Chapter 217: Demon Cult’s Heavenly Token


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‘Then, Gong Ziliang raised his hand that was holding the white flames under the Demon Cult’s Holy Son’s frightened gaze and directly imprinted it on the face of the three-headed dog in front of him!

Roar! Roar! Roar!

Immediately, an extremely tragic cry sounded from the three-headed dog’s mouth.
After being imprinted on its face by the white flames, the white flames actually burned on its face.
Moreover, the flames became bigger and bigger, instantly burning most of the three-headed dog’s body!
“What’s going on…”
‘When the Demon Cult’s Holy Son saw this situation, he did not react for a moment.
This scene changed too quickly!

‘Wasn’t Gong Ziliang’s head covered in hellfire just now.

‘Why was he fine!?

Moreover, he could launch a counterattack!

“Oh? That’s… an Extreme Realm Artifact!”

However, as the hell flames on Gong Ziliang’s head slowly extinguished, the Demon Cult’s Holy Son finally understood what was going on.

At this moment, Gong Ziliang was wearing a huge helmet embedded with diamonds on his head!

Under the protection of this helmet, Gong Ziliang was actually not injured at all!

“Fortunately! They were all blocked!”

Gong Ziliang touched his helmet and heaved a sigh of relief.
One of the special attributes of this Hell Helmet was that when his head suffered a fatal injury, he could be completely immune to one attack!

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However, there was a 30-day cooldown time.
Gong Ziliang relied on this immunity to dare to fight the three-headed dog head-on!

“What kind of precious artifact is this…”

Looking at this helmet, the Demon Cult’s Holy Son could not help but go crazy!

The defense of this helmet was too abnormal!


At this moment, the three-headed dog on the ground had already been burned to ashes by Gong Ziliang’s white flames.

Apart from a pile of black dust, there was also a golden token!

Even if the white flames continued to burn, the golden token still did not melt!

“What is this…”

Gong Ziliang raised his hand and waved it, and this golden token appeared in his hand.

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This token looked to be extremely exquisitely made.
The carving technique on it was very unique.
On the top and bottom of the token, two huge palms were carved out and stretched out to grab the center of the token!
In the center of this token, there was a ‘demon’ word carved!

“The Demon Cult’s Heavenly Token! Damn it, I forgot to take it back…”

‘When the Demon Cult’s Holy Son saw this token, his expression changed and he was extremely regretful.

“What’s this?” Gong Ziliang looked at the Demon Cult’s Holy Son and asked.

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“You think I’ll tell you?” The Demon Cult’s Holy Son sneered when he heard this.

“Oh! What a tough guy…”

At this moment, Lin Xiao and the others walked over and looked at the Demon Cult’s Holy Son with extremely strange smiles.

“What are you doing? I’m the Holy Son of the Demon Cult.
If you touch me, you’ll forever be enemies with the Demon Cult!”

The Demon Cult’s Holy Son looked at Lin Xiao and the others and subconsciously spoke.

“Oh! The Holy Son of the Demon Cult.
We’re so afraid…”

After hearing the Demon Cult’s Holy Son’s words, Lin Xiao and the others smiled sinisterly.
They looked at the Demon Cult’s Holy Son and directly surrounded him.


About a few seconds later, tragic cries sounded from the Demon Cult’s Holy Son’s mouth.

The subsequent questioning became very simple!

“This Demon Cult’s Heavenly Token is a treasure used to open the ruins of the Demon Cult’s Holy Land! You can enter the Holy Land Ruins to explore with this token!” The Demon Cult’s Holy Son fell to the ground and said weakly.
The Moon Goose Pavilion was the largest main city in the Eastern Border!

After the Demon Cult’s Holy Son was defeated, this place had already become a sacred ground for cultivators to gather!

As the cultivators on the Bright Fire Dynasty’s side were no longer obstructing them, it could be said that they were retreating continuously.
They were even about to give up their main city!

Finally, after three days or so, the army with the Primordial Dynasty as the main force broke through the door of the Bright Fire Dynasty.

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Immediately, the entire Eastern Border of the Bright Fire Dynasty fell.
The army of the Primordial Dynasty successfully attacked the city of the Bright Fire Dynasty!

[Ding! Congratulations on successfully conquering a city! You have obtained a Third Sand Attack Gift Bag!]

[Ding! You have successfully conquered the city three times! You will be rewarded with the Ultimate Sand Attack Gift Bag!]

‘When he took down the city, the system’s notification sounded in Gong Ziliang’s mind.

“Gasp! Success!”

Hearing the system notification, Gong Ziliang’s eyes lit up.
With the system notification this time, he had fully completed the entire time-limited Sand Attack Event!

“Open, open!”

Looking at the two gift bags in his bag, Gong Ziliang rubbed his hands impatiently.

[Ding! Successfully opened the Third Sand Attack Gift Bag.
Obtained 30,000 ingots+30 Augmenting Stones+30 Star Ascension Stones+30 Mutated Beast Advancement Pills!]

{Ding! Successfully opened the Ultimate Sand Attack Gift Bag.
Obtained Double Charge Points+50,000 ingots+50 Augmenting Stones+50 Star Ascension Stones+50 Mutated Beast Advancement Pills!]
With the system notification, Gong Ziliang saw that his resources were rolling rapidly.
In just a moment, the ingots had reached 400,000!

Moreover, what surprised Gong Ziliang was that the charge points in his bag also increased rapidly at this moment!

In just a moment, the vouchers that he had saved these few days doubled to $400!

“Damn, you son of a watermelon! It’s really a double cash voucher!”

Looking at this $4.00, after Gong Ziliang was stunned, he felt that he had suffered a huge loss!

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Now, he did not have many vouchers in here.
It could be said that they were all used to buy things!

The original $200 was obtained by resting for the past few days!

If he had known that he had this double cash voucher, he would not have spent so much money.
He would have saved up at least a few thousand dollars and become a tycoon!

“What a loss! What a huge loss!”
Gong Ziliang sighed, his heart aching.
“Forget it, forget it! Let’s see what I can buy with this $400…”

Gong Ziliang opened the gift bag store casually and immediately, gift bags spun around, making Gong Ziliang feel a little dizzy.

“$388 Love Gift Bag…”

In the end, Gong Ziliang looked at a gift bag that he had been coveting for a long time!

After opening the detailed introduction interface of the Love Gift Bag, Gong Ziliang immediately saw a white scene!

Although the interface was made of mosaic, Gong Ziliang could still see how exquisite the cheeks under the mosaic were!

The $388 Gift Bag contained the human-shaped treasure beast—Little Tuan Tuan! It could increase the cultivation speed and increase the attributes of the body in all aspects!
This gift bag was something that Gong Ziliang had planned for a long time when he first obtained the system.

“I didn’t expect that I could buy the Love Gift Bag so quickly!”

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