Chapter 239 Ancient Dragon Phoenix Body

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This physical pain was nothing to him!

Moreover, when the new meridians grew, Gong Ziliang could even feel extremely comfortable because of the increase in his strength!

Finally, a few hours later.

When the last piece of skin on Gong Ziliang’s body was completely reborn, a phoenix-like cry sounded behind him.

Immediately after, the red phoenix rushed into the sky from behind Gong Ziliang.
Under the shocked gazes of countless disciples of the Supreme Academy, it arrived in the sky!

This phoenix flapped its wings and attracted the attention of all birds in the sky!

Above it, it slapped the sky for 100,000 miles!

Its phoenix eyes seemed to have spiritual qi.
Its noble and disdainful gaze made the hearts of experts like Wu Hai and Mo Yun tremble!

Extreme heat emitted from the Fire Phoenix’s body.

Then, the body of the Fire Phoenix turned into a circle and actually became a red sun!

The red sun rose, and endless light shone down, causing everyone below to be unable to open their eyes!

“Gasp!! What, what, what happened? Why would a phoenix appear in the sky of the Supreme Academy?”

“Where did this Fire Phoenix come from??”

“This is… rebirth through fire, the Undying Phoenix! Could it be that this is the phenomenon brought about by the Undying Phoenix Body that’s ranked 19th among the Divine Bodies?”

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Looking at the huge red sun in the sky, everyone below began to guess in their minds.

Wu Hai could tell at a glance that this phenomenon was caused by body-tempering.
Immediately, he was extremely shocked!

“My spirit bombs!”

At this moment, Mo Yun’s tragic cry sounded.

Everyone hurriedly turned around and saw that the spirit bombs on the bodies of the Demon Cult disciples behind Mo Yun were quickly flying towards the phoenix in the sky.
The hundreds and thousands of spirit bombs on a disciple were actually devoured in a short moment!

A thousand spirit bombs meant ten million spirit stones!

Moreover, the more troublesome thing was the process of suppressing the spirit bombs.
That was extremely consuming human and material resources.
It was not something that could be bought with tens of millions of spirit stones!

It could be said that the losses of the Demon Cult this time would probably be calculated in the hundreds of millions…

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Even a large force like the Demon Cult could not withstand such torment!

With the support of these spirit stones, the Fire Phoenix in the sky seemed even more lifelike.
Even the red feathers on its body could be counted clearly.

The terrifying aura that belonged to a phoenix made Mo Yun and the others’ eyelids twitch!

In the end, after absorbing 99% of the spiritual qi of all the spirit bombs that Mo Yun had brought, the sun transformed by the Fire Phoenix cried and turned into a red light that fell towards Gong Ziliang’s hut! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In Gong Ziliang’s hut, because of the red sun, it became extremely hot!

In the end, this red sun appeared behind Gong Ziliang and imprinted itself on his back like a tattoo!

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This tattoo was crimson.
In the circular red sun, one could clearly see a phoenix land on it and spread its wings.
Its arrogant posture seemed to want to rise above the nine heavens and flap its wings in the sky!

“So the seventh-stage Body Tempering Realm is rebirth through fire, the Undying Phoenix Body!”

Gong Ziliang looked at his palm.

Now, his skin was as tender and white as a baby’s skin!

Then, Gong Ziliang used a small knife to slash, but he discovered that it could not break through his current defense at all.
Even a white scar was not left on his skin!

After this rebirth, Gong Ziliang’s current body could be said to be countless times stronger than before!

Gong Ziliang tried to wave his fist forward, but a faint phoenix cry sounded.

This phoenix cry did not come from the outside world, but from Gong Ziliang’s body!

“This… has its own sound effect…”

After hearing this phoenix cry, Gong Ziliang could not help but frown.

“Not bad!”

Gong Ziliang could be said to be very satisfied with the results of this Body Tempering!

After this Body Tempering, his entire talent would show an extremely large increase!

This talent would not change in the near future, but it would definitely appear in future cultivation!

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“Let me see what this eighth-stage Body Tempering Realm looks like!”

After sensing the power of this seventh-stage Body Tempering, Gong Ziliang could not help but want to see how powerful the attributes of the eighth-stage Body Tempering would be!

(Level 8 Body Tempering] (Preview)

Divine Body: Ancient Dragon Phoenix Body

Introduction: Dragon Phoenix Body, a Divine Body formed from the essence of the True Dragon and Phoenix.
When used, it can shake the heavens and the earth! It has absolute strength and recovery ability!

Required materials: 100 Dragon Horns (2/100), 100 Phoenix Feathers (1/100), 1 million ingots!

“Damn! It’s actually the Ancient Dragon Phoenix Body…”

When Gong Ziliang saw the information on the eighth-stage Body Tempering, his eyes immediately widened!

This was because he had already heard about this Ancient Dragon Phoenix Physique when he entered the Demon Cult’s ruins!

Moreover, he had obtained the dragon horn and phoenix feathers!

When he placed the Dragon Horn and Phoenix Feathers in his bag, the system even reminded him that these were precious materials for body-tempering! Gong Ziliang originally thought that this material would be enough to last him until he died.

He did not expect that it would actually cost more than 100!

100 dragon horns and phoenix feathers??

Even if Gong Ziliang farmed Wild Bosses every day, he still needed to work for 100 days to gather them!

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This was too long!

(Ding! New product in the Gift Bag Shop! $99 Dragon Horn Body Tempering Materials Gift Bag.
The $99 Phoenix Feather Body Tempering Materials Gift Bag has been successfully listed!)

($99 Dragon Horn Body Tempering Materials Gift Bag: 10 Dragon Horn + 10,000 Ingots!) (Limited Sale: 10/10)

($99 Phoenix Feather Body Tempering Materials Gift Bag: 10 Phoenix Feather + 10,000 Ingots!) (Limited sale: 10/10)

As expected!

Just as Gong Ziliang did not know how to collect these materials, the voice of the Legendary System would always appear in his mind at a specific time!

“Damn, what a scam! $99 is only worth 10 materials! Isn’t this an obvious robbery??”

However, when Gong Ziliang heard the system price clearly, even if he was already familiar with the method of this paywall system, he could not help but be stunned.

If he only used the vouchers to buy the two gift bags here, just purchasing the Dragon Horn Gift Bags would cost 990 dollars!

If he added the Phoenix Feather Gift Bags, it would be $1980!

This was really a huge sum of money for the current Gong Ziliang!

Gong Ziliang could not help but be reminded of the previous scams.
It seemed to be like this!

Such a gift bag was an important gift bag to increase the difference in combat strength between users!!

If he did not buy this gift bag, he would never be a top player of the first tier!

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