“Xia! Xia, listen to me.
It’s not what you think! Xia!”

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Xu Fei was shocked.
He hurriedly got down from Gong Ziliang and quickly chased after the awkward Bai Chuxia.

Oh no, oh no.

There was no way to clear his name now.

How could he have such crooked thoughts about Gong Ziliang?

‘I’m not interested in men!’

Xu Fei was devastated.
He did not expect Bai Chuxia to see this scene.
He only wanted to fight Gong Ziliang one-on-one.
Only the winner would be qualified to be with Bai Chuxia.

“Tsk! Wasn’t he talking about dignity?”

On the other hand, Gong Ziliang stood up and clicked his tongue before following behind.

In the guest room courtyard.

Seeing Xu Fei chase after him, Bai Chuxia said awkwardly, “Brother Fei, go do your thing.”

“Xia, it’s really not what you think.
I just want to fight with Gong Ziliang!”

Xu Fei could not explain himself.

“Fight? What fight? You want to fight him after he advanced? That’s not appropriate, right?”

Bai Chuxia could not figure it out.

After absorbing the Fire Cat King’s spirit core, Gong Ziliang would either break through to the Qi Refinement Realm or reach the tenth-stage Martial Body Realm.

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When she stepped into Gong Ziliang’s room earlier, Bai Chuxia also felt a powerful spiritual qi energy fluctuation coming from him.

Moreover, this feeling was much stronger than Xu Fei’s.

Bai Chuxia was certain that Gong Ziliang had definitely stepped into the Qi Refinement Realm and was most likely to be above Xu Fei.

However, the scene earlier was too awkward, so she could only leave first.

Now that she heard Xu Fei say this, to be honest, Bai Chuxia still did not believe him.

“Advanced?” Xu Fei reached out to touch his chin and pondered.

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Thinking back, when he grabbed the collar of Gong Ziliang’s clothes, he indeed felt that his cultivation level was different.

It was impossible for that spiritual qi fluctuation to be emitted by the Martial Body Realm.

Now that he thought about it, Gong Ziliang’s cultivation level had really broken through to the Qi Refinement Realm.


Who could break through from the seventh-stage Martial Body Realm to the Qi Refinement Realm in just a few hours?

Could it be that… he had absorbed the Fire Cat King’s spirit core worth a hundred million copper coins?

“That’s right.
After he returned to his room this morning, he immediately absorbed the entire Fire Cat King’s spirit core.
My father also knew about this, so he ordered everyone not to approach Gong Ziliang’s room.” Bai Chuxia said.

Earlier, she had seen Xu Fei’s figure quickly approaching Gong Ziliang’s room, so she had followed him to investigate.

Fortunately, this happened after Gong Ziliang absorbed the Fire Cat King’s spirit core.
It was good that the spiritual qi formation was not messed up.

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At this moment, Gong Ziliang walked over unhurriedly and said with a smile, “No wonder no one came to disturb me when I was absorbing the Fire Cat King’s spirit core.
So it’s City Lord Bai’s care.
Thank you.”

Gong Ziliang continued, “But speaking of which, Big Brother Xu Fei, what happened to you just now? You wanted to fight me one-on-one?”

Bai Chuxia was stunned for a moment before asking, “One-on-one? What one-on-one?”

“Cough cough…”

Xu Fei coughed lightly and pretended to be calm as he said, “I saw that Brother Liang’s realm had improved, so I wanted to exchange a few moves.”

“I thought you were… cough cough…” Bai Chuxia continued,” Oh right, Gong Ziliang, what cultivation level have you reached now? ”

After hearing this, Gong Ziliang clenched his fists and mobilized the spiritual qi in his body slightly.
The grass and flowers in the courtyard swayed along with him.

“Qi Refinement Realm, second-stage.”

Gong Ziliang said lightly, and this answer shocked Bai Chuxia and Xu Fei.

A surprised expression appeared on Bai Chuxia’s face as she cried out in surprise, “Wha… What? Qi Refinement Realm… second… second-stage?! This is too much!”

Xu Fei added, “That’s right.
Logically speaking, you were originally at the seventh-stage Martial Body Realm.
After absorbing the Fire Cat King’s spirit core, you would at most be at the first-stage Qi Refinement Realm.
You said you are at the second-stage Qi Refinement Realm? This… this is really too abnormal.”

Xu Fei was very shocked.

Originally, the person who was one realm below him in the day had actually far surpassed him already.
He did not believe this.

Gong Ziliang smiled and said, “It’s all thanks to you and the City Lord’s Mansion.
Look, the City Lord’s Mansion is situated in the south and facing the north.
Its location is good and there’s plenty of spiritual qi.
When I absorbed the Fire Cat King’s spirit core, I ordered everyone not to approach my room and gave me a good environment.
I have to thank you for all this.”

At this moment, under the moon and on the roof tiles, a strong laughter sounded.
“Hahaha, not bad, not bad!”

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The three of them raised their heads in unison to look.
It was Bai Qingfeng.

Bai Qingfeng tip-toed on the roof tiles and steadily landed in front of the three people from above.
He placed his hands behind his back and felt at ease.

“Senior Bai.”


“Uncle Feng.”


The three of them greeted him.

Bai Qingfeng smiled as he sized up Gong Ziliang from head to toe.
He nodded in extreme satisfaction and said, “Not bad, not bad.
Since I saw you this morning, I felt that your bones were extraordinary.
You’re indeed a cultivation genius.”

Bai Qingfeng was also shocked by Gong Ziliang’s ability to advance to the second-stage Qi Refinement Realm.

If he was this amazing now, what about the future?

This kid was really something.

It was no wonder that he could kill the Fire Cat King with a higher cultivation level!

“This is all thanks to the abundant spiritual qi in Senior Bai’s City Lord’s Mansion.
It helped me advance.” Gong Ziliang cupped his fists and replied.

“Not bad, not bad.
The advancement is worth celebrating.
Come, drink a few cups with me and watch the fireworks!”

“Then I’ll do as you say.”

Earlier, every time he advanced, his body would suffer an even greater degree of pain.
Now, Bai Qingfeng actually invited him to have a few drinks, so Gong Ziliang was naturally willing.

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Furthermore, he would definitely be able to learn something from an expert like Bai Qingfeng.

Bai Chuxia and Xu Fei watched as Gong Ziliang and Bai Qingfeng laughed and left.
They were stunned on the spot.

After regaining their senses, they immediately followed.

Tonight, Green Cloud City was different from usual.
Tonight, in order to celebrate the return of Bai Chuxia, who had not returned home for a year, and the fifteen children who had been saved, as well as the day when Gong Ziliang stepped into the second-stage Qi Refinement Realm, it became very lively.

Dazzling fireworks blossomed in the sky.
Everyone in Green Cloud City could admire these beautiful fireworks.

In the City Lord’s Mansion, Gong Ziliang and the others sat around a table, eating delicious osmanthus cakes, drinking wine, chatting, and admiring the fireworks.
It was a joyous and harmonious scene.

Early the next morning.

Gong Ziliang, Bai Chuxia, and Xu Fei led the large group to accompany the fifteen children and rode their horses back to Cloud Glow City.

When they returned to Cloud Glow City, it was already eleven in the morning.

They did not drag any bulky carriages, so it would not take them a long time to arrive like the Hua Clan’s escort agency.

As soon as Gong Ziliang and the others entered Cloud Glow City, a group of commoners surrounded them.
When some parents saw their children return, they were excited to the point of tears.

They hurriedly kowtowed to Gong Ziliang and the others to thank them.

At this moment, Gong Ziliang…

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