Chapter 282 So It’s a Divine Body, No Wonder You’re So Arrogant

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However, just as he was about to succeed, a halberd suddenly appeared and placed in front of this white figure.
Accompanied by a powerful tremble on the halberd, this white figure was repelled by the halberd.
After retreating more than ten steps,

it finally stopped.
“Sorry, this Profound Heaven Sword is mine!”

Then, accompanied by the appearance of a white horse, the halberd that was stabbed into the ground was pulled up and rushed fiercely towards the Profound Heaven Sword.

“Flower of Destiny!”

“Bloom here!”


However, just as the figure on the white horse was about to touch the Profound Heaven Sword, two white and black flowers suddenly appeared beside him!

Then, dazzling light blossomed from the flower, causing the figure on the white horse to involuntarily take a step back and dodge this attack!

“What do you want…?”

Bai Niantian looked at the figures on his left and right, and his voice could not help but be a little cold!

“What else? If I can’t obtain the Profound Heaven Sword, you can forget about obtaining it…” Fang Yu held the ancient halberd and said indifferently.

“Hehehehe, Little Brother, do you think we can’t obtain it?”

At this moment, the Demoness stood up.

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She smiled at Fang Yu.

This smile immediately carried boundless charm.

“Charm Technique!” Fang Yu snorted coldly.
With his voice, the witch’s charm was immediately broken!


When her charm technique was broken, the Demoness’ face could not help but turn slightly pale.
Then, she rolled her eyes at Fang Yu, “Damn boring man! You’re so unromantic!”

“It looks very lively!”

At this moment, none of the three of them noticed that a figure was watching all of this from afar!

This figure was Gong Ziliang! He looked at the four top geniuses in front of him and could not help but raise his brows.

These top geniuses, be it strength or talent, were indeed much stronger than young supreme beings like Zidi and Pang Tianlai!

However, in Gong Ziliang’s eyes, it was still not enough!

“Tsk, tsk, forget it! I should quickly take this Profound Heaven Sword away…”

Gong Ziliang felt a little bored after looking at it for a while, so he walked towards the Profound Heaven Sword.

“Oh? Another one??”

After Gong Ziliang appeared, the few people present looked at him almost at the same time.
However, when they wanted to check his cultivation levels, they were immediately blocked by Gong Ziliang’s spiritual sense!

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“What a powerful spiritual sense cultivation!”

After sensing Gong Ziliang’s powerful spiritual sense, a shocked expression appeared on the faces of the few people present!

They had never heard of such a powerful spiritual sense cultivator who appeared in almost all their peers!

“Who are you…”

Looking at the approaching Gong Ziliang, Bai Niantian suddenly felt a familiar feeling.
“Me? Didn’t you issue an arrest warrant to capture me?”

Looking at Bai Niantian, Gong Ziliang smiled and took a step forward, walking towards him.

“You, you’re the guy who defeated Pang Tianlai!!”

When he heard Gong Ziliang’s words, Bai Niantian’s expression immediately changed, as if he had recalled a bad memory.

“You’re as good as dead! Pang Tianlai is the young supreme being of the Great Xia Empire.
If the news of him being crippled spreads, you’ll be pursued by the entire Empire…”


Looking at Gong Ziliang, Bai Niantian thought for a moment and said, “The reason I issued a capture order to you is to save you before the army of the Empire arrives!”

“Oh? In that case, should I thank you??”.

Gong Ziliang looked at Bai Niantian and the corners of his mouth could not help but curl up.

“Don’t come any closer!”

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Bai Niantian watched as Gong Ziliang walked towards him.
He could not help but frown slightly and say, “If you get any closer, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

“It’s fine, it’s fine! You don’t have to be polite to me!”

When Gong Ziliang heard Bai Niantian’s words, he waved his hand and ignored his warning and walked forward.

“You’re courting death!”

Seeing Gong Ziliang defy him repeatedly, Bai Niantian immediately roared angrily and rushed forward.

At the same time, the strength of a fifth-stage Spirit Refinement Realm cultivator surged out of his body!

A fifth-stage Spirit Refinement Realm cultivator could be considered an extremely powerful existence among the top geniuses of the Great Xia Empire!

After all, as Bai Niansheng’s older brother, no matter how weak Bai Niantian’s talent was, it could not be weak!

“Where did this kid come from…”

Looking at the aura that erupted from Bai Niantian, Fang Yu could not help but shake his head.

This was because even he did not dare to fight Bai Niantian in such a place!

If Bai Niansheng relied on his talent to become a powerful existence that every cultivator was familiar with!

In that case, it was because of his powerful physique that he could be ranked as an existence among the top geniuses!

This was because Bai Niantian’s body was the Lightning Elephant Divine Body that was ranked 1388th on the Divine Body Board!

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Lightning Elephant Divine Body.

Although it was only 1388th on the Divine Body Board, it was still on the list!

As long as he was on the rankings, it meant that Bai Niantian’s body had already surpassed the body of an ordinary person and reached an extraordinary realm!

“Fight him in close combat…”

Seeing that Gong Ziliang was still continuously approaching Bai Niantian, Fang Yu could not help but shake his head.

Bai Niantian was best at close combat!

It could be said that almost all the opponents he had fought were exhausted by Bai Niantian’s physique! Therefore, Bai Niantian obtained the title of Invincible Unmovable King!

“You’re courting death!”

Looking at Gong Ziliang walking towards him, Bai Niantian was extremely happy!

Then, after he roared, an extremely terrifying golden lightning suddenly emitted from its body.

Then, incomparably powerful strength was continuously released.
Golden lightning continuously reassembled behind his body, and in the end, it actually became a lightning elephant that roared forward!

Roar! With a shocking roar, Gong Ziliang’s eyelids flickered.
“So it’s a Divine Body! No wonder you’re so arrogant!”

Gong Ziliang looked at this Divine Body and nodded.
This was the first time he had encountered another Divine Body after seeing Shangguan Yan’s Divine Body!


Looking at Gong Ziliang’s pondering appearance in front of him, Bai Niantian already thought that he was shocked silly by his terrifying strength!

Therefore, without any hesitation, he directly stretched out his hand and struck Gong Ziliang!

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