Yin Zhiping had already walked into the hall under the protection of more than ten True Martial Realm cultivators.

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Looking around, he shouted at the air in front of him, “Gong Ziliang, are you hiding or not? Alright, I want to see how long you can hide!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he glanced at those True Martial Realm cultivators.

More than ten figures rose and fell.
In the blink of an eye, they held Mo Shaoyun, Lin Anruo, and the others hostage.

“Gong Ziliang, if you don’t appear, I’ll kill someone here every five seconds.”

“Then let’s start with your good brother!”

After Yin Zhiping finished speaking, he looked coldly at Mo Shaoyun.

Seeing the latter raise his head with a posture of wanting to kill and do as he pleased, he counted continuously.



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When the last number fell, there was still only demonic qi lingering in the hall.
There was no response.

“Mo Shaoyun, looks like your brother doesn’t care about your life and death.”

Hearing Yin Zhiping’s words, Mo Shaoyun snorted coldly and said in disdain, “Yin, stop talking nonsense.”

“I have nothing to say about falling into your hands today.
I’ll leave first and wait for you downstairs.”

“When the news of you colluding with the Demon Cult spreads, the entire Flat River Dynasty will be buried with me!”

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Yin Zhiping’s gaze turned cold.
“You’re still so stubborn even at death’s door.
Zhu Gu, send Prince Shaoyun on his way!”

The True Martial Realm cultivator who was called Zhu Gu by Yin Zhiping teased, “Prince Shaoyun, you have to remember my name.
Otherwise, when you go down and someone asks who killed you, it’ll be bad if you can’t answer.”

As soon as Zhu Gu finished speaking, his palm wrapped in demonic qi slapped towards the top of Mo Shaoyun’s head.


How could Zhou Wu watch Mo Shaoyun be killed in front of him? He roared and recovered some spiritual qi, preparing to attack Zhu Gu.

“Don’t worry, City Lord Zhou.
It’s your turn next.”

Without needing him to signal, a Spirit Refinement Realm cultivator had already attacked.
The demonic qi that came from afar firmly bound Zhou Wu, and he could not even move a finger.

Zhou Wu’s eyes almost popped out.
However, at this moment, he could only watch helplessly as Zhu Gu’s palm approached the top of Mo Shaoyun’s head.

Finally, he could not bear to watch anymore and closed his eyes.

One breath.

Two breaths.

Zhou Wu did not know if he was hallucinating, but in his perception, almost ten breaths of time had passed.

However, the expected voice still did not come.

Enduring the uneasiness in his heart, he opened his eyes.

He saw that Mo Shaoyun’s head was intact on his neck.

In fact, other than his clothes being a little messy previously, he did not see any other injuries.

Instead, a line of blood appeared on Zhu Gu’s neck.

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In the next moment, hot blood surged.

Then, with a plop, Zhou Wu saw Zhu Gu’s head fall.

After rolling a few feet away, it dragged a pool of blood on the bright ground.

Zhu Gu’s blood-stained face happened to be facing Zhou Wu.

Those eyes still widened in disbelief.

For a moment, Zhou Wu was a little stunned.


Immediately, Zhou Wu heard a gasp from the people Yin Zhiping had brought.

When Zhu Gu attacked just now, their gazes had never moved away.

However, they did not even see the person who attacked.
Then, they saw Zhu Gu die in such a tragic manner in front of them.

This scene really exceeded their understanding.
It immediately evoked the fear of the unknown in their hearts.

However, they understood one thing clearly.

Zhu Gu’s death was definitely related to Gong Ziliang!

Immediately, they recalled that if Yin Zhiping had not asked Zhu Gu to attack Mo Shaoyun just now,

Instead, he ordered them to attack.

Then, it was probably them who had died with remaining grievances.

When they thought of this, not only did everyone not feel lucky, instead, their faces turned pale.

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Especially under the contrast of the black demonic qi on his face, he looked even more embarrassed.

“Prince, that Gong Ziliang’s methods are strange.
Why don’t we directly execute other unrelated people and bring Lin Anruo back to report!”

Suddenly, someone spoke with a trembling voice.

Yin Zhiping looked over and saw that the person who said this was actually a Spirit Refinement Realm cultivator.

He was immediately furious!

However, when they recalled Gong Ziliang’s movement technique and the method he used to secretly cut off Zhu Gu’s head in front of so many Spirit Refinement Realm and True Martial Realm cultivators, anger overwhelmed his rationality.
He immediately woke up and roared.

Seeing that those True Martial Realm cultivators did not have any eyes and only stood there blankly waiting for his orders, Yin Zhiping immediately said angrily, “What are you all waiting for? Quickly kill them and leave!”

However, as soon as he shouted, Yin Zhiping suddenly realized that something was amiss.

Looking carefully, he noticed that the True Martial Realm cultivators holding Lin Anruo and the others were all standing there without moving as if they had been immobilized.

In the next moment, under Yin Zhiping’s frightened gaze, he saw that just like Zhu Gu, a line of blood slowly appeared on their necks.

Then, the head and neck separated bit by bit.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the blink of an eye, more than ten large heads smashed to the ground, emitting muffled sounds.

Seeing this, Yin Zhiping did not dare to stay here anymore.

Before the effect of the Demon Reversal Pill passed, he used all his late-stage True Martial Realm cultivation to circulate his movement technique.

As for Gong Ziliang, he no longer had any thoughts of fighting him.

“Are you leaving now? Prince Yin, why don’t you sit for a while longer?”

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Before Yin Zhiping could move, a familiar voice sounded less than three feet above his head.

Up until now, or rather, in all his life, Yin Zhiping had never encountered a scene that made him feel so afraid and desperate.

Be it surging in his body, it was like endless demonic qi.

There were also five Spirit Refinement Realm guards outside the hall.

At this moment, he did not feel any sense of security.

Especially when he raised his head and his gaze passed through the dense demonic qi but still did not find Gong Ziliang’s figure.

The fear in his heart instantly rose to the limit.

“Gong Ziliang, let me go!”

“As long as you don’t kill me, I can agree to all your conditions.”

His legs softened, and Yin Zhiping directly knelt on the ground, crying and begging for mercy.

“All my conditions?”

Gong Ziliang removed the Aura Concealment Technique and walked out of the demonic qi with a smile.

When he finally saw Gong Ziliang appear, Yin Zhiping felt as if he had been pardoned.
He hurriedly said, “Yes, yes.
As long as you let me go, I can give you anything.”

“Spirit crystals, medicinal pills, martial techniques… As long as my Duke’s Mansion has them, you can mention them all!”

“Right, there’s also the Demon Cult.
I can tell you the Emperor and their plan.”

In order to survive, Yin Zhiping had already stopped at nothing.

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