“Since that lecher wanted to molest Miss Lin, it’s already a light punishment to castrate him.
If there’s a next time, we’ll just kill him directly.
As for the trouble, to be honest, I’m not afraid of that Chen Family!”

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Zuo Shandiao’s tone was naturally because Gong Ziliang was backing him up.

Gong Ziliang’s master was a Tribulation Transcendence Realm mighty figure.
The Marquis would probably not fight him to the death because of this.

After all, even if a kid died, he could make another.

Moreover, as the dignified Marquis of the Monet Dynasty, he would not believe it if this guy didn’t have 30 to 50 children!

“The Marquis only has one son, and he has already lost the ability to reproduce.
In other words, your slash just now completely cut off the Chen Family’s bloodline!”

Xing Feng naturally knew about the hidden illness of the Marquis and said disapprovingly.

“No way? Then I’m doomed!”

Immediately, Zuo Shandiao’s face turned pale and he sat on the ground.

“No! We can’t stay here for long.
Why don’t we leave quickly and run as far as we can? Otherwise, when that Marquis returns to his senses, won’t I be dead?!”

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Zuo Shandiao finally realized the seriousness of the consequences.

Even if the Marquis brought a million troops to suppress him, it would not be excessive.

“Let’s go.
Why should we leave? We’ve already obtained news that the teleportation formation of the imperial city will only open once every half a month.
If you enter the imperial city now, won’t you be walking into a trap?”

Xing Feng smiled.

“Then what should we do? Lord Jiang, you won’t sit idly by, right?”

Zuo Shandiao looked at Gong Ziliang with a bitter expression.

“You’re wrong.
I only asked you to throw him down, not castrate him.
I can’t interfere in this matter!”

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Gong Ziliang rolled his eyes at Zuo Shandiao.

If he did not teach him a lesson, he did not know what trouble he would cause in the future.

“My name is Lin Anruo.
I’m from the Bi Fang Empire.
However, my family’s fortune has declined and I’ve become the top courtesan of the Drunken Immortal Inn.”

“If the three lords are not in a hurry to leave, I wonder if I can invite you to come to the Six Tune Music Shop three days later to participate in my poetry gathering!”

Lin Anruo smiled harmlessly.

“I’m sorry, Miss.
You saw it too.
This friend of mine offended the son of the Marquis.
If he appears in three days, I’m afraid there will be endless trouble.
I appreciate your kindness.”

Gong Ziliang was really not interested in these affairs, so he casually found a reason to brush it off.

“The teleportation formation in the history of the Monet Dynasty’s Holy Land requires a token to open.
Coincidentally, I have a piece that the Crown Prince gave me.”

Lin Anruo had heard from the three of them that they were heading to the Imperial City for the teleportation formation.

In other words, if they wanted to use the teleportation formation of the Monet Dynasty, they had to agree to her request.

Gong Ziliang did not know what this little girl was up to, so he naturally would not agree easily.

However, since Lin Anruo had said so, he presumably needed the token in his hand to use the teleportation formation.

Xing Feng also nodded.

“Could it be that you are afraid of such a defenseless little woman?”

Lin Anruo covered her face and smiled.

“See you in three days!”

Gong Ziliang nodded.

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Although he had long seen that this Lin Anruo was not simple, Gong Ziliang also felt that he was getting worse the more he lived.
Could he really be afraid of such a woman?

If she was really an ordinary woman, she would probably have been frightened out of her wits by the previous scene.

How could she smile so calmly?

The more beautiful a woman was, the more dangerous she was!

Soon, Lin Anruo left.

“Let’s leave quickly.
That Marquis has suffered such a huge loss.
She definitely won’t let this go!”

Zuo Shandiao hurriedly stood up and no longer had the mood to drink.

“In order to prevent him from coming to seek revenge, let’s find him first!”

Gong Ziliang waved his hand.

Xing Feng followed closely behind.
They were only a few second princes.
As long as he defeated them, they naturally did not dare to have any ill intentions.

In the next three days, he still had to stay in Firewood City.
If he was like a group of flies, it was inevitable that he would be annoying!

“I want to write a letter and ask Father to send a True Martial Realm mighty figure to burn that kid’s bones into ashes.
Otherwise, it’ll be difficult to resolve the hatred in my heart!”

In the relay station, looking at his lower body that was covered in blood, Chen Pingan almost fainted from the pain.

Now, the Third Prince was also in Firewood City.
If he asked for help, even Spirit Refinement Realm experts could be summoned.

However, in this case, his reputation would be ruined!

He would probably be reduced to a joke by the princes of the Imperial City for the rest of his life.

The young man today was probably the real deal.
The bald man was definitely his guard.

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A mere early-stage Profound Realm ant could be killed by a True Martial Realm expert.

At that time, he would definitely cut off the flesh of those three people and torture them to death!

The letter did not explain that he had already been castrated by that person.
Otherwise, with his father’s temper, he would definitely beat him to death.

Only he could endure all the pain.


There was a loud bang.

The door of Chen Pingan’s residence was kicked open by Xing Feng.

“What do you want?”

Chen Pingan wanted to cry.

In the past, he had always been the one bullying others.
Now, he had actually become a punching bag.

If he was given another chance, he would definitely choose to be a good person.

“Kid, do you still remember me?”

Xing Feng flipped his long hair, revealing a slightly aged face.

“You are?”

Chen Pingan was too familiar with the scar at the corner of Xing Feng’s eye.

Twenty years ago, on a rainy night, a peerless expert swept through all the experts of the Monet Dynasty.

Even his father at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm could not withstand a single move from that person.

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There was an identical scar at the corner of the man’s eye!

“You’re the swordsman who swept through the Imperial City that night!”

Chen Pingan’s heart was about to jump out of his chest.
He was extremely nervous.

At that time, he was still young.
He only remembered that this man had an affair with the First Princess of the Monet Dynasty.

In a fit of anger, the emperor sentenced this princess to death.

The next morning, the entire imperial city was filled with the smell of blood.
The corpses of the royal family piled up into a mountain.

One had to know that the Supreme Elder of the Monet Dynasty was an existence at the Spiritual Sea Realm!

However, he died sadly, so the Monet Dynasty could not recover from its setback.

Because his father was not involved, he was lucky to survive.

After that, that person seemed to have disappeared from the mortal world.

However, from then on, the Emperor ordered that no one was to provoke that nameless person!

It was said that that person’s strength could even overturn an empire.

How could it not be shocking? According to the Emperor, if not for the rules they set, by allowing them to be together, presumably, the current Monet Dynasty would probably be ranked among the Empires!

At this moment, this expert was really standing in front of him.

If his father knew that he actually wanted to attack this person, that was definitely enough to strangle him to death.

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