“Could it be that the Spirit Refinement Realm cultivators who suddenly appeared in Firewood City also consumed medicinal pills and broke through at the last minute?”

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At this moment.

Jin Zhan’s shocked voice sounded from afar.

When Xing Feng heard this, he suddenly realized that the Crippled Heaven Elder’s current state should be related to the black medicinal pill he had swallowed just now.

A medicinal pill that could directly raise the True Martial Realm to the Spirit Refinement Realm?

Xing Feng’s breathing became rapid, and his expression immediately became terrifyingly gloomy.

Such a heaven-defying medicinal pill was in the hands of the Crippled Heaven Elder and the Flat River Dynasty behind him.

He actually did not know about this news before this, and he had never heard it from Mo Shaoyun.

On the other side, after the Heaven Crippling Elder heard Jin Zhan’s voice, he looked at him.

When the pitch-black eyeball that did not contain any impurities looked at Jin Zhan, the latter immediately felt an uncontrollable horror from the depths of his soul.

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It was as if his soul was about to be extracted by the Crippled Heaven Elder in front of him in the next second.

“Hehe, since you’ve seen it, I can’t let you live.”

In his ears, the Crippled Heaven Elder’s voice sounded in an extremely strange tone.

Then, a few balls of black gas flew out from the Crippled Heaven Elder’s open palm at lightning speed.

A punch landed on Jin Zhan.

Jin Zhan immediately discovered in fear that the spiritual qi in his body that was prepared to self-destruct suddenly lost control.

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Then, his body lost control and he took the initiative to walk towards the Crippled Heaven Elder.

Xing Feng also could not dodge the black gas that floated over.

However, the moment he was deprived of control of his body, a powerful fluctuation suddenly erupted in his soul.

A dazzling golden light surged from his soul and was in a stalemate with the black gas.

This golden light was the defensive golden light that Xing Feng had cultivated from the inheritance of Patriarch Liu Yun.

After recovering his True Martial Realm cultivation, he could barely use it.

There was no doubt about its strength.
Even cultivators who had just entered the Spirit Refinement Realm could not break through it with their spiritual sense for a while.

Unfortunately, he was facing the Crippled Heaven Elder who had consumed the Demon Reversal Pill.

Although the Crippled Heaven Elder, who had temporarily obtained the strength of the Spirit Refinement Realm with the help of the Demon Defying Pill, had not cultivated spiritual sense,

However, with the demonic qi, it was enough to pollute Xing Feng’s soul golden light.

As more and more black gas floated towards Xing Feng from the Crippled Heaven Elder’s palm, the soul golden light protecting Xing Feng quickly became dim and dispirited.

It was only a matter of time before it collapsed.

He saw that the Heaven Deity Realm mighty figure who had shocked the various dynasties back then could only bitterly endure his demonic qi.

The Crippled Heaven Elder immediately felt extremely happy.

Suddenly, he thought of something and turned to look in another direction.

When he saw Gong Ziliang’s figure, he actually stood there.

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The demonic qi that floated over suddenly disappeared before it landed on Gong Ziliang.

This strange scene immediately stunned the Crippled Heaven Elder.

He had already seen the terrifying degree of the demonic qi with his own eyes in the Flat River Dynasty.

Not only could it pollute the body of a cultivator, but it could also corrode spiritual qi and even the soul.

This also allowed the people of the Demon Cult to easily fight above their level when facing cultivators who cultivated spiritual qi.

It could not be exaggerated to say that demonic qi was the greatest nemesis of cultivators.

However, Gong Ziliang was clearly only at the peak of the Profound Realm.

It was fine if he could use several Intents to defeat the late-stage True Martial Realm cultivator.

Now, he was already at the Spirit Refinement Realm.
Why was Gong Ziliang still not affected by the demonic qi he used?


The Crippled Heaven Elder noticed that the surface of Gong Ziliang’s body was faintly discernible and was also covered in a layer of light.

However, unlike Xing Feng’s soul golden light, what covered Gong Ziliang’s body was a layer of white flames.

The demonic qi he sent out was burned into nothingness the moment it touched the white flames.

“What kind of flame is this? It’s so domineering that it can actually burn even demonic qi?”

The Crippled Heaven Elder’s heart skipped a beat.


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However, soon, he recalled that he had attacked a few times but could not take down Gong Ziliang.

His heart was immediately filled with frustration.

“Little bastard, I don’t care how many methods you have.
Next, I’ll tell you that in front of absolute strength, your tricks are only a joke!”

After the Crippled Heaven Elder finished speaking, he could not be bothered with Xing Feng and Jin Zhan who was controlled to walk in front of him.

Demonic qi erupted from his body one after another, covering the sky and devouring Gong Ziliang.

Seeing this, Xing Feng and Jin Zhan were shocked.

However, what made them even more afraid was that huge black skeletons quickly condensed in the demonic qi.

Black flames danced in his empty eyes.

In his hand was a black ghost-headed saber.
He was like a skeleton army that had crawled out of hell as he approached Gong Ziliang from all directions.

“It’s indeed the method of the Demon Cult!”

Looking at the black skeletons condensed from demonic qi,

Gong Ziliang could not help but recall that in the Primordial Dynasty, in order to fight for the Profound Heaven Sword, the Bright Fire Dynasty had secretly colluded with the Demon Cult.

Using a living person’s blood sacrifice, it created the Bone Eroding Blood Wolves summoned by the Demon Cult’s Holy Son.

Although the aura of these black skeletons could not compare to the main body of the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf, or even just the clone, Gong Ziliang could clearly smell the smell of blood on those black skeletons.

“Everyone has the right to kill the members of the Demon Cult!”

Gong Ziliang’s gaze was cold.
As soon as he finished speaking, surging white flames swept out from his body.

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The crimes that the Demon Cult had committed in the Primordial Dynasty could be said to be endless.

Therefore, when Gong Ziliang attacked the Crippled Heaven Elder, he naturally would not show any mercy.

White holy flames condensed from the Fire Intent covered the sky and the earth.
In the blink of an eye, they transformed into a vast sea of flames that rampaged towards the surrounding black skeletons.

After those black skeletons were licked by the flames, they were quickly enveloped by the spreading holy flames.

Then, there was a series of explosions.
Those black skeletons that even the Spirit Refinement Realm found extremely difficult to deal with

In less than a few seconds, it was burned into nothingness along with the demonic qi.

Xing Feng and Jin Zhan were directly stunned.

They had already experienced how terrifying the black gas was.

The spiritual qi in their bodies did not have the ability to resist at all.

However, when he encountered the white flames that Gong Ziliang used, he was actually defeated so miserably.


Before the two of them could recover from their shock, a tragic cry pierced their eardrums and sounded from the Crippled Heaven Elder’s mouth.

The two of them hurriedly turned around and what greeted their eyes was surprisingly the scene of the Crippled Heaven Elder’s entire body being devoured by white flames and struggling with all his might.

However, the more the Crippled Heaven Elder struggled, the stronger the white holy flame on his body burned.

How could he know that Gong Ziliang’s Fire Intent countered demonic qi?

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