Chapter 274 Uninvited Guest

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It seemed that something had indeed happened here!

Then, Gong Ziliang arrived in the Crown Prince Palace and saw that all kinds of etiquette had been set up here.

When he arrived, this place was already filled with many students.
Gong Ziliang could see that above the gathering were three main seats.

Below were the seats of the students!

Gong Ziliang casually found a seat and sat down.

His arrival did not attract anyone’s attention.

After all, most of these students had only heard of Gong Ziliang’s name, but none of them had seen him before!

Moreover, they knew very little about Gong Ziliang’s strength.

Therefore, Gong Ziliang’s arrival did not cause any huge commotion! “The Crown Prince has arrived!”

At this moment, an official’s voice sounded.
Everyone hurriedly turned around and saw two figures walking out of the door.

What surprised these students was that Crown Prince Qin Yu was actually standing behind that figure at this moment, as if his status and identity were weaker, and he did not walk with this person.

“It’s him!”

Seeing this figure walking in front of Crown Prince Qin Yu, the students here immediately reacted one by one, their gazes staring extremely round.

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This figure was none other than…

It was the young supreme being of the Great Xia Empire who had defeated Lin Tian yesterday, Zidi!

Zidi looked at these students present, and his gaze could be said to be extremely cold.
Then, under the gazes of everyone, he directly sat on one of the three main seats above!

“Let me introduce everyone.
This is the young supreme being of our Great Xia Empire, Senior Brother Zidi!”

At this moment, Qin Yu stood out and pointed at Zidi.

“What! He’s the young supreme being of the Great Xia Empire…”

After hearing Qin Yu’s words, the dis could not help but reveal shocked expressions!

The Great Xia Empire was indeed a super colossus to them! No wonder this young man could defeat Lin Tian.
It turned out that he was the young supreme being of the Great Xia Empire!

Such an existence was probably one of the top existences in the vast Great Xia Empire!

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“Gasp! Looks like Senior Brother Lin Tian’s beating was not a loss!”

The disciples looked at each other and nodded secretly.

After all, Zidi was the young supreme being of the Great Xia Empire.
If Lin Tian could defeat him, that would be ridiculous!

“Eh! Junior Brother Liang, when did you arrive…”

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Just as the other disciples were shocked, Qin Yu finally discovered Gong Ziliang’s figure!

Then, Qin Yu hurriedly walked over, causing these students to be stunned.

“Junior Brother Liang, why are you sitting here? Come, come, come, I left this seat for


Then, under the shocked gazes of these students, Gong Ziliang was invited up by Qin Yu.
Then, he pointed at the three main seats above.

“Gasp!! As the young supreme being of the Great Xia Dynasty, I can naturally understand this Zidi sitting on the main seat.
However, what’s this kid’s identity…”

“Damn! Damn! So he’s Gong Ziliang!” “That student who broke the record and successfully graduated in just a month after coming to the Supreme Academy!” “So it’s him!”

Looking at Gong Ziliang, the students below began to whisper in groups of two or three.
Clearly, they were very surprised that Qin Yu had personally invited Gong Ziliang! “Hmm?”

Looking at Qin Yu’s enthusiastic invitation, Gong Ziliang was clearly a little surprised.

After all, he was not a young supreme being.
Why was Qin Yu so concerned about him?

“It’s him…”

When Qin Yu walked towards Gong Ziliang, Zidi clearly noticed him.

His eyes directly stared at Gong Ziliang.
Immediately, two spears condensed in the void and pierced towards Gong Ziliang!

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After sensing this sharp spear force, Gong Ziliang raised his eyelids slightly and looked at Zidi above.

Although Gong Ziliang was not a competitive person, if others bullied his face, he would naturally not endure it!

“Hahaha, what a sharp spear technique…”

Just as Gong Ziliang was about to wave his hand to eliminate this spear force, a loud laughter that was filled with anger suddenly sounded from outside!

Then, a vibration wave actually sounded.
This vibration wave and the spear force collided.

It actually directly shattered that spear force in a destructive manner! “Who?!”

Seeing that his attack was actually interrupted, a surprised expression immediately appeared in Zidi’s eyes, and he hurriedly looked towards the door.

Then, everyone saw that at the entrance of the Crown Prince Palace, the figure of a fatty happened to walk over.
“Zidi? You’re the weakest fellow among the young supreme beings.
You’re living quite comfortably in this small dynasty!”

This fatty looked at Zidi.
The words he said shocked all the students in the Crown Prince’s Palace!

“What! The weakest guy…”

Hearing this fatty’s words, everyone present widened their eyes.

These people had seen Zidi’s strength.
It could be said that almost no one in the entire Primordial Dynasty was his match.

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Such existences were actually the weakest among the young supreme beings.

Then, how terrifying would the strongest existence among the young supreme beings be…

“Pang Tianlai? You’ve actually come to the Primordial Dynasty…”

Looking at the slowly walking little fatty, Zidi could not help but reveal a surprised expression.
“Why are you here?”

“With a divine weapon like the Profound Heaven Sword appearing, I’ll definitely come to join in the fun!”

This Pang Tianlai smiled at Zidi, but his smile carried a wisp of disdain.
“Why? You can only use the natives of the Primordial Dynasty to train now…”


After hearing Pang Tianlai’s words, Zidi could not help but snort coldly, his tone filled with coldness!

Clearly, Pang Tianlai’s words made Zidi feel a little embarrassed.

“His Highness the Crown Prince, who is this…”

The students at the side looked at Pang Tianlai who had suddenly appeared and were momentarily puzzled.

“Pang Tianlai! He’s one of the young supreme beings of the Great Xia Empire.
His strength is at the Spirit Refinement Realm and he has a terrifying sound wave attack! In the past, he relied on this attack to defeat an eighth-stage Spirit Refinement Realm expert!”

Qin Yu looked at this fatty and a heavy expression appeared on his face.
“Gasp! He actually defeated an eighth-stage Spirit Refinement Realm expert…”

Hearing Qin Yu’s words, the other students could not help but gasp.

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