“Quickly come out.
Even City Lord Xing Feng is not that person’s match.
He even said that he wants to destroy the entire Heavenly Star City!”

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Qin Yao’er was simply about to cry from anxiety.
She ignored her injuries and rushed towards the restriction again.

The light screen emitted a white light and sent Qin Yao’er flying again.

Outside the city gate.

Even if Xing Feng had the strength of the fifth-stage Profound Realm, the other two mighty figures were not inferior to him.

One of them was even a sixth-stage Profound Realm existence!

In just a few rounds, Xing Feng vaguely showed signs of being defeated!

If Wang Feng joined the battlefield, he could kill him in a breath.

However, he wanted to see Xing Feng tortured with his own eyes, so he stood at the side.
The outcome was already determined, and defeat was only a matter of time.

“Charge into Heavenly Star City and kill the Qin Family first before destroying the entire city!” Wang Feng said firmly.

Dozens of peak Meridian Opening cultivators entered Heavenly Star City.

How could those city guards who were only at the Qi Refinement Realm or the early-stage Meridian Opening Realm dare to stop him?

Immediately, it was as if they had entered an uninhabited place!

“People of the Qin Family, come out and die!”

The leader shouted, scaring the women and children of the Qin Family.

Immediately after, there was a massacre.
In just a moment, the entire Qin Family was covered in blood.

“This person is the young lady of the Qin Family.
I saw her once when the Young Master came to Heavenly Star City!”

Just as a Meridian Opening expert was about to kill Qin Yao’er, he was stopped by another person.

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“This is the young miss of the Wang Family after all.
We can’t be rude.
Bring her out of the city and listen to Master’s orders!”

One of them carried Qin Yao’er and rushed out of the city.

The invisible light screen blocked the remaining peak Meridian Opening cultivators.

“Damn it, what’s going on? Let’s attack together and shatter this stupid thing!”

Outside the city gate, the two Profound Realm mighty figures fought until Xing Feng retreated continuously.

Now, the white robe on Xing Feng’s body was already stained red by blood.

It was obvious that he was heavily injured!

As long as he wanted to leave, even if there were three Profound Realm experts, they could not stop Xing Feng.

However, Xing Feng did not choose to leave.
Today, he wanted to spill his blood under this Heavenly Star City.

If he gave up on the commoners of Heavenly Star City, he would never be able to feel at ease in his life!

“Master, this is the eldest daughter of the Qin Family.
What do you think?”

The peak Meridian Opening expert from before threw the unconscious Qin Yao’er in front of Wang Feng.

“As expected, you’re quite beautiful.
No wonder Jun’er wanted to keep you alive.
He wants you to be brought back to the capital and have your limbs broken to imprison you as his plaything!”

A lecherous expression flashed across Wang Feng’s face.
He often visited the gimmicks of his precious son.

He had some peculiar hobbies.

“Damn it, I don’t want to do this anymore.
Even if I die, I have to die quickly.
I’ll be reborn in 18 years!”

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Zuo Shandiao, who was hiding in the ditch, could not sit still anymore.
When had he ever suffered such grievances in his life!

As soon as Zuo Shandiao stuck his head out of the ditch, five or six swords were placed on his neck.

Most of the people in Heavenly Star City were commoners without cultivation.
Killing them was as easy as cutting vegetables.

Therefore, these peak Meridian Opening experts turned their gazes to the cultivators.

As a peak Meridian Opening cultivator, Zuo Shandiao was the first to be sensed by everyone.

They looked at the five or six peak Meridian Opening experts and looked at each other.

Zuo Shandiao chuckled.
“We’re all family.
We can discuss this.
My brother is in the Imperial Army.
He’s also an old friend of Prince Duan!”

Apart from the Minister of War, his brother was the one who controlled the military in the court.

If he did not expose his identity as Zuo Shandiao, Wang Feng would definitely not make things too difficult for him.

“Take him away!”

A peak Meridian Opening expert instantly killed all of Zuo Shandiao’s subordinates and berated.

Compared to before, Xing Feng’s every move was less bold and more reserved.

His spiritual qi gradually ran out.
The other two Profound Realm mighty figures were more or less injured!

Wang Feng could not sit still.
He did not expect Xing Feng to be so powerful.

The more he fought, the braver he became, and he seemed to be suppressing the two of them.

He stepped forward and slapped Xing Feng’s back.

Xing Feng, who was focused on fighting the two of them, was heavily injured by this sudden attack.

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Blood splattered and his figure fell.

Two Profound Realm mighty figures took the opportunity to directly subdue Xing Feng and heavily injure him.

Xing Feng fell to the ground like a dead dog.

Wang Feng stepped on Xing Feng’s chest and ruthlessly crushed him a few times.
His face was filled with satisfaction.
“Previously, I wanted you to leave, but you didn’t know what was good for you!”

“Master, this person claims to be the cousin of Li Hao, the Vice Minister of the Ministry of War!”

An expert escorted Zuo Shandiao to Wang Feng.

“How fast.
I didn’t expect that in this small Heavenly Star City, our usual enemies would take root together!”

Wang Feng had a smile on his face.

The Vice Minister of the Ministry of War, Li Hao, held heavy power and repeatedly advised His Majesty to remove the vassal states, causing him to be useless in the court.

Now, the tables had turned and his cousin had actually fallen into his hands.

“Peak Meridian Opening Realm is still acceptable.
If it’s the relatives of others in the court, I might let you go.
You should never have let me hear the name Li Hao.
Kill him!” Wang Feng sneered.

If Li Hao knew that his brother had died due to him, his expression would probably be extremely interesting.

Xing Feng was thrown to the side of Zuo Shandiao.
A stream of spiritual qi swept towards the two of them.

“Could it be that there’s no law in the Purple Cloud Kingdom?!”

A cold light flashed and shattered the spiritual qi of the Profound Realm mighty figure.

A black-robed man holding a spear jumped out of the city.

“Senior, save me!”

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When Zuo Shandiao heard this familiar voice, he was immediately overjoyed!

“Hehe, in the Purple Cloud Kingdom, I’m the law.
Don’t meddle in other people’s business.
If you leave now, I won’t pursue the matter!” Wang Feng said coldly.

If not for the fact that he did not know the cultivation of the person in front of him, he had probably already attacked.

“What if I don’t?”

The corners of Gong Ziliang’s mouth curled up.

Fifteen minutes ago, his strength had already recovered to the early-stage Profound Realm.

He opened his spatial ring and took out the Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear.
Although he could not use the spear techniques with his current cultivation, it was still more than enough to deal with a few ants at the Profound Realm!

What made Gong Ziliang feel too good was that the system also appeared again.
However, it seemed to have been damaged and was repairing itself.

Everything was developing in a good direction.
Those peak Meridian Opening martial artists in the city had already died in his hands.

Such a thing that treated human lives like grass was not worthy of sympathy.

“Take him down!” Wang Feng ordered.

The two Profound Realm mighty figures were just about to attack when Gong Ziliang held a spear and stepped forward.

In a flash, the spear shot out like a dragon.

In the next moment, a deep bloody hole appeared on their necks.

They fell down forcefully.
Clearly, they were deader than dead!

The scene in front of him simply subverted Wang Feng’s world view.

One had to know that these two people were both Profound Realm experts.
Even a peak Profound Realm mighty figure could not kill them so cleanly!

Moreover, the person in front of him had not even used his spiritual qi!

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