Chapter 223: Demon Cult’s Ruins


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“That’s right! Therefore, the opening of the Demon Cult’s ruins attracted the attention of many people… There were even many righteous sects who wanted to interfere!”
The Demon Cult’s Holy Son nodded and continued to say to Gong Ziliang, “However, only those who possess the Demon Cult’s Heavenly Token can enter the ruins!”

Gong Ziliang nodded.

If what this Demon Cult’s Holy Son said was true, then this Demon Cult’s ruins would definitely attract many sect disciples over!

“alright, can you let me go now?”

After the Demon Cult’s Holy Son finished speaking, he carefully looked at Gong Ziliang.

“Of course!”

‘When Gong Ziliang heard this, he suddenly grinned.
However, for some reason, when the Demon Cult’s Holy Son saw this smile, he suddenly felt his entire body turn cold!
“Tl let you go to my good brother!”

Holding the Demon Cult’s Heavenly Token, Gong Ziliang arrived in Lin Xiao’s room.

Lin Xiao and the others were still staying here and had not left.
When he saw Gong Ziliang walk in, he could not help but be a little puzzled.
“Oh my, what wind blew you in?”
“It’s this wind!”

‘As Gong Ziliang spoke, he pulled out the Demon Cult’s Holy Son’s soul from the Demon Cult’s Heavenly Token and handed it to Lin Xiao.
“Take this.
It’s useful!”

“This is… a spiritual body?!”

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Looking at the spiritual body of the Demon Cult’s Holy Son in front of him, Lin Xiao was slightly stunned and subconsciously took it, “Why are you giving me this? It’s not useful…”
“It’s useful! It’s very useful!”

However, before Gong Ziliang could finish speaking, an old voice sounded in Lin Xiao’s heart!

The person who spoke was Elder Yao!

“Elder Yao, what’s wrong?” Lin Xiao hurriedly asked after hearing Elder Yao’s words.

“Tm also in the soul body state now! If you can nourish this soul body for me, my condition will become even better! I can even temporarily leave your side!” Elder Yao’s excited voice sounded in Lin Xiao’s mind.
“Really? That’s great!”

When Lin Xiao heard this, he was immediately excited!

However, soon, he felt that something was amiss, “Little Liang, you!”

Looking at Gong Ziliang in front of him, Lin Xiao suddenly felt as if his entire body was seen through!

It was as if all his secrets were exposed in front of Gong Ziliang!

“Don’t worry! We’re brothers!”

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Facing Lin Xiao’s panic, Gong Ziliang smiled and patted his shoulder before walking out.


Hearing Gong Ziliang’s words, Lin Xiao was stunned and did not react.

“This brother of yours is impressive!”

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At this moment, Elder Yao’s voice sounded again, “His spiritual sense is already stronger than when I was at my peak.
He can naturally sense that I’m still in your body…”
“What? Little Liang’s current spiritual sense is actually even stronger than when you were at your peak…”

‘When Lin Xiao heard this, he could not help but gasp.
He felt his scalp tingle!

How old was Gong Ziliang?

This was an existence of the same age as them!

How could he have such a powerful spiritual sense at this age.
How could they, these peers, chase after him??

“Looks like I have to prepare to make a trip to the Demon Cult’s ruins…”
Looking at the Demon Cult’s Heavenly Token in his hand, Gong Ziliang began to plan his future actions in his mind.

After making a decision, Gong Ziliang planned to make arrangements for Little Tuan Tuan first!

After all, although Little Tuan Tuan’s cultivation function was powerful, she did not seem to have any combat ability!

‘When Gong Ziliang looked at Little Tuan Tuan, he happened to see that she was also looking at him.

“Master, I can go back!”

As if she knew what Gong Ziliang wanted to say, Little Tuan Tuan nodded obediently.
Then, she directly turned into a ray of light and returned to Gong Ziliang’s body.

“That’s right!”

Seeing that Little Tuan Tuan could be brought anywhere with him, Gong Ziliang nodded repeatedly, very satisfied!

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In that case, he did not have to worry about running around with her anymore!

After tidying up his clothes, Gong Ziliang did not disturb the others and quietly left the inn alone.

After all, the Demon Cult’s ruins this time might be very dangerous!

Therefore, Gong Ziliang did not plan to bring his other brothers along!

The Demon Cult’s ruins were located not far from the Moon Goose Pavilion.

Its location could be said to be at the corner of the Primordial Dynasty and the Bright Fire Dynasty!

Gong Ziliang arrived stealthily and discovered that many people had already arrived here!

Just as the Demon Cult’s Holy Son had said, most of the people who came were disciples of various evil sects!

These evil sects cultivated evil arts one by one and were not recognized by other sects.
Therefore, they were not ranked in the sect system!

Otherwise, most of the evil sects here could be ranked among the high-grade sects!

After Gong Ziliang arrived, he did not alert the enemy.

Instead, he observed the movements of these people, because these disciples of the evil sects were also scattered in groups of two or three.

Therefore, Gong Ziliang’s arrival did not attract anyone’s attention.

“Hahaha, Patriarch Chang Wei, you old bastard, why are you here?”

At this moment, a few familiar faces had already begun to communicate.

“Mo Lin? I didn’t expect you to come too!”

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In the venue, there were about four or five old men standing together.

‘When the surrounding evil sect disciples looked at them, their gazes were filled with respect!

This was because these elders were all Spirit Refinement Realm experts!

This time, there was no level restriction in the Demon Cult’s ruins.
Coupled with the extremely alluring Divine Body like the Ancient Dragon Phoenix Body, it was worth some old devils coming out of seclusion to come here!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

At this moment, the entrance of the Demon Cult’s ruins suddenly roared.

Then, black demonic light spread out from it.
The eyes of the demons guarding the entrance of the ruins lit up one after another, and they hurriedly walked towards the entrance.

Gong Ziliang could clearly see that

in the hands of these demons, there was a Demon Cult’s Heavenly Token!

Clearly, these people were all qualified to enter the ruins.

Gong Ziliang coughed lightly and took out a black cloak to wear on his head.
Coupled with his current vast spiritual sense, it could be said that even existences at the Spirit Refinement Realm did not know how powerful Gong Ziliang’s realm was!
He followed the crowd to the entrance of the ruins.
Even though there were hundreds of people standing here, no one spoke.

This was because they knew that after walking in, who knew if they would be friends or enemies.

Finally, everyone around walked into the ruins.

“What is this…”

After Gong Ziliang walked into the ruins, following a dazzling light, he saw that he had already arrived in a huge cave..

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