In the memories of the artifact spirit from a thousand years ago, the Demon Patriarch was not a heinous person.

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Instead, he was an elegant young man who had reached the Tribulation Transcendence Realm at the age of 17 and was reputed to be the number one genius in the Northern Region!

At that time, the Demon Patriarch was like Gong Ziliang.
He hated all injustice in the world and traveled the world alone with a sword.

He had reached the Nirvana Realm at the age of 30!

He was invincible in the entire Northern Region.
Even those who could withstand three moves from him could not be found.

Above Nirvana was Ascension!

However, at this moment, the Demon Patriarch learned in a mystic realm that ascension was a scheme of the Heavenly Dao.

In the past, those sages did not go to the Immortal World but were imprisoned.

Therefore, he chose to hide from the world.
Even Gong Ziliang was coveted by the Heavenly Dao, let alone the shocking Demon Patriarch.

However, at that time, the Demon Patriarch was already at the peak of the Nirvana Realm and had a Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear that could be said to be a divine artifact.

Even the Heavenly Dao could not do anything to it in this region.

Then, the heavens bestowed favor and instigated the world to kill the Demon Patriarch.

The Demon Patriarch was unwilling to go against his conscience, so he kept dodging.
In the end, he could not endure it anymore and stood on the peak of the five mountains.

He slaughtered all those who chased after him who claimed to be righteous.

After this battle, the original genius became the Demon Patriarch who opposed the world!

Being rejected by the world, the Demon Patriarch did not mind going against it.
He became more and more casual and wanted to go against the Heavenly Dao.

Gradually, the Demon Patriarch’s Demon Sect was born, and its power covered every corner of the Northern Region, foiling the plot of the Heavenly Dao again and again.

Finally, the Heavenly Dao could not ignore it anymore.

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It tore through the laws and shattered the void, descending into the world.

It relied on a huge sword to suppress the Demon Patriarch.

At that time, the Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear had already condensed an artifact spirit.
If the Demon Patriarch wanted to, he could completely kill the Heavenly Dao.

However, the price was that the artifact spirit would dissipate.
This Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear had been accompanying the Demon Patriarch for most of his life.

The Demon Patriarch chose to give up and leave with hatred.

The Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear was covered in dust and stayed in the bottomless abyss.

It was not until the Qin Family’s patriarch obtained the Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear from the mystic realm where the Demon Patriarch died that he reappeared.

Because the spiritual qi of the Northern Region was scarce, for a thousand years, no one had been able to reach the peak of the Nirvana Realm.

Therefore, from then on, the Heavenly Dao disappeared and did not appear in the Northern Region again.

Gong Ziliang broke this balance.
His talent made the Heavenly Dao unwilling to calm down and become restless.

“Master, leave the unfinished task to me!”

The corners of Gong Ziliang’s mouth curled up as he snorted.

His large hand clenched in the void, and the Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear flew into Gong Ziliang’s hand like a dragon.

“It’s you!”

The God’s Hand sensed the aura that spread out from Gong Ziliang’s body and naturally recognized it.

“So what if it’s the Heavenly Dao? Back then, the Patriarch could not bear to let me die and let your evil plan succeed.
Today, I’ll clear the Patriarch’s name!”

Gong Ziliang picked up the Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear and jumped up.
The aura around his body continuously rose and he directly stepped into the peak of the Nirvana Realm!

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Before the Demon Patriarch died back then, he sealed his entire cultivation in this Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear.

It meant that the Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear was looking for a host.
If he was enlightened, it could directly allow Gong Ziliang to step into the peak of the Heaven Deity Realm!

However, the artifact spirit knew that with Gong Ziliang’s talent, it was only a matter of time before he reached the Nirvana Realm.

Cultivators did not lack time the most.
Instead, enlightenment would help them grow!

Therefore, it had to use the lifetime cultivation of the Demon Patriarch to take a gamble and shatter this Heavenly Dao!

The artifact spirit knew that Gong Ziliang’s body was even better than the Demon Patriarch’s.

Therefore, it was extremely confident in killing the Heavenly Dao!

The Heavenly Dao no longer dared to underestimate the current Gong Ziliang.
Only it knew about the battle back then.

This Northern Region was a lower realm.
The strength that the Heavenly Dao could descend with could not surpass the peak of the Nirvana Realm.

Now, with the increase in the artifact spirit, Gong Ziliang’s strength had already reached the peak of the Nirvana Realm.

If not for the fact that he had injured his source back then, it would not have been able to suppress the Demon Patriarch at all.

“Is it worth it? As long as you’re willing to submit to me, I can let the Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear ascend to the Immortal World and help you become the number one divine artifact in the Immortal World!”

The Heavenly Dao’s voice carried some hesitation.

It was afraid.
The battle back then had injured its origin.
It had spent a thousand years to recover.

This caused its plan to be delayed by a thousand years.

This Northern Region was only a lower realm.
It was completely worthless!

After weighing the pros and cons, it was unwilling to attack!

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“Today, my thousand-year-old wish will definitely be resolved!”

The artifact spirit’s tone was cold.

“Then you can die with your Patriarch!”

The topic suddenly changed, and an extremely dazzling golden light flashed in the sky.

The strength of God’s Hand also rapidly increased, reaching the peak of the Nirvana Realm!

Since this Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear did not know what was good for it, it had to kill Gong Ziliang today no matter what.

Although it was only an artifact spirit, Gong Ziliang was a true hidden danger.

If he let it live and obtained the guidance of the artifact spirit, it would definitely affect his plan in the future!

The pressure that spread to the sky was about to crush the entire Primordial Dynasty.
The artifact spirit sensed Gong Ziliang’s emotions.

The spear tip was agilely raised, and a long dragon pierced down.

It shattered the insufferably arrogant pressure!

The foundation of the Primordial Dynasty that had existed for hundreds of years was finally preserved.

Qin Chuan, who was underground, finally heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Gong Ziliang easily resolve this ferocious attack.

“I thought you were different from that Demon Patriarch.
I didn’t expect you to be an indecisive person!”

“Today, I’ll let this trillion living beings of the Northern Region die with you!” The ethereal voice snorted.

A lightning cloud immediately spread in the void.

The lightning clouds continuously condensed the spiritual qi of the Heavenly Dao that descended and quickly expanded, instantly spreading for a million miles.

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Gong Ziliang frowned.
He was naturally not afraid of this Heavenly Dao, but how could the common people be its match?

Once this lightning cloud condensed, the world would definitely be plunged into misery and suffering.

At that time, even if he shattered the Heavenly Dao, the entire Northern Region would become ruins.

In the eyes of the Heavenly Dao, there was no such thing as precious life.

In its eyes, the trillion living beings of the Northern Region were only dispensable existences.

What it had to do was force the artifact spirit to die.

Using the smallest price to obtain the greatest victory was its usual method.

Gong Ziliang wanted to regain control of his body and destroy the lightning clouds.

He could save the entire Northern Region.

The artifact spirit had imprisoned his consciousness.
It knew that even if Gong Ziliang controlled the body, he would not be a match for this Heavenly Dao.
Only the spear understood its weakness.

As for this lightning cloud, it would take at least a day to cover the entire Northern Region.

It was confident in taking down this Heavenly Dao before that!

The God’s Hand now had the combat strength of a peak Nirvana Realm cultivator and looked even more magnificent.

An extremely obscure palm print formed in the void.

Those weaker people underground would explode and die just by looking at it.

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