At this moment, several figures descended from the sky and landed steadily around that group of people.
They held weapons in their hands and wore armor.

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That’s right, they were Gong Ziliang and the others.

Earlier, after they bid farewell to Bai Qingfeng, they followed Gong Ziliang’s idea and immediately followed the side of the city gate to gradually search three miles away.

Soon, a guard discovered the whereabouts of this group of people and immediately reported it to Gong Ziliang and Bai Chuxia.

Gong Ziliang immediately ordered and gathered everyone to rush over.

As he gradually approached, he just happened to hear the content of their discussion earlier, and it instantly caused Gong Ziliang’s killing intent to arise.

Those thieves from the Hua Clan’s escort agency were really detestable!

They had actually done such a terrible thing.
It was unforgivable!

Similarly, Gong Ziliang was very interested in the content of their discussion.

Who was the person they were talking about?

Hua Sheng?

Or did they mean someone from the Profound Heaven Sect?

As a result, Gong Ziliang who had just landed immediately shouted sternly, “Hey! Who’s the person you were talking about just now?”

As soon as this was said, the group of people became much more cautious.
They replied, “People? Who are they? We don’t know each other.
We only want to go out of the city to cut firewood.”

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When these people saw Gong Ziliang and the others appear, they immediately became cautious.

From what Gong Ziliang said, he had heard everything?

This answer was very obvious.
Gong Ziliang did not believe it at all.
After all, he had heard it personally.

This already involved the Profound Heaven Sect that he was from.
When he heard this answer, Gong Ziliang immediately became angry.
“Chop wood? I’ll chop your banana off! I can’t forgive you for doing such dirty things with the Hua Clan’s escort agency!”


When they heard Gong Ziliang’s words that carried dense anger, the group of people looked at each other and nodded again.

With the cultivation levels of more than ten people, they did not need to be afraid of this person who was only at the seventh-stage Martial Body Realm.

After all, more than ten of them had one foot in the Qi Refinement Realm.
In terms of being difficult to deal with, it was only the three Green Cloud City guards in armor.

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Due to their higher cultivation realm, it was not a problem for them to fight three or four escorts alone.

However, looking at their positions, that eighth-stage Martial Body Realm girl seemed to be very important to them.
She covered her face and looked quite mysterious.

She would be the target!

Everyone nodded again.
After confirming their target, the ten of them quickly attacked the people surrounding them like lightning.


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A tiger phantom accompanied by the roar of a tiger shot out from the fist of an enemy.
The tiger phantom was much clearer than the others, and its speed was extremely fast, extremely similar to Hua Sheng’s Tiger Roar Fist Technique.

In the blink of an eye, the tiger had already pounced on a Heavenly Path member and jumped towards Bai Chuxia.

Gong Ziliang widened his eyes.
Level 11, first-stage Qi Refinement Realm!

Looking at the others, their levels were about the same.
Only two were at Level 9, and the highest was at Level 13, which was the third stage of the Qi Refinement Realm.
It was no wonder that they would start a fight without saying a word.

In that case…

Gong Ziliang raised his eyelids slightly, his gaze locked onto an enemy, and the corners of his mouth gradually curled up.

Just as he was about to take out the Heavenly Frost Sword from his spatial ring to hack them to death, the three guards sent by the City Lord of the Green Cloud City, Bai Qingfeng, moved.


To be precise, they did not move.
Instead, the spiritual qi in their bodies moved!

Spiritual qi fluctuations visible to the naked eye appeared around the three of them.
The maple leaves scattered on the tree spun along with it, and the spatial energy was also affected.

In the next moment, this seemingly tiny energy was triggered, and it quickly bounced forward with the guard at the center.


With a bang, every enemy in front of them was hit.
They could all feel a muffled pain quickly coming from their chests, as if they were beaten by a thousand fists, it was extremely painful and uncomfortable.

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Immediately, all ten of them suffered varying degrees of injuries.
The few people closer to the front even bled.

This was the crushing of cultivation realms.

Gong Ziliang looked around at the cultivation levels of the three of them.
They were actually all at Level 17, which meant that they were all at the seventh stage Qi Refinement Realm!


It was no wonder that the three of them stood still.
They had only mobilized the spiritual qi in their bodies and outside their bodies to injure more than ten people who were around the first-stage Qi Refinement Realm.

This caused Gong Ziliang to be shocked, and he was very curious what move the three of them were using.
They were actually able to deal such shocking damage while standing without moving.
It was truly terrifying!

However, in this way, Gong Ziliang smiled lightly in his heart.
He did not have to attack, and he could preserve his strength.

As a matter of fact, when the three people Bai Qingfeng sent saw that more than ten of the enemies were injured, they stepped forward in unison, each choosing an enemy and striking out a Tiger Roar Fist Technique.


Immediately, the chosen enemy was sent flying by a ferocious tiger, crashing into the large tree trunk behind him.
With a bang, leaves scattered, and he stopped moving.

A fatal blow!

This caused Gong Ziliang to have no choice but to gasp.

This… was really the Martial Spirit Continent where the weak were despised and the strong were respected!

In the past five years since he transmigrated to this Martial Spirit Continent, he had been living peacefully in the Profound Heaven Sect.
Now that he had descended the mountain and interacted with the mortals, he realized that everything was much more terrifying than he had originally imagined.

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What if the three people Bai Qingfeng sent were here to assassinate him? How should he deal with them?

Gong Ziliang did not even dare to think about it…

Fortunately, he was the male protagonist.
He had the protagonist aura and the Legendary System.
He believed that he would definitely be blessed after surviving a calamity.
He could safely watch the show now.

At this moment, Bai Chuxia, who was beside him, nodded in satisfaction and said softly, “It seems that Father is angry this time.
Although he only sent three people, their cultivation levels are almost at the Meridian Opening Realm.
Father also hates those villains from the Hua Clan’s escort agency very much.”

Xu Fei immediately replied, “Of course.
I’ll always be on the same side as Uncle Feng.
No matter if it’s the Hua Clan’s escort agency or the people behind them, as long as I find them, I’ll kill them all!”

Bai Chuxia turned her face to the side and mocked, “Oh, Brother Fei, you’re so arrogant.
Look over there.
All of your cultivation levels are higher than ours.
If we’re not careful, both of us will die.
While we’re exterminating evil, we still have to increase our strength.”

Xu Fei laughed and said, “Of course, but someone has to work hard too.
He can train with the goal of surpassing me first.”

When Gong Ziliang heard this, he looked slightly at Xu Fei and immediately noticed that the latter was looking at him as well.
Only then did he understand that Xu Fei was implying something.

Thus, Gong Ziliang smiled lightly and said, “It’s nothing.”

“Oh? Brother Ziliang, you’re so arrogant.
Could it be that you can kill these bastards?”

Xu Fei tried to stir up trouble.

The corners of Gong Ziliang’s mouth curled up slightly.
His expression was very confident…

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