In less than a moment, Xing Feng’s iron fist had already pierced through countless miles of the mountain, carving out a tunnel that could accommodate two people.

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After a few more punches, the end of the tunnel suddenly opened up, revealing a stone room hidden in the body of the mountain.

Gong Ziliang raised his head and shockingly discovered that the ground and walls of the stone room were actually covered in spirit crystal jade essence.

A warm light emitted from the jade essence, illuminating the stone room.

The dense spiritual qi formed a milky white fog that surged continuously.
Gong Ziliang circulated his vision and could only see a few feet away in the stone room.

Further in was a boundless spiritual fog.

Had he arrived in the Immortal World?

A trace of ecstasy flashed in Gong Ziliang’s eyes.
He hurriedly spread his spiritual sense and discovered that the spiritual qi was so pure that it did not contain any impurities.

Even a wisp was worth thousands of spirit stones after absorbing it.

Seeing this, Gong Ziliang immediately understood.

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Why could Xing Feng cultivate to the Heaven Deity Realm in a remote place like the Monet Dynasty?

Ignoring the cultivation technique inheritance left behind by a peak Nirvana Realm mighty figure in the stone room, just the spiritual qi inside could be transformed into an excellent cultivation physique if an ordinary person soaked in it for half a month.

Moreover, in the places he could see, Gong Ziliang discovered several powerful spirit designs that were constantly absorbing and refining spiritual qi.

In such an environment, even if he stayed still, his cultivation speed was definitely faster than any grotto-heaven.

After all, what he breathed in was pure spiritual qi.
This was simply even more exaggerated than eating medicinal pills.

“As expected of a Nirvana Realm mighty figure, he can actually create such a place.”

Gong Ziliang was tempted.
He could not wait to cultivate here for eight to ten years.

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However, in the blink of an eye, when he thought of how the system was still rebooting, and how his realm was also stuck at the Profound Realm, he had no choice but to put this thought aside.

“Right, in my previous life, wasn’t Lin Xiao too difficult to reach the Heaven Deity Realm and almost succeeded in Nirvana?”

“He definitely has a cave abode or something.
Later… hehehe!”

Suddenly, Gong Ziliang thought of something and laughed.


Billions of miles away, in the Azure Province.

A black-clothed figure was sitting cross-legged and sensing the world when his nose suddenly felt itchy and he retreated from the state of Heaven-Human Connection.

“Oh? Why did I feel like I was coveted just now? Could it be that something is about to happen in the Northern Region?”

Lin Xiao’s expression changed.
After thinking about it, he felt that he should increase his strength as soon as possible.

He immediately suppressed the fluctuation of his Dao heart and entered a cultivation state again.

“Brother Liang, what are you laughing at?”

Outside the stone room, after Xing Feng punched the mountain, his mood improved greatly.

Seeing Gong Ziliang’s smile, he suddenly felt a little scared and asked.

I just thought of something happy.”

Gong Ziliang laughed it off and looked at the stone room in front of him, “Can we enter now?”

Although his spiritual sense did not send a dangerous signal, it was still the cave abode of a peak Nirvana Realm mighty figure.
Any setup could take his life.
Gong Ziliang felt that it was better to be careful.

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Xing Feng nodded.
After cupping his fists and standing outside the stone room, he said, “Senior, I’m sorry to disturb you again.”

With that said, Xing Feng walked into the stone room.

Gong Ziliang learned his lesson.
After being polite, he followed them into the stone room.

As soon as they stepped into the stone room, spiritual qi in all directions surrounded the two of them.

“We’re guests.
Since Senior is so kind, I won’t stand on ceremony.”

Gong Ziliang smiled happily.
Before he finished speaking, he had already begun to absorb spiritual qi.

Xing Feng did not say anything else.
After sitting down, he also began to absorb spiritual qi.

In the next moment.

The spiritual qi in the stone room seemed to have been accumulated for thousands of years.
It finally found an outlet and crazily gathered towards the two of them.

It formed two spiritual qi funnels that floated above their heads.

However, in less than five minutes, Gong Ziliang exited his cultivation state.

“It still… doesn’t work.”

He frowned slightly.
Just now, he had tried his best to use the spiritual qi here to increase his realm.

However, after the spiritual qi in his body was saturated and his realm increased to the peak of the Profound Realm, it suddenly seemed to have collided with an invisible wall.

After that, no matter how hard he worked, he could not increase the spiritual qi in his body at all.

His realm was firmly stuck and did not move at all.

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This outcome was not unexpected to Gong Ziliang.

That day in the Primordial Dynasty, the Heavenly Dao sent a calamity.
Not only did the God’s Hand knock him down from his realm, but it also left an irreparable Dao injury in his body.

In the cultivation realm, every step forward required one to face the resistance of the Heavenly Dao.

If he wanted to break the situation, he could only do so if an existence above the Heavenly Dao of this world attacked to remove his injuries.

Or he could try to find other ways after the system restarted.

As for wanting to rely on the power of this world to forcefully break through, it was not impossible.

However, the difficulty far exceeded imagination.

These thoughts quickly flashed in Gong Ziliang’s mind.

He composed himself and eliminated the frustration that had arisen.
He looked at Xing Feng.

Although Xing Feng’s problem was not as serious as the Dao injuries on his body, Mo Qinglan’s death had almost destroyed his Dao heart.

It made him live in a daze for the next few years.

As for cultivation, it was completely ignored.

If he wanted to pick it up again now, it was far from something that could be done in a day.

As expected, not long after Gong Ziliang watched, the spiritual qi vortex above Xing Feng’s head collapsed.

The uncontrolled spiritual qi struck his body, and soon, dark red blood seeped out of the corners of his mouth.

However, this failure did not discourage Xing Feng.

Wiping the blood from the corners of his mouth, he said softly, “I’ll try again.”

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After adjusting his aura, Xing Feng closed his eyes again and controlled the spiritual qi that poured into his body to widen his already dried meridians.

After seeing the letter left behind by Mo Qinglan, Xing Feng learned from Mo Shaoyun about everything that the Bi Fang Empire had done behind the scenes.

Xing Feng knew that he could not continue to waste his life.

Twenty years ago, he had massacred the royal family of the Monet Dynasty and committed a huge mistake.

In 20 years, he would eliminate the enemies that the Monet Dynasty secretly coveted!

There was also the prince of the Bi Fang Empire!

It could be said that Mo Qinglan’s death was because of him.

If he did not kill this person, Xing Feng would not be willing to die!

However, the prerequisite for all of this was that he had to be powerful enough.

Therefore, Xing Feng came.

After failing again and again, his meridians gradually became numb from the initial pain.

Xing Feng did not notice anything.
His expression did not change at all.

“What is love in this world?”

“You’ll die for the other party!”

Gong Ziliang shook his head and sighed.
He did not want to stay here and watch Xing Feng torture himself anymore.
He simply stood up and prepared to explore the stone room.

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