Chapter 308 The Power of the New Skill!

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This power was very terrifying.

Wherever it went, all the clouds in the surrounding hundred miles were scattered!

This scene could be said to be extremely shocking.
Even Qin Shanhe and the others below raised their heads in shock and looked


“Five Elements Intent, attack!”

Looking at this attack from a Spiritual Sea Realm expert, five Intent elements condensed in Gong Ziliang’s hand at the same time.

Soon, these five Intents fused together to form a ball!

Under Gong Ziliang’s control, the ball suddenly lit up.

Then, an earthen wall suddenly appeared in front of Gong Ziliang without any warning!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The attack from the Bai Family’s patriarch struck the earthen wall!

Crack! Crack!

Immediately, cracks appeared on the earthen wall.

“Hmph, ant!”

Seeing the crack on the earthen wall, the Bai Family’s patriarch immediately sneered and was not surprised at all.

After all, how could an earth wall block the terrifying power of the Spiritual Sea Realm!

However, the next scene made Patriarch Bai stare with widened eyes!

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Although the earthen wall was continuously cracking, it was also continuously repairing itself!

Although the strength of a Spiritual Sea Realm expert was powerful, after the continuous consumption of these earthen walls, it was actually worn down bit by bit!

“What ability is this…”

When the Bai Family’s patriarch saw this scene, he was immediately shocked.
This ability to automatically repair earth elements was simply too shocking!

“Could this be the legendary Intent…”

Suddenly, the Bai Family’s patriarch seemed to have recalled something, and his eyes suddenly lit up!

“That’s right! It’s definitely Intent! Only a genius who has comprehended Intent can do this…”

The Bai Family’s patriarch looked at Gong Ziliang in shock, “There’s actually such a talented disciple in this small dynasty…”

“However, even if you can comprehend Intent, you can’t escape death today!”

The Bai Family’s patriarch looked at Gong Ziliang and snorted.

Ever since Gong Ziliang said those words just now, he had already sentenced him to death in his mind!

“White Wolf Assault!”

Looking at Gong Ziliang, the Bai Family’s patriarch snorted coldly.

Then, a white Lone Wolf actually appeared from his body and rushed towards Gong Ziliang!

This white wolf shadow carried a suppressive force unique to the Spiritual Sea Realm, causing everyone present to be firmly suppressed!


Then, the Lone Wolf directly ignored the defense of the earthen wall and directly passed through it, rushing towards Gong Ziliang and the others!

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“Oh no!”

Seeing this, the expressions of the Gemini Stars and the others could not help but change.
The attack of a Spiritual Sea Realm expert was probably something that even the few of them could not withstand!

“Five Elements Intent, Combination Technique!”

Looking at the lone wolf that was rushing towards him, Gong Ziliang did not hesitate at all.
The five-element light ball in his hand was directly flicked out!

Immediately, extremely dense elemental aura spread crazily from the surrounding space!

“What is this…”

After sensing this powerful elemental aura, the expression of the Bai Family’s patriarch suddenly changed!

Then, before he could do anything, endless waves suddenly appeared in front of him!

These huge waves contained powerful water attribute attacks.
They stacked and crazily attacked the Bai Family’s Patriarch!

Although its terrifying power did not cause any fatal damage to the Bai Family’s patriarch, it forced him to extend his palm to block this attack!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Endless waves crazily struck the Bai Family’s patriarch, causing his expression to become a little heavy!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

At this moment, an extremely intense temperature suddenly rose in the surroundings!

Terrifying heat surrounded him, causing him to hurriedly turn around!

Behind him, white flames actually flew over and attacked from behind!

Moreover, the hot aura contained in the flames made the Bai Family’s patriarch involuntarily reveal a shocked expression!

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“What is this…”

The Bai Family’s patriarch had no choice but to extend his hand again to block the attack of the flames!

“Intent! These two attacks are both Intent!”

The Bai Family’s patriarch looked at the Fire and Water attacks beside him and felt extremely shocked!

If these two Intents were added, then this young man in front of him would have already used the power of Intent three times in a short period!

Learning three different Intents alone…

How was this possible?!

Who had such high perception?!

However, just as Patriarch Bai was shocked, he suddenly heard the sound of clothes tearing on his body!

The Bai Family’s patriarch looked down and saw that the clothes on his body had been torn by wooden thorns at some point!

Moreover, the wooden thorns instantly enlarged.

They directly enveloped his entire body!


When the Bai Family’s Patriarch saw this, he hurriedly roared and raised the aura on his body.


However, to his surprise, the toughness of the wooden thorns simply exceeded his imagination!

Even if he was a Spiritual Sea Realm expert, he actually could not break through the restraints of the wooden thorns for a moment!

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Boom! Boom! Boom!

The moment the Bai Family’s patriarch was imprisoned, endless yellow soil actually rose around him!

These yellow soil crazily condensed on his body.

After a few breaths, the yellow soil formed a huge sphere with a radius of a few hundred miles!

The figure of the Bai Family’s patriarch was firmly enveloped by the ball!

Just as everyone thought it was over, a huge golden sword suddenly appeared in the sky.

This huge sword slashed horizontally, and under everyone’s extremely shocked gazes, it ruthlessly struck the ball formed from yellow soil!


With a huge bang, the terrifying ball formed from yellow soil in the sky was slashed into two by the huge golden sword!

Terrifying power transformed into ripples that were released crazily in the surroundings.
It even caused the expression of Qin Chuan to involuntarily change!

“Good, what a shocking attack method!”

Seeing the yellow soil continuously shrink after being split open, Qin Chuan’s gaze revealed a shocked expression!

This attack just now could be said to have refreshed Qin Chuan’s knowledge!

He had really never seen anyone who could use five Intents to attack others at the same time!

This was not only extravagant, but also freakishly absurd!

Moreover, the power displayed by this Five Elements Intent made even a Spiritual Sea Realm existence like him feel waves of shock!

Was this really an attack that a junior could unleash…?

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