Chapter 211: Brothers Working Together

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The Bone Eroding Blood Wolf stood on the river, its limbs connected to the river.

Every attack transformed into huge waves that attacked the ship in front of them.
It could be said that the damage was extremely terrifying!


At this moment, a cold voice suddenly sounded from the side.

In the next moment, a powerful disorder made the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf’s body twist.

This caused it to not attack again.
Its entire body turned into a stream and disappeared into the river!

“So powerful!”

Seeing that this attack had actually repelled the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf, the middle-aged man looked at the young figure in front of him with a shocked gaze!

This middle-aged man was the City Lord of Cloudless Space—Wan Qing!

This young man was one of the elites of this generation of the Profound Heaven Sect, Lin Xiao!

“Are you really only a disciple of a medium-grade sect?”

Looking at Lin Xiao repelling the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf so easily, Wan Qing could not help but say with a dry mouth, “This strength is too powerful! I’m afraid it’s more than enough even in a high-grade sect!”
“My attack is only to temporarily repel this Bone Eroding Blood Wolf.
It cannot cause any substantial damage to it!”

‘When Lin Xiao heard Wan Qing’s words, he shook his head, “You should quickly think of a way.
Either find a Spirit Refinement Realm expert, or find an existence whose martial technique has reached Minute Subtlety or above

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“A Spirit Refinement Realm expert…”
After hearing these words, a bitter smile appeared on Wan Qing’s face.
“Spirit Refinement Realm experts are not cabbages by the roadside.
How can they be found so easily?!”
“However, I’ve already reported the situation here to the Supreme Academy.
They should be sending people to reinforce us soon!” Wan Qing explained to Lin Xiao.
“Supreme Academy…”

Hearing this name, a nostalgic expression immediately appeared on Li’s face.

Clearly, he also thought of Gong Ziliang.

Just as Lin Xiao was distracted, an angry beast roar suddenly sounded from the side.

In the next moment, the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf that had just been scattered by Lin Xiao condensed again.

Moreover, the direction it appeared in this time was in Lin Xiao’s blind spot.
It could be said to be very tricky!


However, Lin Xiao’s reaction was also very fast.
After he sensed the aura on the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf, his entire body seemed to have reflexively thrown a ball of light in the direction of the wolf!
Boom! Boom! Boom!

Immediately, this light ball exploded on the surface of the water and blocked an attack from the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf!

However, just as Lin Xiao was prepared to use the Reversal Technique to scatter this Bone Eroding Blood Wolf, another roar sounded behind him!

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When Wan Qing saw this scene, he hurriedly reminded Lin Xiao, “Be careful! That was only one of its clones! This is its main body!”

“Chaotic Heavens Codex!”

Seeing this, Lin Xiao could not help but use his full strength.

Immediately, the chaotic aura instantly strengthened countless times.
The terrifying aura caused layers of ripples to appear on the surrounding water surface and spread out!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

When this newly condensed Bone Eroding Blood Wolf sensed this aura, it actually took the initiative to disperse and hide in the river again!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

About three seconds later, an extremely muffled sound of waves suddenly sounded in Lin Xiao’s ears.

Then, Lin Xiao felt something and looked down.
He saw that a huge black shadow had actually appeared under their feet!

Clearly, the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf chose to attack from under their feet!

“Oh no! There’s no time to use a martial technique!”

At such a close distance, Lin Xiao felt the balance of his aura instantly break.
This was the first time that the Chaotic Heavens Codex had failed!


Finally, as the black figure under the river became bigger and bigger, the last huge Bone Eroding Blood Wolf that was completely formed by the water rushed out of the river less than a meter away from Lin Xiao!

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“Oh no!”

Seeing this black shadow appear under his feet, Wan Qing’s expression immediately changed greatly.
He had seen the strength of this Bone Eroding Blood Wolf with his own eyes!

It could be said that other than the existence of the Spirit Refinement Realm, there was probably no one who could withstand this attack!

If this black shadow really rushed out, they would probably be sent flying!

“It’s over, it’s over… It’s all over this time!”

‘Wan Qing looked at Lin Xiao’s ugly expression and knew that the latter was probably helpless now.

If even Lin Xiao could not do anything, then the people here would probably be even more helpless!

“Broken Army Swift Dragon Strike!”

At this moment, with a clear shout, a blood-red light suddenly descended from the sky and landed between Lin Xiao and this black shadow!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Immediately, the endless sword qi surged crazily from all directions and directly struck the black shadow below the river, causing it to let out an extremely sharp cry for the first time!

Accompanied by this voice, the black shadow had not rushed out of the water when it turned into countless thin shadows that scattered in all directions!

“Gasp! It retreated?”

Looking at the disappearing Bone Eroding Blood Wolf, Wan Qing could not help but gasp.
He felt extremely shocked!

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This was the first time they had injured the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf.
Moreover, they had already repelled it before appearing!

What kind of mighty figure could have such skills?

“This voice is… Little Liang?!”

Gong Ziliang was slightly stunned when he heard this voice.

After he reacted, he immediately looked up.
As expected, he saw a golden figure flying towards him in the sky!

Lin Xiao looked at this figure and a surprised expression appeared on his face!

“Long time no see! Good brother, how have you been!”

Gong Ziliang smiled at Lin Xiao and jumped down from the Golden Fire Lion.
He held the Heavenly Frost Sword and arrived beside Lin Xiao.

“Why are you here? Moreover… you actually repelled this Bone Eroding Blood Wolf with a single strike? What level have you reached now?”

Seeing Gong Ziliang land beside him, Lin Xiao’s heart was filled with shock!

After fighting this Bone Eroding Blood Wolf for so long, Lin Xiao naturally knew how powerful it was.

Only a Spirit Refinement Realm cultivator or a cultivator whose proficiency had reached Martial Intent and above could defeat it!

Could it be that the current Gong Ziliang’s strength had already reached this level?!

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