Chapter 224: Golden Claw Red Fox King


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This cave did not seem to have a ceiling, but in front of them, huge stairs appeared!

This staircase led to the top.
From here, it seemed to have no end, like a heavenly staircase!

“Could this be the legendary heavenly staircase? According to the rumors, whoever can reach the top of the heavenly staircase and defeat the guards will obtain the supreme treasure!”
At the side, someone had already cried out in surprise, indicating that he had seen the introduction of the heavenly staircase in the ancient books!

When the demons heard this, their eyes flickered.

Then, finally, someone could not withstand the temptation and placed his right leg on the heavenly staircase.

“Caw, caw…”

At this moment, a sharp cry suddenly sounded from above the heavenly staircase.

Everyone hurriedly raised their heads and saw that there was actually a huge fox walking down from the heavenly staircase!

This fox was completely blue.
What was strange was that it actually had three tails.
It looked like a rare divine beast!

Then, under everyone’s surprised and uncertain gazes, this fox arrived at the center of the heavenly staircase and lay on the stairs to look at them.
“Could this fox be the guard of the heavenly staircase?”

Seeing this fox appear, everyone guessed in their minds.

“Let me try!”

Just as everyone was not sure what to do, the Spirit Refinement Realm Mo Lin from before stood out!

He summoned all his spiritual qi and the strength of the Spirit Refinement Realm erupted without holding back!

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Under everyone’s slightly shocked gazes, he took a step forward and ascended to the first step of the heavenly staircase!

Then, the second step, the third step

“Hahaha, so this is the test of the ruins…”

Mo Lin looked at the heavenly staircase above him and his speed began to increase!

“It doesn’t seem to be dangerous…”
With the appearance of the first challenger, Mo Lin, the others also stepped onto the heavenly staircase and began to advance higher.

Gong Ziliang looked at the surrounding people.
Only when about half of them walked up did he raise his foot and walk up the heavenly staircase.


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On the first step of walking up the heavenly staircase, Gong Ziliang felt a faint pressure pass over.
However, to Gong Ziliang, what effect did this pressure have?
Then, Gong Ziliang took a second step and immediately felt this pressure double.

Third step

Fourth step.

‘As Gong Ziliang arrived at the tenth step, the pressure was already ten times that of the first step!

Some of the demons with low cultivation realms already seemed to be struggling slightly, their footsteps clearly becoming slower!

However, no one stopped here, still walking up.
“This Demon Cult’s ruins are quite interesting…”
Gong Ziliang looked at the heavenly staircase and felt a little strange.

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This feeling was like in those games, those with high levels could obtain high rewards, and those with low levels could only look up from below.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Just as Gong Ziliang was about to continue walking up, a fighting fluctuation suddenly appeared above his head!

Gong Ziliang raised his head and saw that Mo Lin, who had left first, had already arrived at the fox’s position!

Immediately, the fox attacked Mo Lin fiercely!

When Gong Ziliang looked at this fox, the system notification sounded in his mind.

[Ding! Level 40 Personal Boss, Golden Claw Red Fox King! Please be prepared!]

“Boss? Level 40 Personal Boss??”

Hearing this notification from the system, Gong Ziliang frowned slightly and calmed down.

From his previous experience, this Level 40 Personal Boss should be at the peak of the True Martial Realm!

It was great that a Personal Boss appeared in the ruins this time!

“Great Heaven Demon Hand!”

At this moment, Mo Lin and the Golden Claw Red Fox King had already begun to fight.

Immediately, demonic qi came from all directions and collided with the Golden Claw Red Fox King!

“So powerful!”

Although Mo Lin was a Spirit Refinement Realm expert, he did not have any advantage when facing this Golden Claw Red Fox King!

This Golden Claw Red Fox King’s claw was so fast that he actually could not block it!

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With a light sound, three huge cracks tore out of Mo Lin’s clothes.
At the same time, his body was repelled and he fell back to the 99th step.

‘When the Golden Claw Red Fox King saw this, it did not attack again.
Instead, it waited for the others to arrive at the 100th step again.

“Gasp!! Ancestor Mo Lin has lost!”

“This Fox King is the guardian of the 100th step!”

The others immediately understood when they saw this.

If they wanted to break through the 100th step, they had to pass this Fox King’s test!

‘When they saw this scene, everyone could not help but be worried.
Even an expert at the Spirit Refinement Realm like Mo Lin did not pass through this 100th step.
Then who among them could pass??
“This Soul Refinement Realm is too weak…”

Looking at the appearance of Mo Lin being slapped by the Golden Claw Red Fox King, Gong Ziliang could not help but purse his lips.

A Spirit Refinement Realm cultivator fighting a peak True Martial Realm spirit beast was actually slapped down!

Such a result could not be said to be a loss of face, but it was also a humiliation!

Gong Ziliang shook his head and did not place his attention on Mo Lin.
He continued to walk up the heavenly staircase.

2oth step.

30th step.

50th step.

8oth step.

In almost a short moment, Gong Ziliang had already arrived at the 8oth step.

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The steps here were filled with pressure.
Even some middle-stage True Martial Realm experts could not move their feet.

Sweating profusely, every step consumed a large amount of spiritual qi in his body!

Gong Ziliang advanced very steadily, continuously surpassing under the shocked gazes of the experts and almost arriving at the goth step in the blink of an eye!

Level 90, this was already the ceiling among the experts!

Almost everyone who could come here was at the peak of the True Martial Realm or had entered the Spirit Refinement Realm!

After Gong Ziliang arrived, he instantly attracted the attention of many people!

Moreover, Gong Ziliang’s speed still did not slow down.
He quickly arrived at the 99th step!

goth step!

There were only two figures here.
One was Mo Lin, and the other was Gong Ziliang.
As for Patriarch Chang Wei, who was also at the Spirit Refinement Realm, he stopped at the 98th step.

At this moment, his body was trembling, as if he was enduring a huge pressure!

“Who… who are you…”
Patriarch Chang Wei looked at Gong Ziliang in front of him, his eyes filled with shock!

He tried to sense Gong Ziliang’s realm.

However, he sensed a spiritual sense that was vast and terrifying like the sea!

Under the cover of this terrifying spiritual sense power, forget about sensing Gong Ziliang’s realm, he could not even know his true appearance!

“Which evil sect’s leader is this???”

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