Yin Zhiping had planned to attack Lin Anruo under the instructions of the Demon Envoy.

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Then, when the other party knew that Yin Zhiping had failed again, everyone could guess what terrifying thing he would do.

“The pursuit of the Spiritual Sea Realm…”

Chen Pingan bent his back.
Just saying these words made him feel extreme despair.

The expressions of the others also changed.

The more he thought about it, the more powerless he felt.

Among them, the strongest on paper was Zhou Wu.

With the enhancement of the City Lord’s Mansion’s array formation, a sixth-stage Spirit Refinement Realm cultivator could even fight a late-stage Spirit Refinement Realm existence.

However, such strength was probably unable to even block a spiritual sense of a Spiritual Sea Realm mighty figure.

Apart from that, there was Xing Feng.

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Twenty years ago, even the Supreme Elder of the Monet Dynasty was not his match.

However, things were different now.

Although Xing Feng’s injuries had already recovered, he could slowly recover his strength through cultivation in the future.

However, at this moment, Xing Feng had only just entered the True Martial Realm.

With his previous foundation, in a full-strength battle, perhaps even Jin Zhan, who was at the late-stage True Martial Realm, might not be his match.

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However, in front of a Spiritual Sea Realm cultivator, all of this was meaningless.

Then, everyone’s gaze landed on Gong Ziliang in unison.

Previously, in the battle with Yin Zhiping and the five Spirit Refinement Realm cultivators, the overwhelming strength that Gong Ziliang displayed with his Profound Realm cultivation made them still feel excited when they recalled it.

However, on second thought, those fellows who had barely advanced to the Spirit Refinement Realm by relying on medicinal pills…

There was still a major realm between him and the Demon Envoy at the Spiritual Sea Realm.

Compared to Gong Ziliang’s Profound Realm, it was even worse.
The difference was an entire three realms.

This was a difference that could not be made up for with any method!

Immediately, the last trace of fantasy in everyone’s minds was shattered.

The gaze that landed on Gong Ziliang quickly became dim and lifeless.

Just as everyone’s emotions fell to a low point, Zhou Wu suddenly thought of something and said to Mo Shaoyun, “Your Highness, that patriarch of the Xu Family can ride the Divine Flame Horse to travel tens of thousands of miles a day.”

“If you borrow it, Your Highness can rush back to the Imperial City in three days!”

The Xu Family’s Patriarch that Zhou Wu mentioned was the president of the Firewood City Chamber of Commerce.

He was also the only Spirit Refinement Realm expert in Firewood City other than Zhou Wu.

Hearing the method that Zhou Wu thought of, light condensed in the eyes of everyone in the hall again.

Mo Shaoyun realized something.
He looked at the determined Zhou Wu who had clearly made a decision and said in a heavy tone, “City Lord Zhou, you plan to borrow the Divine Flame Horse and let me leave on my own.
Then, you’ll delay that Demon Envoy, right?”

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Seeing through Mo Shaoyun’s plan, Zhou Wu simply nodded.

Taking a deep breath, he said earnestly, “The collusion between the Flat River Dynasty and the Demon Cult doesn’t involve just a city or a place.
It’s a dynasty or a kingdom.”

“It’s the overall situation of the dynasty in the southeast region!”

“Therefore, I can die, and Firewood City can also perish.
However, this news has to be brought back by someone who can let the Emperor obtain the letter!”

After Zhou Wu finished speaking, he knelt on the ground.

“Official Zhou!”

Mo Shaoyun hurriedly went forward and tried to lift Zhou Wu up.

However, Zhou Wu’s body seemed to have taken root on the ground and did not move at all.

He said with tears of blood in his mouth, “I, Zhou Wu, implore Your Highness to prioritize the territory of the Monet Dynasty and the billions of people to fulfill my wish of dying!”

Mo Shaoyun was shocked and was about to answer when a series of sounds came from behind him.

When he recovered from his shock, Mo Shaoyun saw that Jin Zhan and the Golden Armor Guards were all kneeling on the ground.

“We’re willing to join forces with City Lord Zhou to stop the people of the Demon Cult!”

The tragic shout carried the determination to die, causing hot tears to appear in Mo Shaoyun’s eyes.

These were all good men of his Monet Dynasty!

Even Chen Pingan, who had always bullied the weak and feared the strong, clamped his legs and patted his raised chest with his palm.

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“Brother Shaoyun, our bodies are similar.
Let’s swap clothes later.”

“Coincidentally, I’m tired of being a young master.
It’s not a loss to be a prince before I die.”

Hearing Chen Pingan’s words, Mo Shaoyun could not help but cry.

He ruthlessly wiped his tears and endured the raging anger in his chest that was about to explode.

“Good brother, don’t die! When I bring people back from the Imperial City, I’ll ask Father to take you in as a foster son and appoint you as a prince!”

Gong Ziliang looked at everyone’s acceptance of death and was touched.

He immediately said, “Alright, isn’t he just a demonic cultivator at the Spiritual Sea Realm? Is there a need for so many men to cry here?”

Mo Shaoyun and the others were in a bad mood.

When they suddenly heard Gong Ziliang’s words, their surging emotions were immediately interrupted.

When they reacted to the content of Gong Ziliang’s words, for a moment, everyone in the hall, including Xing Feng, was stunned.

Wasn’t he just a demonic cultivator at the Spiritual Sea Realm?

Wasn’t it?

They knew what each word meant.

However, when they combined these words and Gong Ziliang’s disdainful tone, everyone immediately lost the ability to think.

After a long time, Xing Feng was the first to recover.

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Looking at Gong Ziliang who was continuously shaking his head, he subconsciously said, “Brother Liang, could it be that you have some method to deal with that Demon Envoy?”

As soon as he said this, Xing Feng regretted it.

If anyone else in the hall asked this, it would have been fine.

After all, among those people, even the strongest, Zhou Wu, was only at the Spirit Refinement Realm.

Although this realm was already qualified to touch the threshold of soul cultivation, if his talent was not bad and there was someone to guide him, he might be able to condense his divine sense into spiritual sense at this realm.

However, compared to the subsequent Tribulation Transcendence Realm, the Spirit Refinement Realm was far inferior.

For example, Divine Powers were methods that only great cultivators at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm could comprehend.

After mastering it, he could even open a small world through martial techniques.

If he used it in a battle, once he was pulled in, he would only be beaten up.

As for the Spiritual Sea Realm that was above the Tribulation Transcendence Realm, it was even more terrifying than Zhou Wu and the others!

As a mighty figure who had once stood in the Heaven Deity Realm in the past!

Only Xing Feng himself knew how absurd his question was.

This was like asking a newborn baby if he could defeat an adult burly man.

It was not only absurd, but also stupid.

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