On that day, a mysterious person walked out of the Primordial Dynasty.

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The spear pointed at the Heavenly Dao.

As expected, it attracted the Heavenly Dao’s punishment.
The God’s Hand appeared, wanting to kill all living beings.

However, in the end, it was broken through by the Heavenly Dao.

As for that mysterious person, it was said that he had also died under the Heavenly Dao’s World Destruction Thunder Sea.

After that, the Northern Region’s heavenly secrets became chaotic.

Apart from the Primordial Dynasty that was protected by providence before the Heavenly Dao broke through.

Even the other hidden Holy Lands were greatly implicated.

The spiritual qi was unstable, causing the cultivation environment of the huge Northern Region to become even worse.

However, just as many factions were prepared to cut their losses and move out of the Northern Region, in this generation of the Bai Family, the most dazzling genius, Bai Niansheng, suddenly showed signs of breaking through.

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It had only been a few years since Bai Niansheng broke through last time.

At that time, Bai Niansheng had just entered his thirties and successfully condensed the Divine Flame.

When the news spread, the Northern Region was shocked.

The title of the number one genius in the Northern Region had also become the consensus of all the Empires, aristocratic families, and sects from then on.

The various factions thought that with the collapse of the Northern Region’s Heavenly Dao and the deteriorating cultivation environment,

Bai Niansheng could rise against the trend.

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It was enough to show that Bai Niansheng was definitely the Son of Providence of the Heavenly Dao!

In the future, it would definitely bring hope for the Northern Region’s recovery!

Therefore, the various factions delayed the relocation and sent a large number of people to the Bai Family to inquire about news.

If Bai Niansheng could successfully break through, the Bai Family would have two spiritual seas from now on.

At that time, with this limelight, the Bai Family’s reputation would undoubtedly rise to a higher level.

Crushing the Great Xia Empire and becoming the strongest family below the Holy Land of the Northern Region was not a problem!

Great Xia Empire.

“Prime Master, what do you think about the Bai Family?”

Above the Imperial City, the Great Xia Emperor, who was wearing a dragon robe, looked at the sky coldly and asked in a low voice.
Behind him, a white-robed old man was the Great Xia Empire’s Imperial Astronomer.

Hearing the emperor’s question, he thought for a moment and replied, “That person from the Bai Family has the potential of a True Dragon.”

“The thickness of providence is something that only the Demon Patriarch from thousands of years ago can surpass, let alone in the present world.”

When the Great Xia Emperor heard this, he could not help but frown.
As he spoke, his voice raised a little.

“According to the Prime Master, could it be that as the ruler of the Empire, my providence is inferior to that of Bai Niansheng?”

The Imperial Astronomer shook his head and said without hiding anything, “Your Majesty, as the Human Emperor, you have condensed the human path providence of the billions of people of the Great Xia Empire.”

“Bai Niansheng is the favorite of the Heavenly Dao.”

“How can human strength defeat the Heavenly Dao?”

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Hearing the explanation given by the Imperial Astronomer, the Great Xia Emperor fell silent.

However, immediately after, he thought of something and raised his head to look in the void in the direction of a crack.
He said, “Human strength might be able to defeat the heavens!”

“Didn’t the Nirvana Realm cultivator of the Primordial Dynasty break the Heavenly Dao that day?”

“Although he died in the end, he exchanged for the blessing of the heavens for the Primordial Dynasty.”

When the Great Xia Emperor spoke excitedly, his breathing became rapid and his face became red.

When the Imperial Astronomer heard this, he lowered his head and smiled bitterly.

After praising “Your Majesty is right”, he could not help but think that it was not so easy for an existence at the peak of the Nirvana Realm to appear.

At the same time, Bai Family.

An old man who looked to be only skin and bones stood outside the ancestral land in high spirits.

It was the Bai Family’s Patriarch!

Behind him, the Bai Family’s Patriarch and almost everyone from the Bai Family

Thousands of figures had long stood in their positions according to their seniority.

At this moment, they were all looking up at a white-clothed man sitting cross-legged in the ancestral land ahead.

The white-clothed man was not anyone else.

It was Bai Niansheng, the number one genius of the Northern Region and the True Dragon of the Bai Family.

Today was the auspicious day that Bai Niansheng had chosen in advance to break through to the Spiritual Sea Realm.

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Time passed minute by minute.

In the ancestral land, Bai Niansheng’s figure remained motionless.

The Bai Family members outside had been standing here since before dawn.
They were already a little impatient.

However, when they thought of how much the Bai Family valued Bai Niansheng’s breakthrough, they did not dare to reveal their true thoughts on their faces.

“It’s here.”

Suddenly, a low cry sounded from the crowd.

Everyone hurriedly looked over and indeed saw boundless spiritual qi gathering towards Bai Niansheng from the ancestral land.

Soon, a face identical to his condensed above Bai Niansheng’s head.

Compared to Bai Niansheng below, his face was many times bigger, like a millstone.

What shocked everyone even more was that on that exquisite face that no one could pick out any flaws, there was still divine light blooming at this moment, dazzling them until they almost could not open their eyes.

“This is… an avatar!”

“Oh my god! Isn’t the avatar a peerless divine power that can only be comprehended at the Spiritual Sea Realm? Could it be that Brother Niansheng has already broken through?”

“This is the birth of a True Dragon, the heavens have blessed our Bai Family!”

At this moment, everyone in the Bai Family looked at the avatar that Bai Niansheng had condensed.
While they were extremely excited, they were also proud of their status as a member of the Bai Family.

The Bai Family’s Patriarch, who was standing at the front of the crowd, could tell Bai Niansheng’s current state.

He was still a distance away from entering the Spiritual Sea Realm.

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However, this did not affect his evaluation of Bai Niansheng.
He nodded in satisfaction and said, “Back then, after I broke through to the Spiritual Sea Realm, I spent another few decades before finally comprehending the mysteries of the avatar.”

“Niansheng hasn’t broken through yet, but he can already do it! Such talent is probably something that even our ancestors could not compare to back then!”

The ancestor that the Bai Family’s patriarch was talking about was the true foundation of the Bai Family.

With the cultivation of the Heaven Deity Realm, in the era he was in, he was almost invincible in the Northern Region.

Later on, he felt that the ancestral land was too lonely, so he walked into it and slept.

After he fell asleep, hundreds of years had passed.
The factions that had been beaten up by him back then did not dare to come knocking on his door to question him.

Instead, he took the initiative to lower his attitude and offered resources to express that he wanted to be friends with the Bai Family for generations.

Just as the Bai Family’s patriarch was immersed in the glorious deeds of his ancestor, in the ancestral land ahead, a change suddenly occurred.


A wild air wave wreaked havoc on Bai Niansheng’s body.

The spiritual qi of heaven and earth that gathered around him seemed to be stirred by an invisible hand and showed signs of going berserk.

“Oh no, the power of the Heavenly Dao’s collapse has seeped into the ancestral land!”

The Bai Family’s patriarch was shocked.
The reason why Bai Niansheng chose to break through in the ancestral land was because the Bai Family’s ancestor was sleeping inside.

This not only filled the ancestral land with spiritual qi, but after the collapse of the Northern Region’s Heavenly Dao, it isolated the influence of the outside world.

However, previously, when Bai Niansheng broke through, he consumed a huge amount of spiritual qi to condense his avatar.

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