Chapter 210: Meeting An Old Friend, Lin Xiao!


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Looking at Ning Ji, the general gritted his teeth.

However, when his gaze saw Gong Ziliang in the sky, he finally revealed a panic expression!

In the general’s opinion, as long as Gong Ziliang was here, it was absolutely impossible for them to attack this city again!

After all, this was an existence that could fight the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf alone!

If he lost his army here this time, that would be too much of a joke!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Then, under Gong Ziliang’s gaze, the army of the Bright Fire Dynasty began to retreat into the distance!

“We won! We won!!”

Seeing this, Ning Ji felt as if he was living in a dream.

Not long ago, he thought that he would die today.
He did not expect that after Gong Ziliang’s arrival, the entire situation would be reversed!

All of this felt like a dream!

(Ding! Congratulations on successfully conquering a city! You have obtained a First Sand Attack Gift Bag!]

‘When the warriors of the Bright Fire Dynasty left, the system notification sounded in Gong Ziliang’s mind!

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Ahuge page suddenly appeared in Gong Ziliang’s vision.

{Limited Time Sand Attack Event] (5 days, 3 hours, 28 minutes remaining)

First Sand Attack Gift Bag (Received)

Second Sand Attack Gift Bag [Double Reward] (Unclaimed)

Third Sand Attack Gift Bag [Triple Reward] (Unclaimed)

Ultimate Sand Attack Gift Bag [Quintuple Reward] (Unclaimed)

“There’s actually a gift bag every time we successfully conquer a city?”

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Looking at this row of gift bags, Gong Ziliang’s eyes immediately lit up.

Gong Ziliang looked at the gift bag in his inventory and immediately said, “Open the First Sand Attack Gift Bag!”

[Ding! Successfully opened the First Sand Attack Gift Bag! Congratulations on obtaining 10,000 ingots, 10 Star Ascension Stones, 10 Weapon Augmenting Stones, and 10 Mutated Beast Advancement Pills!]
“So many!”

‘When he heard these rewards, Gong Ziliang’s eyes immediately flashed.

The rewards for this activity were too rich!

The First Sand Attack Gift Bag was equivalent to a long time of farming resources!

“Then, does the double reward for the Second Sand Attack Gift Bag mean that it’s twice as much as these rewards!”

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Looking at the rewards below, Gong Ziliang immediately felt full of motivation!

It could not be helped.
After all, his next Body Tempering would cost 1 million ingots.

If he did not work harder, how long would it take before he could reach a million ingots!

“The next city I need to support is… Cloudless Space!”

Looking at the next city on his mission card, Gong Ziliang did not hesitate and prepared to set off immediately.

“Student Ziliang, Student Ziliang, wait!”

At this moment, Ning Ji’s voice sounded from below.

‘When Gong Ziliang heard this, he looked over and saw Ning Ji walking down from the city tower.
He looked at him with an extremely excited gaze.

“Student Ziliang helped us take down this city! We agreed previously that you can choose anything in this city…”
Ning Ji waved his hand very generously, as if he would not blink even if Gong Ziliang emptied the entire city.
“I don’t have time now! You can do whatever you want in this city!”

Gong Ziliang touched his chin and said after thinking for a moment.


Ning Ji was stunned when he heard this.
Before he could react, Gong Ziliang had already sat on the back of the Golden Fire Lion.
“Right! When the time comes, you can just send it to the Supreme Academy!”

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Gong Ziliang’s voice sounded, but his body had already gone very far away under the lead of the Golden Fire Lion!
“Tl deal with it and send it to you when the time comes…”

‘When Ning Ji heard this, he started to think.

Behind him, a few servants could not help but ask, “City Lord, what should we send to this student?”

“However, I feel that this Heavenly Barrier City was taken down because of Student Ziliang! Therefore, we don’t want anything inside! Let’s send everything to Student Ziliang!” Ning Ji thought for a moment and spoke.
“Send them all?”

These servants looked at this huge Heavenly Barrier City.
Perhaps the things inside were even more than the Supreme Academy.

“That’s right! Send them all over!”

Ning Ji gritted his teeth.

At this moment, the second city that Gong Ziliang wanted to go to was called Cloudless Space, and it was not very far from here.
In fact, Gong Ziliang only used half a day to arrive here.

Compared to the previous Flatwater Pass, this cloudless space looked countless times more prosperous!

Looking over, he could see a huge river flowing past here, making this Cloudless Space look like an aquatic village!

‘When Gong Ziliang arrived, he discovered that a huge battle was underway in this huge river!

Both sides were transported in boats, each of them carrying out an extremely intense battle on the river.
All kinds of martial techniques crazily smashed into the river, stirring up endless waves that spread in all directions!

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However, what surprised Gong Ziliang was that there was actually a Bone Eroding Blood Wolf in the middle of the river!

However, this Bone Eroding Blood Wolf’s entire body was blue.
Moreover, its body was connected to the river, as if the entire river was its embodiment!

Various martial techniques attacked it crazily, but they did not cause any damage!

It was as if the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf was already standing in an invincible position!

“Eh, that’s…”

Gong Ziliang looked at the cultivator of the Primordial Dynasty who was attacking this Bone Eroding Blood Wolf.
Soon, he saw an extremely familiar figure!

This figure was wearing a white robe.
He stood there and emitted endless chaotic information.

It was as if even time could not leave a trace on him around the space he was in!

“Little Xiao!”

Looking at this figure, Gong Ziliang almost immediately confirmed that this was his good brother, Lin Xiao!

“Theard that the disciples of the Profound Heaven Sect were also sent to reinforce them.
I didn’t expect to really encounter Little Xiao here…”
Gong Ziliang looked at Lin Xiao’s figure and felt very emotional.
Ever since they parted ways in the Profound Heaven Sect, he had not seen them for so long.
He wondered how Lin Xiao and Shangguan Yan were doing
“Tl know when I go over and ask!”

Gong Ziliang smiled and rode the Golden Fire Lion towards the river ahead.

Boom! Boom! Boom!
In the somewhat rapid river, soul-stirring battles were erupting.
The terrifying spiritual qi impact made many ordinary people turn around and fall into the river!

Among them, the most terrifying impact came from the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf!

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