At this moment, there was a group of people waiting for a long time under the entrance of Green Cloud City.

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Although they were all holding weapons, standing at the front of the crowd, they looked like respectable people who relaxed a little when the middle-aged man waved his hand.

Instead, tears seemed to be about to fall from the middle-aged man’s eyes.

When he saw Gong Ziliang and the others’ carriage, he personally went forward to welcome them.
He even shouted excitedly, “Oh my! My precious daughter! I really missed you to death.
It’s been a year since we last met!”

Gong Ziliang waited until he got off the horse and looked up at this middle-aged man.
Looking at his clothes, it was obvious that his status in Green Cloud City was not ordinary.
His family was definitely very rich!

He wore gorgeous clothes, a large golden chain, and an emerald spirit ring.
The attendants behind him and the people holding weapons listened to him.

Could it be that he was the City Lord of Green Cloud City?

What did he say just now?

Darling daughter? Father?

When he heard this, Gong Ziliang was extremely shocked.

When Bai Chuxia got off the horse, the middle-aged man had already arrived quickly.
He reached out to take Bai Chuxia’s small white hand and softly said, “My precious daughter, you’re finally back.
Come, slow down.”

“Yes, Father, I’m back.
It’s been so long since we last met, but you’re still as valiant and heroic as before.”

After Bai Chuxia got off the horse, she immediately gave the middle-aged man a big hug.

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Gong Ziliang was shocked in his heart: Fa… Father!

Aren’t we here to deal with the Hua Clan’s escort agency?

Why did it become a scene of a father and daughter reunion?

Wait a minute?

They were father and daughter?

This news completely shocked Gong Ziliang’s imagination.

In fact, the middle-aged man in front of Gong Ziliang was Bai Chuxia’s biological father.
His name was Bai Qingfeng, and he was the City Lord of Green Cloud City.
His cultivation realm was above everyone present!

Gong Ziliang had heard about the disappearance of a woman in Green Cloud City.
Now, it turned out to be Bai Chuxia.

The reason was because she had joined the Heavenly Path.

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Bai Qingfeng trembled as he held Bai Chuxia’s tender hand and sighed, “Sigh, my precious daughter, why are you so silly? If there’s anything in the family that can’t satisfy you, why do you have to go out to endure hardships yourself? If something happens to you, how can I, a 50-year-old person, live!”

Bai Qingfeng only had one daughter, Bai Chuxia.
A year ago, Bai Chuxia had mentioned to him that she wanted to join the Heavenly Path, but he immediately disagreed.

However, even so, it could not stop Bai Chuxia’s chivalrous heart.

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Of course, it was not only Bai Qingfeng who knew what kind of organization the Heavenly Path was, even some commoners in Green Cloud City knew.

It was not as bad as the people of Cloud Glow City’s impression of the Heavenly Path.

Cloud Glow City was only obstructed by the Hua Clan’s escort agency.
That was why everyone thought that the Heavenly Path was a group of thieves.

Actually, that was not the case.
Bai Qingfeng had also sent people to secretly investigate all of this, so he could let her go out and take a look.

Xu Fei’s father was Bai Qingfeng’s close friend, so he naturally grew up with Bai Chuxia.

When he found out that Bai Chuxia was going to join the Heavenly Path, he took the initiative to join her.
The reason was nothing but the power of love.

When Bai Qingfeng learned of this, he relaxed quite a bit.

After all, Xu Fei’s realm was above Bai Chuxia’s.
It could more or less assure her safety.

The reason why Bai Qingfeng was welcoming Bai Chuxia outside the city gate of Green Cloud City today was because she had informed him through the small note sent by the messenger pigeon last night.

The matter of the Hua Clan’s escort agency was secondary.
Most importantly, his precious daughter, Bai Chuxia, was finally back!

Bai Chuxia smiled until her eyes narrowed.
She said obediently, “Father, I’m back safe and sound.
Look, stop being so dramatic.”

“Yes, yes…”

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Bai Qingfeng reached out to rub his chin and sized up Bai Chuxia slightly.
He thoughtfully continued, “You’re back, but there’s something else.”


Bai Chuxia was stunned.
What was her father doing?

“I believe this green robe on your waist belongs to this little brother?”

Before he finished speaking, Bai Qingfeng’s gaze had already locked onto Gong Ziliang.
He sized him up and said, “Not bad, not bad.
You’re quite handsome, just like when I was young.”

Gong Ziliang: “???”


While Gong Ziliang was stunned, Bai Qingfeng had already taken a large step forward and stretched out his hand to greet him.
“Heh, kid, thank you for taking care of my precious daughter.
However, it won’t be so easy to marry my precious daughter.”

Bai Qingfeng smiled comically, his thoughts already starting to race.

Gong Ziliang: “???”

Bai Chuxia: “???”

Xu Fei: “???”

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The three of them were stunned.
What was going on?

Bai Chuxia’s delicate face reddened.
She walked up and hugged Bai Qingfeng’s right hand, saying coquettishly, “Father! What are you thinking!”

“Hahaha…” Bai Qingfeng smiled and said,” Alright, alright, alright.
There’s no hurry.
Take your time.

Xu Fei, who was behind him, immediately went forward and agreed.
“That’s right, Uncle Feng.
We can’t be careless about Xia’s marriage.
We have to be careful.
She has to marry someone you’re familiar with.”

His words were hinting at Bai Qingfeng.
It was obvious that one of them had just met for less than a day and the other was a childhood friend who had grown up together.

Clearly, only Xu Fei and Bai Chuxia knew each other the best.

Bai Qingfeng smiled comically at Xu Fei and said, “Right, that’s true.
It’s not so easy to marry my precious daughter.
Oh right, my precious daughter, I’ll definitely settle the matter you mentioned last night.
A spy sent a letter just now.”

“That guy from the Hua Clan’s escort agency has already stopped three miles to the left of the city.
It seems that he has discovered something.”

“What do you think we should do?” Bai Qingfeng asked.

In fact, he wanted to see how Xu Fei would deal with this matter.
After all, he had been protecting his precious daughter, Bai Chuxia, for a year.
He should have some ability to deal with sudden events.

Similarly, although the new kid in front of him looked to be a seventh-stage Martial Body Realm cultivator, the energy in his body was not ordinary.

As soon as he heard there was a chance to show off, Xu Fei was the first to stand out and answer, “Uncle Feng, since they stopped, they obviously noticed us.
Why don’t I personally lead some people to kill them?”

“No.” Bai Qingfeng rejected without even thinking.

“Ah?” Xu Fei was stunned.
He asked himself: Am I going to be slapped in the face?


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