Chapter 271 System, You Cheated!

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“Instance Dungeon!”

To quickly increase his strength, Gong Ziliang directly looked at his dungeon interface.

Although Gong Ziliang’s treasure beast could help him fight on his behalf, there was a limitation to its ability.

That was, once a new change occurred in the dungeon, Gong Ziliang had to take the initiative to clear it once before the treasure beast could continue to fight on his behalf!

Otherwise, when the treasure beast fought in his place, it would take the initiative to skip the dungeon that Gong Ziliang had not cleared!

Now, after such a long time of accumulation, almost all of Gong Ziliang’s dungeons have had new changes!

“Then let’s start from the Gem Instance Dungeon!”

After Gong Ziliang opened the dungeon, he immediately saw the flashing red dots on the gem dungeon.

Without saying a word, Gong Ziliang directly clicked on it!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After Gong Ziliang entered the gem dungeon, his vision immediately darkened.

However, this darkness was quickly suppressed by the light of various colorful gems.
It flickered until Gong Ziliang could not open his eyes!

“Come on! Let me see what the spirit beasts inside have become…”

Gong Ziliang picked up the hoe and looked at the black hole in front of the gem dungeon.

The rules of this gem dungeon were very interesting.
There was no time limit.
As long as Gong Ziliang was attacked ten times, he could not continue mining the gems!

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After Gong Ziliang reached Level 60, this dungeon was clearly stronger again!

Then, with a cry, Gong Ziliang saw a black figure slowly fly out in front of him.

This figure was extremely huge.
When its wings were spread, it was estimated to be a hundred meters away!

What was even more terrifying was that although small wind nests could be seen trembling on this black figure with the naked eye,

From this, it could be seen that the black shadow’s speed would probably exceed ordinary speed!

“A huge black eagle!”

Looking at this black shadow, Gong Ziliang quickly recognized its appearance! “Roar!”

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The black eagle looked at Gong Ziliang and suddenly cried.

Then, its wings flapped, and it rushed in Gong Ziliang’s direction.

“So fast!”

A shadow flashed in the air.
When Gong Ziliang captured its figure, it had already arrived in front of him!

“Soaring Wings!” Looking at this huge black shadow, Gong Ziliang took a deep breath.
White Soaring Wings directly appeared behind him!

Then, Gong Ziliang’s speed almost instantly increased ten times.

Just as the black eagle was about to touch Gong Ziliang, his figure flashed again and directly appeared above the black eagle!


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At the same time, Gong Ziliang took out the pickaxe in his hand and threw it at a huge gem above his head!

[Ding! Congratulations on obtaining a green Attack Speed Gem!]

Immediately after, the system’s voice sounded in Gong Ziliang’s ears.

“Got it!”

Hearing this, a smile appeared on Gong Ziliang’s face.
At the same time, the Soaring Wings behind him stretched again, and his body rushed towards the next gem!


After Gong Ziliang had already moved for a long time, the black shadow finally reacted.

However, compared to Gong Ziliang, its speed was too far away!

In just an instant, Gong Ziliang had already left it far behind.
No matter how this black eagle grabbed, it could not catch up to his figure!

“Looks like the increase this time is a little beyond my imagination!”

Looking at the black eagle that he had left behind, Gong Ziliang looked at his hands in surprise.
Clearly, after raising to the seventh-stage Spirit Refinement Realm, his overall attributes had been greatly strengthened.
The current Gong Ziliang would probably not need to release the Netherworld Divine Palm if he encountered the Blood Fiend Flood Dragon again.
He would probably be able to kill it with a single palm!


Finally, after Gong Ziliang continuously shook off this black eagle and collected about three gems in one go, this black eagle finally could not help but cry loudly!

Then, under Gong Ziliang’s surprised gaze, the black eagle’s body actually split into two!

Moreover, this change did not stop.
Soon, these two black eagles became four, eight…

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In the end, the entire gem mine was actually filled with 32 black eagles!

The 32 black eagles almost directly occupied more than half of the top of the entire gem mine!


At this moment, one of the black eagles looked at Gong Ziliang, and a proud expression immediately appeared in its eyes, as if it was saying, “Let’s see how you dodge this time!”


Then, Gong Ziliang saw that these 32 black eagles rushed towards him almost at the same time…

“Damn! System, you’re crazy!”

Looking at the overwhelming scene, Gong Ziliang could not help but say.

“How can I dodge this…”

Gong Ziliang looked at so many black eagles flying towards him.
For a moment, he felt his scalp tingle.

No matter how fast he was, when these black eagles filled the surrounding space, no matter how fast he was, there was no way to escape!


In the end, under Gong Ziliang’s helpless gaze, he was quickly attacked ten times.

In the next moment, he retreated from the Gem Instance Dungeon and returned to his room.

“There are only three gems this time!”

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Looking at the gem in his hand, Gong Ziliang sighed.

Among these three gems, one was blue and two were green.
It could only be said that he was lucky!

Gong Ziliang immediately picked up the blue gem and began to check.

Speed Gem (Blue]

Attribute: Movement Speed+10%

Special Attribute: Movement Speed +10% in the wings state! (After every increase in stage, you can obtain a 10% increase in speed!)

“Bonus to the wings?”

Hearing the system’s words, Gong Ziliang could not help but be a little surprised.
Indeed, after he obtained the Soaring Wings, he had not studied the attributes of these wings.

Now, after this system notification, Gong Ziliang immediately looked at the wing interface on the fashion app!

Then, Gong Ziliang stretched out his hand and clicked.
A huge wing interface immediately popped up in front of him!

On the wing interface, he could see his Soaring Wings! However, this Soaring Wings was still only at the first-stage! At the same time, a specific attribute interface appeared in front of Gong Ziliang.
Soaring Wings (Stage 1]

Level: 57

Attribute: Movement Speed+10%.

Special Attribute: Can summon wings to increase speed by 300% for a short period of time!

Gong Ziliang flipped down curiously and immediately saw the second-stage Soaring Wings!

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