zhongtian did not have the intention to bring them to the Scripture Depository, he immediately frowned, “Monarch Mo, what do you mean?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Cang Ji placed a hand on the sword hilt at his waist.

He was about to activate his Sword Intent to pressure Mo Zhongtian.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

In the next moment, a sword cry wrapped in high-spirited sword intent rushed into the sky from the depths of the palace.

A swordsman was the ruler of a hundred weapons.

In the cultivation world, there were countless people who entered the Dao with swords.

In the past, Cang Ji had watched the tide for seven days and seven nights by the Azure River and comprehended a martial technique called the Seven Forms of the Azure Wave Severance.
He split the river into three hundred miles with a single sword strike and became famous.

However, at this moment…

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