“Be careful.”

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Lin Anruo cried out in surprise.
Without thinking, she directly used her body to block in front of Gong Ziliang.

However, to her surprise, after Mo Wentian collided with the spiritual qi she sent out in a panic, he was actually unable to resist and was directly sent flying.

Immediately, Lin Anruo’s face was filled with surprise.

She could not believe that she could actually defeat a Spiritual Sea Realm mighty figure so easily.

Turning around, she happened to meet Gong Ziliang’s smiling eyes.

“Don’t worry.
His cultivation has already been crippled by the array formation here.
He’s like a tiger with its claws pulled out.”

“It looks very fierce, but in fact, it’s just a kitten.”

When Gong Ziliang explained to her in a gentle voice, Lin Anruo could not help but blush.

Seeing this, Mo Wentian felt like vomiting blood.

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He would admit defeat if he was played by Gong Ziliang in the stone chamber mystic realm left behind by the Nirvana Realm.

The winner takes all.
He had nothing to say when Gong Ziliang compared him to a kitten.

However, this adulterous couple treated him like air and flirted with him!

Mo Wentian really could not stand it anymore!

The black robe that covered his head fell off, revealing a face whose facial features had become distorted.
Mo Wentian shouted, “Brat! How dare you bully me like this?!”

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“Little bastard, call your master of the Five Elements Sacred Sect out and give me a swift death!”

Five Elements Sacred Sect?

Gong Ziliang’s gaze moved away from Lin Anruo’s face and looked at Mo Wentian with a strange expression.
He said, “This is the Demon Envoy, right?”

“You’re wrong.
There’s no disciple of the Five Elements Sacred Sect here.”

When Mo Wentian heard this, his eyes revealed dense disbelief.
He said coldly, “Last night, in the City Lord’s Mansion, the people brought by Prince Yin of the Duke’s Mansion consumed my Demon Reversal Pill but were killed by three cultivators with the Five Elements Intent.”

“After that, someone used a concealment technique to confuse the three Intents left in the City Lord’s Mansion.”

“If not for your teachers from the Five Elements Sacred Sect, who could have done these things?”

Mo Wentian’s tone was firm and his analysis was logical.

If not for the fact that Gong Ziliang was the initiator and knew everything, otherwise, after hearing Mo Wentian’s analysis, it was really possible to believe his words.

“What if I say that the person who killed Yin Zhiping and the others is me?”

After thinking about it, Gong Ziliang felt that he had to be more honest, so he told the truth.


However, when he heard such ludicrous words, Mo Wentian exploded again, “At this point, you still want to deceive me?”

“You’re only at the Profound Realm.
Even if you don’t consume the Demon Reversal Pill, the people Prince Yin brought will kill you as easily as killing an ant!”

“Do you really think I’m a three-year-old child who will listen to your nonsense again and again?”

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Mo Wentian was furious.
He roared like a cannon, and the anger in his chest dissipated a little.

Then, when his aura calmed down slightly, he continued, “Alright, I don’t want to continue talking nonsense with a junior like you.”

“Before coming from the City Lord’s Mansion, I had already sent the news back to the sect.”

“If the Five Elements Sacred Sect doesn’t want to start a war with my sect, let your master come out and give me an explanation!”

Seeing Mo Wentian kneeling on the ground, he was extremely troubled and determined that the person who attacked Yin Zhiping and the others last night was a disciple of the Five Elements Sacred Sect.

Gong Ziliang immediately felt a headache.

“Are all the fellows from the Demon Cult so stubborn…”

After complaining in his mind, Gong Ziliang slowly opened his palm in front of Mo Wentian and said.

“Lord Demon Envoy, are these the three Intents you mentioned?”

As soon as Gong Ziliang finished speaking, the three-colored light ball in his palm spun and interwove.

An extremely pure water, fire, and earth elemental power surged out.

He felt that the three elemental auras were not inferior to the ones he had discovered in the City Lord’s Mansion.

Mo Wentian’s eyes suddenly widened.

In this world, was there really someone who could cultivate three completely different Intents at the Profound Realm?

Was he still human?

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In an instant, an indescribable shock swept through Mo Wentian’s entire body.

It made his mind, which was still attacked by anger a moment ago, fall into a blank state.

However, in the next moment, Mo Wentian suddenly thought of something and his consciousness was pulled back from his daze.

If the person who attacked Yin Zhiping and the others in the City Lord’s Mansion last night was this Profound Realm junior in front of him…

That meant that no one from the Five Elements Sacred Sect had appeared.

However, in this case, after the Demon Cult obtained the news that he had sent back, it was very likely that they would run to find trouble with the Five Elements Sacred Sect.

At that time, there was a high chance that a huge battle would erupt between the Demon Cult and the Five Elements Sacred Sect!

When he thought of this, Mo Wentian’s heart was filled with regret.

He blamed himself for being impulsive enough to send the wrong news back to the Demon Cult without investigating the truth.

But now, it was too late.

He was already a fish on the chopping board, only leaving behind the fate of being slaughtered.

“Before I die, can you tell me your name so that I can answer the King of Hell after I go down?”

Looking at Mo Wentian’s dejected posture, a trace of reluctance flashed in Gong Ziliang’s eyes.
His tone softened a little as he said, “Forget it, your request is not excessive.
I’ll let you be an understanding ghost.”

“Listen carefully.”

“My name will never change.
The number one genius of the Northern Region, Bai Niansheng, is me!”

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Hearing Gong Ziliang’s name, Mo Wentian’s gaze landed on the three Intents in his palm and he said in agreement,

“To be able to grasp three Intents at such a young age.”

“The number one genius of the Northern Region lives up to his reputation!”

After sighing, Mo Wentian suddenly raised his head.

His eyes were round and bloodshot, looking like they could jump out at any moment.

“I, Mo Wentian, am willing to use blood as a sacrifice.
I request the Great Demon God King of the Nine Nether Demon Realm to descend the Demon Sea and sink the Northern Region’s Bai Niansheng into it, never to rise again!”

In the next moment, an evil tone erupted from Mo Wentian’s mouth.

Profound Yellow Northern Region.

Azure Province.

In the years when the Holy Land was not obvious, other than the five empires, the high-level families and orthodoxies with ancient inheritances dominated the vast territory.

It was said that the Bai Family, which had a Spiritual Sea Realm ancestor guarding it and even had a Heaven Deity Realm ancestor sleeping in the ancestral land, was one of the few high-level families.

As an existence that could rival the Great Xia Empire, one of the five empires of the Azure Province, the Bai Family’s strength naturally did not need to be described.

In these few days, the atmosphere in the Bai Family was unusually heavy.

This matter began not long ago when the Northern Region’s Heavenly Dao was broken through.

That day, a mysterious person walked out of the Primordial Dynasty and pointed his spear at the Heavenly Dao.

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