Chapter 305 Five Elements Combination Technique

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It was even to the extent that the Divine Roc beneath Gong Ziliang actually let out a sorrowful cry that could not endure the burden.


It was as if the weight of Gong Ziliang’s body was already unbearable and could only fall!


After Gong Ziliang felt the effect on his surroundings, he could not help but mutter softly.
With this voice, the surrounding powerful aura began to retract!

The descending Divine Roc also roared and began to continue rising!

“Oh my god… why do I feel that the two of us combined are probably not enough to fight him alone?”

Looking at Gong Ziliang in front of her, Mo Yue’s small face could not help but reveal a trace of shock!

Clearly, his strength was still at the Spirit Refinement Realm, but they felt that this fellow, Gong Ziliang, had undergone a powerful transformation at this moment!

Now, forget about the two of them attacking Gong Ziliang, it was probably already very impressive that they could stand in front of him now!

“Is this the result of the Intent Fusion…”

Gong Ziliang stretched out his index finger.

Then, five elements actually stretched over in the air and formed a ball in Gong Ziliang’s hand!

On this ball, one could clearly sense the fluctuation of five Intents.

In fact, as long as Gong Ziliang gently used his will now, these five Intents would spread out without any obstruction and be truly released!

“If I use these five Intents at the same time…”

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Gong Ziliang looked at the Intent Sphere in his hand and pondered for a moment.
Then, he stretched out his finger and pointed slightly into space!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the next moment, Gong Ziliang saw the five Intents that formed this ball of light scatter and condense in the air!

Not long after, a stream of water suddenly flowed down from the sky.

At the same time, a white spark sounded from another direction!

The two collided almost instantly!

Immediately, the intense explosion created by the two conflicting substances made everything around slowly disperse!

Then, after the fire and water ended.

Suddenly, a wooden thorn blossomed in the void!

At the same time this wooden thorn appeared, endless soil surrounded it from all directions, enveloping the entire wooden thorn and finally forming a large sphere of about a hundred meters!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Just as Gong Ziliang thought that it was over, a huge golden longsword condensed from the Metal Intent in the sky!

This longsword brandished and slashed, directly cutting the soil ball into two!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Then, all the surrounding light dissipated!

The soil that fell from the ball turned into an element again and condensed in Gong Ziliang’s hand!

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The huge golden sword also turned into metallic elements that appeared in Gong Ziliang’s hand.

Immediately after, the fire, water, and earth elements appeared.

The Five Elements Intent that Gong Ziliang had thrown out just now completely gathered at this moment!

“Is this a skill after the fusion of the Five Elements Intent…”

Looking at the small light ball in his hand, he could not help but feel extremely surprised!

The attack just now was like a powerful skill being released.

It could be imagined that if Gong Ziliang had not attacked the void but a person, he would probably have been skinned even if he did not die!


“So powerful! The Intent Fusion Pill this time is really worth it!”

Looking at the Intent Sphere in his hand, Gong Ziliang felt extremely happy! He had struck gold! This was really a huge profit!

He did not expect that $648 could actually be exchanged for such a powerful Intent Combination Skill!

“In that case, let’s call this skill the Five Elements Combination Technique!”

After Gong Ziliang was silent for a moment, he decided on the name of this combination skill.

“The gift bag this time is perfect!” Gong Ziliang nodded in satisfaction.
At this moment, Gong Ziliang also discovered that the Divine Roc’s speed began to clearly slow down!

Looking down, he happened to see that he had already arrived in the territory of the Primordial Dynasty!

“It’s time to understand some things about the Primordial Dynasty…”

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After Gong Ziliang took a deep breath, he ordered the Divine Roc to fly down.

Primordial Dynasty.

At the entrance of the Heaven Capital!

At this moment, the atmosphere was a little stiff because there were two groups of people!

One of them was personally led by Qin Yu.
Clearly, these people were the army of the Primordial Dynasty!

On the other side, two groups of people were banded together!

At this moment, among these people, some raised the flag of the flames, and some wore white robes.
The white words on their bodies clearly hung in front of their chests!

“When did the Bai Family collude with the Bright Fire Dynasty?”

Looking at the two teams in front of him, Qin Yu could not help but gasp.
He felt that this matter was a little difficult to deal with!

The Bright Fire Dynasty and the Bai Family had just arrived in the capital yesterday!

As a high-level family clan from the Great Xia Empire, it could be said that even the Primordial Dynasty did not have the right to stop them.
Therefore, they brought the people of the Bright Fire Dynasty to Heaven Capital City!

This could not help but give Qin Yu a headache.

After all, no matter which one of these two teams it was, the Primordial Dynasty did not dare to easily offend them!

“You still have the face to say this?? Where’s the Profound Heaven Sword? Hand over the guy who took the Profound Heaven Sword and our Bright Fire Dynasty will leave immediately!”

After hearing Qin Yu’s words, the soldiers of the Bright Fire Dynasty immediately could not watch on.

Therefore, he hurriedly roared, “You still have the face to say this??? Where’s the kid who defeated my Bai Family’s genius, Bai Niantian? Quickly let him come out and die!!”

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As for the Bai Family, their aura was even more terrifying!

Their leader was an old man who looked to be only skin and bones.

From this old man, everyone could sense an aura that made their bodies tremble!

“This aura is…”

Qin Yu felt this aura and felt disbelief!

This was because he had once felt such a powerful aura, and it was only felt by his grandfather, the current Grand Emperor, Qin Chuan!

This was an expert at the Spiritual Sea Realm!

“A mighty figure at the Spiritual Sea Realm…”

Looking at this emaciated old man, Qin Yu’s tone became a little dry!

The expert was too terrifying!

This was too terrifying!

A Spiritual Sea Realm mighty figure had actually appeared in front of him alive!

One had to know that even in the family, Spiritual Sea Realm experts were strategic existences!

If not for a critical moment, existences at the Spiritual Sea Realm would not easily appear in the outside world!

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