“Therefore, we have to pass through this Tong Pass before dawn.
After that, we’ll arrive at the territory of Heavenly Star City.”

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“At that time, no matter how unreasonable Zuo Shandiao is, he won’t dare to do anything.”

“Unless he wants to go against the City Lord’s Mansion!”

“The City Lord of Heavenly Star City, Xing Feng, is a mighty figure at the Profound Realm!”

When Zhao San mentioned Xing Feng, he could not help but glance at Gong Ziliang, his face filled with pride.

“On the path of cultivation, only by reaching the Profound Realm can one reach the next level and be able to condense spiritual qi to fight!”

“It can be said that anyone below the Profound Realm is an ant!” Zhao San explained.

“Then what’s the extent of this Lord Xing Feng’s strength?” Gong Ziliang probed calmly.

From Zhao San’s words, Gong Ziliang could conclude that Xing Feng’s status was quite high in their eyes.

Therefore, he definitely knew what he wanted to know.

“Brother Liang, you don’t know this.
Lord Xing Feng is originally one of the ten experts of the Purple Cloud Kingdom.
He only came to this Heavenly Star City because his personality was too unyielding and offended the current Grand Tutor!” Zhao San continued.

When he heard this, Gong Ziliang immediately had an idea.
Then, Xing Feng definitely knew where this was!

He could not help but sigh.
No matter what, he was an existence who had grasped the strength of the peak of the Nirvana Realm.

At the very least, even with the strength of the Tribulation Transcendence Realm, he could kill a Profound Realm cultivator with a glance.

Now, his strength had decreased greatly, and he was only a small Qi Refinement Realm cultivator.

Moreover, he was heavily injured.
Even a Qi Refinement Realm cultivator could easily kill him.

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“Although Lord Xing Feng is so powerful that it’s suffocating, Brother Liang, don’t be discouraged.
You look to be at most in your early twenties and have already reached the Qi Refinement Realm.
Your talent is not bad!”

“There’s still hope of breaking through to the Meridian Opening Realm before the age of 50!”

Zhao San saw that Gong Ziliang seemed to be a little lonely and comforted him.

However, if he knew that the person standing in front of him was a Tribulation Transcendence Realm mighty figure, what would he think?

The armored soldiers present were all at the first-stage Qi Refinement Realm, but the youngest was already in his early forties.

If not for the fortuitous encounter, he would probably have no hope of breaking through to the Meridian Opening Realm in his life.

Now that they knew that Gong Ziliang had reached the Qi Refinement Realm at this age, their eyes carried some envy.

A Meridian Opening expert was treated respectfully by the four large families of Heavenly Star City.

Just like Zhao San, who was currently at the first-stage Meridian Opening Realm, they were destined to use their lives to exchange for cultivation resources.

Zhao San’s words also represented the Qin Family throwing an invitation to Gong Ziliang.

As long as Gong Ziliang could reach Heavenly Star City alive, the Qin Family was willing to take him in.

Gong Ziliang had already obtained his answer and silently stood up to leave.

“Move at midnight and quickly pass through Tong Pass.
After dawn, even if the bandits react, it’s useless.” Zhao San ordered.

In the carriage, Qin Yao’er looked at Gong Ziliang’s slightly thin figure.

She had a feeling that this person was not simple.

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However, she could not say anything and could only give up.

With the neigh of a horse, the caravan moved in the night.

They quickly arrived at Tong Pass.

This was a dangerous place.
On both sides were towering cliffs.

A small path in the middle could barely accommodate the caravan.

Everyone dismounted and led their horses forward.

It was to prevent exposing the target and disturbing the bandits on the cliff.

Tong Pass was dozens of miles long.
When the caravan was halfway there, a flaming arrow descended from the sky and blocked everyone’s path.

Zhao San’s expression became abnormally ugly.
He did not expect to experience such a scheme.

However, it was still seen through by the bandits.
Everything seemed to have been prepared.

A black mass of bandits rode over from ahead.

The bald man who was six feet tall turned around and got off the horse, carrying a Ghost Head Blade on his shoulder.

“I was wondering who it was.
So it’s the Qin Family’s caravan in Heavenly Star City.
Every time the Qin Family’s caravan passes through this Tong Pass, you will pay a sufficient amount of benefits.
Why are you so sneaky now?”

Zuo Shandiao touched the edge of the Ghost Head Blade and asked with a smile.

“The goods we’re escorting this time are urgently needed by the boss.
Since you know about my Qin Family, please do me a favor.
This is a small token of my appreciation.”

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Zhao San had already prepared the tolls and threw them to Zuo Shandiao.

Zuo Shandiao received the spatial ring that Zhao San threw over and casually checked it.
He smiled insincerely and said, “The amount this time is much more than before.
This is not like your caravan’s style.”

“Could there be some treasure hidden in this convoy?”

Zuo Shandiao changed the topic.

As soon as Zuo Shandiao said this, a few timid people immediately panicked and sat on the ground with weak legs.

“Master Diao, don’t mind my insensible subordinates.”

Zhao San hurriedly picked up the two armored soldiers.

However, all of this could not escape the eyes of the smart Zuo Shandiao.

“Since you’re the Qin Family’s caravan, I naturally won’t make things difficult for you.”

Zuo Shandiao smiled.

“Master Diao, you’re so straightforward.
When I return to Heavenly Star City this time, I’ll definitely report to the Patriarch that from now on, the Qin Family’s caravan will have to pay another 20% of the toll!”

Zhao San finally heaved a sigh of relief.
He had survived this calamity.

“It’s naturally good that you’re so sensible.
However, I have my rules.
As long as I check the goods and the numbers match, I’ll let you pass!” Zuo Shandiao said in a threatening tone.

The Ghost Head Blade in his hand was held in front of him, and the strength of the peak Meridian Opening Realm was fully displayed.

“I’m afraid that’s not appropriate.
Some goods can’t be exposed.
Please do me a favor!” Zhao San smiled bitterly.

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“Since you’re unwilling to cooperate, let’s do it ourselves.
We’ll dismantle it!”

Master Diao waved his hand and a group of bandits surrounded everyone!

“Stop, Zuo Shandiao, how dare you! Do you know who I am?!”

Qin Yao’er slowly walked down from the carriage.

Zhao San’s face was ashen.
If Qin Yao’er did not come out, there was still room for negotiation.

However, now, with Zuo Shandiao’s nature, it was impossible for it to let go of a peerless beauty like Miss Qin.

“Isn’t this the young lady of the Qin Family? Despite my sharp senses, I almost missed such a treasure!”

Zuo Shandiao’s face was filled with lust as he licked his lips.

He had long heard of the Qin Family’s young lady’s beauty and even went to Heavenly Star City alone to investigate.

He was already drooling the moment he saw her.
However, Qin Yao’er usually did not even leave the door, let alone leave Heavenly Star City.

He did not dare to brazenly enter Heavenly Star City to snatch people.
After all, he was afraid of the Cherry Blossom Spear in Xing Feng’s hand!

However, the heavens seemed to be helping him and actually sent this Miss Qin to his door.

It was simply too awesome!

“You actually know who I am.
Hurry up and let me go.
If you dare to touch a single hair on the Qin Family’s caravan, my father will not let you off!” Qin Yao’er said in a threatening tone.

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