One had to know that the Qin Family’s Patriarch, Qin Xiao, was friends with the City Lord of the Heavenly Star City, Xing Feng.

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This was also the reason why the Qin Family could quickly expand and stabilize one of the four large families of Heavenly Star City all these years.

Zhao San’s face darkened.
In the end, she was a young lady who had grown up with a silver spoon in her mouth.
How could she know the dangers of the world?

What was the difference between saying this and talking nonsense?

“Since I know that your father won’t let me off, why should I let you go?”

“As long as no one leaves alive today, how would your father know that I attacked? Xing Feng naturally can’t leave the Heavenly Star City just because of suspicion!”

Zuo Shandiao was fearless.
Heavenly Star City was located in the Purple Cloud Kingdom, at the northwest border.

In the west, the Weapon Kingdom stared covetously.
They often sent troops to harass them.

As the City Lord, Xing Feng had received an order from the Imperial Court to not leave!

As for the other bastards in the City Lord’s Mansion or the Qin Family, he did not care at all.

If not for Xing Feng, he might have rushed into Heavenly Star City and brazenly snatched people!

As he spoke, the Ghost Head Blade in Zuo Shandiao’s hand flew out and directly took the life of an early-stage Qi Refinement Realm soldier.

“Behave yourselves!”

Gong Ziliang sat in the carriage and was quite embarrassed.
Ignoring his strength, any spirit artifact or mutated beast on him could destroy the Purple Cloud Kingdom.

In the first half of the night.

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Gong Ziliang also tried to communicate with Little Heaven through his spiritual sense, but he discovered that he could not do it at all.

The main reason was that his strength had fallen, and Little Heaven was thousands of miles away from him, so he could not establish a connection.

After all, even the ten great experts were only existences in the Profound Realm.
How powerful could they be? To think he was actually threatened by a bastard at the Meridian Opening Realm.

It was really as Zuo Shandiao had said.
Despite his sharp senses, he almost missed such a treasure.

Gong Ziliang thought about what else he had that could intimidate Zuo Shandiao.

As he spoke, more than half of the Qin Family’s caravans had died.
Zuo Shandiao had yet to attack.

Instead, he sat on the horse and looked at the struggling appearance of the Qin Family with interest.
To him, wasn’t this a form of enjoyment?!

Zhao San slashed down with the saber in his hand and cut off the head of a horse bandit.
He protected the pale Qin Yao’er behind him and said, “I’ll hold back Zuo Shandiao.
You guys cover Miss and leave quickly!”

Zhao San knew very well that the consequence of this was that Tong Pass would become his burial ground.

However, the Qin Family was his benefactor.
When he came to the Qin Family back then, Zhao San was only a year old.
Now, he was already more than 50 years old.

If not for the Qin Family’s help, how could he have his current achievements?

Therefore, for the sake of Miss Qin, he went all out.

“You’re quite brave.
As long as you’re willing to submit to me, I can spare your life!”

Zuo Shandiao laughed heartily.

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If it was an ordinary person, they would have long fled when faced with a calamity.

With Zhao San’s second-stage Meridian Opening Realm strength, he could be treated as an honored guest in the Purple Cloud Kingdom no matter where he went.

There was no need to be tied to the Qin Family.
Therefore, Zuo Shandiao also felt pity and wanted to rope in Zhao San.

“Dream on.
If you want to touch Miss Qin today, you’ll have to step over my corpse!”

Zhao San spat at Zuo Shandiao and said disdainfully.

“Overly loyal is foolish loyalty.
In that case, I’ll satisfy you!”

Zuo Shandiao chuckled and jumped off his horse.
He picked up the Ghost Head Blade and stabbed at Zhao San’s face.

The difference in strength between the two was great.
One was at the second-stage Meridian Opening Realm, and the other was at the peak Meridian Opening Realm.
Zhao San was not a match for Zuo Shandiao to begin with.

Zuo Shandiao clenched his fist and used the back of his saber to break through Zhao San’s defense, ruthlessly smashing into his body.

Zhao San’s body flew out like a kite with a broken string and ruthlessly smashed into a carriage, blood splashing on the spot!

Zuo Shandiao jumped up and stepped on Zhao San.
The blade of the Ghost Head Blade was placed on Zhao San’s neck.
“Those who submit will prosper, and those who resist will die!”

“Miss, I’m useless.
I’ll definitely work for you in my next life!” Zhao San said with blood in his mouth.

“Uncle Zhao!” Qin Yao’er had never seen such a scene before and shouted involuntarily.

In a short fifteen minutes, countless people had already died.
Now, even Uncle Zhao’s life was not guaranteed.

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“You refuse to realize your mistakes!” Just as Zuo Shandiao was about to attack, a thunderclap shocked everyone.

“Fighting in front of me? You’re probably tired of living!”

Gong Ziliang endured his injuries and condensed the power of his spiritual sense.
If it was at his peak, that roar would have long taken the life of Zuo Shandiao.

However, other than causing a commotion, it seemed to be useless.

He could only bet that Zuo Shandiao would be frightened away.
Apart from that, there did not seem to be a smarter choice.

“Who are you? I don’t seem to have offended you.
Can you appear and tell me?” Zuo Shandiao was smart and asked calmly.

“I’m just an idle wild crane.
I passed by and actually encountered him, so I can’t sit idly by.
A mere peak Meridian Opening ant is worthy of me appearing?” Gong Ziliang said deliberately.

He did not know if he could intimidate the cunning Zuo Shandiao.

Zuo Shandiao was a little hesitant.
He did not discover where the person who spoke was.

This meant that his actions were exposed to that person’s vision.
According to that person’s tone, he did not take him seriously at all.

“Forget it.
I’ve killed too many people in half my life and accumulated negative karma.
If you let them go today, I won’t hold it against you!”

In his current state, using his spiritual sense was also a form of torture for Gong Ziliang.

He felt a reverse flow in his throat and a mouthful of blood surged out uncontrollably.

“Sir, you don’t know that I’ve already completely offended that Qin Family.
If I let them go, I’ll be the one dead, so I can’t do as you say!”

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Zuo Shandiao thought for a moment and blurted out.

Until now, he had not discovered any traces of that person, so he was not sure how powerful he was.

These words were also a test.

If he had not attacked previously, he might have really let the Qin Family’s caravan leave.

However, more than half of the Qin Family’s caravan had died.
Even Zhao San was heavily injured.
If they returned to Heavenly Star City…

The next person to come looking for him was probably the Illusory Core Realm Xing Feng.
The reason why he dared to attack previously was because he was absolutely confident.

Since the news could not reach Heavenly Star City, even if Xing Feng was furious, he had no reason to be angry.

If he dared to leave Heavenly Star City without permission, the Imperial Court would blame him.
Now that he had already taken action, there was no reason to start from the beginning.

“Let them go.
Don’t let me say it a third time!” Gong Ziliang endured his injuries and berated.

“In that case, as long as you appear and can subdue me with your strength, I’ll pretend that this never happened!”

Gong Ziliang was not confident, and so was Zuo Shandiao.

If he provoked an existence that he could not afford to provoke, he might die miserably today.

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