The faction of the Purple Cloud Kingdom’s royal family was clear.
The power behind the Wang Family was far from what the small Qin Family could guess.

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If the Wang Family blamed them and sent a Martial Spirit Realm expert to kill the Qin Family, even Xing Feng would be helpless.

Otherwise, Xing Feng would not have been demoted to this small Heavenly Star City to be a so-called City Lord.

Qin Xiao rode his horse towards the eastern city gate.
The disciples of the Qin Family also rushed out of the city.

Immediately, the small Heavenly Star City was shocked.

No one knew why the Qin Family was so aggressive.

In the Qin Family, Gong Ziliang silently meditated, his spiritual qi continuously circulating in his eight extraordinary meridians.

Clearly, the chaos outside meant that Zuo Shandiao had already attacked the Wang Family.
What he had to do now was to recover his strength as soon as possible.

Qin Yao’er barged into Gong Ziliang’s room.

“Did you kill the Wang Family?”

After all, Gong Ziliang was not around last night.
There was only one possibility.
He had gone to intercept the Wang Family’s team.

Although she knew that Gong Ziliang was far from a small Qi Refinement Realm cultivator, for her sake, he would rather offend the huge Wang Family.

It made her extremely touched, and a certain heart suddenly moved.

She could not help but think that if she could really be with Gong Ziliang, it would be a good choice.

After all, marrying anyone was more worth it than marrying the young master of the Wang Family.

Moreover, Gong Ziliang was a young genius.
She believed that with her appearance, she would not refuse!

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After more than 20 years, Qin Yao’er, who had been trapped in this house for a long time, had a bold plan in her mind.

She wanted to elope with Gong Ziliang and leave this Heavenly Star City to go to a place where no one knew her.

As for the Qin Family, there was nothing to miss.

However, this was only her wishful thinking.

Gong Ziliang did not say anything and only meditated silently.

He had only met Qin Yao’er by chance and did not have any feelings for her.

This was also to repay Qin Yao’er for saving his life.

After all, how could a man who dared to step on the Heavenly Dao be like those scumbags outside?

Seeing that Gong Ziliang ignored her, Qin Yao’er was simply about to explode in anger.

No man could ignore her like this, and Gong Ziliang was like a blockhead.

“I don’t believe I can’t deal with you!”

A trace of competitiveness burned in Qin Yao’er’s heart.
She directly pulled down the clothes on her shoulder and leaned towards Gong Ziliang.

She played with her hair and her eyes were blurry.
“Brother Liang, I’ve always admired you.
Take me in.
Don’t worry, I won’t let you take responsibility!”

The more indifferent Gong Ziliang was, the angrier Qin Yao’er became.
She thought to herself, “Alright, Gong Ziliang! When you can’t control yourself, I’ll definitely mock you!”

Spiritual qi wandered in his eight extraordinary meridians.
This experience allowed Gong Ziliang to see his weakness.

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Previously, he had relied on the system to level up, so there were many hidden dangers in his body.

Perhaps it was not a big deal at this moment, but once he stepped into the Nirvana Realm, these hidden dangers would take his life.

It was just like a tall building.
Even its foundation was unstable.
How tall could it be?

He focused on controlling his spiritual qi to heal the injuries in his body.
Gong Ziliang did not even hear what Qin Yao’er said.

“Cough cough…”

Zhao San happened to see it when he entered.

He planned to bring people out of the city to find the traces of that Zuo Shandiao and come to tell Gong Ziliang, but he did not expect to see such a beautiful scene.

He was immediately speechless.
Even if he was young, this was too presumptuous.

What would happen if the other servants of the Qin Family saw this?

This young miss originally wanted to tease Gong Ziliang, but she did not expect that she would go overboard.

She did not even notice Uncle Zhao when he walked in.
“Uncle Zhao, it’s not what you think!”

“I understand.
Today, everyone from the Qin Family has left the city, so I came to inform you.”

Uncle Zhao put on a knowing expression and carefully retreated.

Women could only do that once or countless times.

Gong Ziliang could not sit still anymore.
“Miss Qin, please respect yourself.
If there’s nothing else, please leave!”

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How could Qin Yao’er still have such thoughts? She blushed and left the room.

She could not provoke a freak like Gong Ziliang anymore.
He could endure it no matter what.
She really suspected if he was a man!

At night.

After Xing Feng finished inspecting the last pass on the front line, he followed Qin Xiao to Heavenly Star City.

After all, this matter concerned the survival of the Qin Family and Qin Xiao was an old friend of his, so he naturally could not sit idly by.

Zuo Shandiao had already sneaked into Heavenly Star City with dozens of subordinates and planned to take the fall.
No matter what, the Wang Family did not expect this.

He actually dared to enter Heavenly Star City at this time.

After that senior finished dealing with the matters at hand, he would return forcefully.

After three days of fruitless searching, Xing Feng and Qin Xiao returned to Heavenly Star City.

Qin Xiao was already in a terrible state.
Days passed, but there was no news of Zuo Shandiao.

How could he not be anxious? Xing Feng also returned to the City Lord’s Mansion first.

According to him, if the Wang Family really wanted to attack the Qin Family, he would appear and help them out.

No matter what, he was an expert in the Profound Realm.
The Wang Family still had to give him some face.

The head of the Wang Family, Wang Feng, also sensed that something was amiss.
According to the schedule, the team should have brought that Miss Qin back to the capital yesterday.

Looking at the secret decree handed over by his subordinate, Wang Feng suddenly slapped the table, revealing the strength of the Profound Realm.

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“How dare he attack my Wang Family? The Qin Family didn’t even report it.
It’s their blessing that the Qin Family’s daughter can marry into my Wang Family!”

“Gather the troops and head to Heavenly Star City.
Firstly, we have to eliminate Zuo Shandiao.
The dignity of the Wang Family cannot be blasphemed at all.
Secondly, we have to find the Qin Family to make them give us an explanation.
They have a mere peak Meridian Opening ant.
If they can’t give us an explanation, we’ll kill them!” Wang Feng snorted coldly.

Fortunately, Wang Jun did not go with them this time.
If anything happened to his precious son, he would definitely bury the entire Heavenly Star City.

In the eyes of big shots like them, what was the difference between human lives and grass?

Three Profound Realm experts led dozens of existences at the peak Meridian Opening Realm and tore through the sky.

At this moment, Gong Ziliang had fallen into an endless cycle.
No matter how he absorbed spiritual qi, his cultivation could not increase at all!

If that was the case, what should he do when the Wang Family came to seek revenge?!

Wang Feng brought his people to the stronghold and blasted crazily, forcefully razing a few mountain peaks to the ground.
Only then did he vent his anger.

The next day, at dawn, he rode his War Beast and arrived in front of Heavenly Star City.

“Where is the City Lord of Heavenly Star City? Quickly come out and meet us!”

A Profound Realm expert roared at the sky and spread throughout the entire Heavenly Star City.

Logically speaking, although Xing Feng was only a small City Lord, he was still an official of the Imperial Court.

Wang Feng did not have the right to order it unless he wanted to go against the entire Imperial Court.

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