Chapter 220: All Skills to Level 60


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(Ding! Congratulations on raising your Earth Intent to Level 1!]

“Continue to increase!” Gong Ziliang said without any hesitation.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As soonas he finished speaking, the Earth Intent that had been calm just now erupted with a powerful bang again!
This bang lasted for about four hours before stopping.

‘When Gong Ziliang woke up, he looked at his Intent and discovered that the Earth Intent had already been lit up!
Clearly, this cultivation was very successful!

“Another method…”

Gong Ziliang tried to place his hand on the ground.

Immediately, soil surged over from all directions and finally formed a small person completely made of soil in front of Gong Ziliang!
This small person looked extremely lively.
Be it its dynamics or expression, it looked extremely like a human.
‘Then, Gong Ziliang flicked his finger, and the small person immediately turned into a pile of soil, as if it had never existed.
If anyone saw this scene, they would definitely be shocked!

This was because what Gong Ziliang had done had already surpassed the ability of mortals.
He even felt like he could imitate people!
Such an ability was almost impossible to achieve other than some specific martial techniques!

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Unless someone could reach Gong Ziliang’s current realm!


Gong Ziliang chuckled and put on his clothes!

At this moment, Little Tuan Tuan also woke up and narrowed his eyes at Gong Ziliang.

“I’m going to cultivate.
Rest well here!”

Looking at Little Tuan Tuan, Gong Ziliang pointed outside, afraid that she did not understand what he was saying.
“Tuan Tuan understands! Master, please go!”

To Gong Ziliang’s surprise, this Little Tuan Tuan was very obedient!

After nodding, she buried her head in the blanket again.

“You’re quite sensible!”

Gong Ziliang scratched his head and walked out.

‘When he went outside, Gong Ziliang discovered that it was already noon!

Under the strongest sunlight at noon, Gong Ziliang took a deep breath and began to recuperate today.

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Now, before the gold farming activity arrived tonight, Gong Ziliang planned to organize his skills first!

“Come on! Raise them all to Level 60!”

Looking at the martial techniques on his skill column, Gong Ziliang felt a little complicated.

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This was because some of the martial techniques were already useless!

[Ding! The Ancient Sword Control Technique has successfully reached Level 60!]

[Ding! Myriad Sword Convergence has successfully reached Level 60!]

[Ding! Sword Drawing Technique has successfully reached Level 60!]

[Ding! Sun Moon Sword Technique has successfully reached Level 60!]

Listening to the various notifications of the system, Gong Ziliang looked and finally looked at one of the skills.
It was the Profound-rank martial technique that Gong Ziliang had obtained in the Myriad Spirit Ruins.
Sun Moon Sword Technique!

“although this Sun Moon Sword Technique is a Profound-rank martial technique, its power is much stronger than ordinary Profound-rank martial techniques!”

Gong Ziliang looked at the Sun Moon Sword Technique and began to ponder.

“The last move of the Sun Moon Sword Technique can only be used during the phenomenon of heaven and earth where the sun and moon appear together!”

Looking at the introduction of the Sun Moon Sword Technique, Gong Ziliang felt very puzzled!

The phenomenon of heaven and earth mentioned by the Sun Moon Sword Technique was a true phenomenon!

Some people might not even see such a phenomenon in their lives, let alone use this sword technique.

However, it could be imagined that once this sword technique was used, it would definitely be shocking and terrifying.
It was probably not far from an Earth-rank martial technique!

“Fortunately, other moves do not require this phenomenon of heaven and the earth to appear!”

Gong Ziliang looked at the last three moves of the Sun Moon Sword Technique and nodded.

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These three martial techniques were respectively: Burning Sun and Moon, Chilling Sun and Moon, and Peak of Sun and Moon!

Only the Peak of Sun and Moon could be used!

“Level up!”

Gong Ziliang looked at these three skills and directly waved his hand to remind them.


Immediately, a bang sounded in Gong Ziliang’s ears.

Then, two red and blue pillars of light appeared behind Gong Ziliang and rushed into the sky!

At this moment, all the experts in the entire Moon Goose Pavilion raised their heads in shock and looked over!

In the sky, the two pillars of light behind Gong Ziliang were like pillars that held up the sky, shocking the world!

“What is this…”

In the City Lord’s Mansion, Elder Yuan and Elder Li were also looking at these two pillars of light in a daze.

“Although I’m very unwilling to admit it, these two pillars of light give me the feeling that… they’re Sword Intent??”

Elder Yuan looked at this pillar of light and seemed to be a little uncertain.

This was because this was really a little ridiculous!

Sword Intent was a product after comprehending a top-notch Martial Intent.
It should have been attached to the sword.

However, what was going on now?!

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Elder Li also looked at these two pillars in a daze.
Although Elder Yuan’s words sounded a little ridiculous, he did not refute anything.

This was because he could sense that these two pillars of light were also Sword Intent!

What did this mean??

An existence that could use this Sword Intent was probably at least at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm.

“Sword intent reaching the heavens?? There’s still someone in the world who has reached this stage??”

When they thought of this, Elder Yuan and Elder Li looked at each other, their gazes filled with endless shock!
“Previously, we felt a terrifying spiritual sense that was vast like the sea! Now, we encountered this extraordinary sword intent…”
Elder Yuan looked at the sword intent in the sky and gulped.
“When did so many experts come to the Moon Goose Pavilion?2”
“I don’t know either!”

‘When Yu Cheng heard Elder Yuan’s words, he hurriedly smiled bitterly.
He was also very stunned now!

Asa City Lord, he felt ignorant.
He did not know anything!
“Hurry, hurry, hurry! Send someone to invite this expert over…”

After Elder Li reacted, he hurriedly said to Yu Cheng, “Forget it! Let’s go ourselves! With such an expert around, if we can obtain the legacy of the move he casually used, it’s enough for us to comprehend for a long time!”
‘As soon as they finished speaking, Elder Li and Elder Yuan formed a seal under Yu Cheng’s shocked gaze, and their target was the inn Gong Ziliang was at!

“What can make two Spirit Refinement Realm existences be so careful…”

Yu Cheng stood behind and felt that his throat was a little dry.

He could not imagine what kind of mighty figure had come to his Moon Goose Pavilion..

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